University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the size and professors. The professors put a lot of effort into making a personal relationship with students and helping them meet their goals.


I tell my friends back in my hometown that my school's dinning got renovated and resembles a five-star resturant and the food is great, going further to tell them the there's unlimited pizza, pasta,burgers,french fries,steak and cheese etc. so they can eat like there are at a buffet when they came down to visit me.And that in my building that i live in, we have a grill downstairs where students can buy food using allowance money given to each student based on their meal plan and also that we have a gym.


I brag about my sorority, Delta Pi Omega. We are a local, philanthropic sorority on campus. I also brag about how cool the cement buildings look (even though many people don't agree with me). I also like to talk about the on campus apartments because they are really nice.


I brag about how great the campus is and how amazing the professor are.


My friends and the parties.


I brag about the diversity of my school, you can feel the sensce of community and everyone seems to enjoy hosting and engaging in all events. I also brag about our sustainibility program because everyone cooperates and the campus is always clean and it brings out a positive environment. I also brag about the location because of its great scenery, ocean, peacefuls safe campus.


I have a 4.0 and try extremely hard in the umass honors program so i brag about my academics, small classes, and the things i take away from them. Also the fact that the university is minutes away from the ocean. I also brag about the perfect size of the college because it is a large school but small enough where you know alot of the people around you. I brag about the great parties while being proud the it isnt just a party school.


When I brag to my friends I tell them how awsome of a school Umass Dartmouth really is. I tell them about how great the professors are and how its actually nice going to class. I say how nice life is here, peaceful. Everyone is kind and respectful and always willing to help you out. I also would tell my friends about the night life and all the exciting things to do on the weekends in the city and in surrounding cities.


I dont brag about my school, Theres not much positive to say except for about my major. The professors in the Material Science department are the most helpful in the school by far.


The thing I brag about most when talking about UMass Dartmouth is the nursing program. It is one of the top programs in the state. The professors are so dedicated to what they do. They have been in the field for a long time, so they know what is important when teaching us. The UMD nursing program is one of the few programs that starts clinicals sophomore year, compared to other schools that doesn't start theirs until the end of junior year. This make a BIG difference when it comes to taking the NCLEX exam!


its fun, and I've made a lot of friends. Also, The on-campus apartments are awesome. :-)


My major is in the top three in the country.


When my friends ask me about school i generally infrom them about fun times i've shared with my friends, my work load, and anything interesting that has occured or been discussed in classes.


Umass Dartmouth is located near Horseneck Beach, a wonderful summertime spot. I brag more about the house I am renting this year than anything about the school. If you do not mind a drive, then some of the off-season rentals provide quite luxorious housing during the summer months. I am currently living in a 4,600 sq. ft. mansion on the Westport harbor. The balcony looks over the harbor and the sun sets over the water, I can't say many colleges/univesities have that available off campus.


I tell them about how amazing the art school is. We are in close proximity to a very well known art school in Providence and tend to be compared to them in a negative way even though we share faculty and have just as great of work coming out of our school as they do theirs. We also have a great business and nursing school that is top in the state.


always something going on and its only ten minutes from the beach.


Well I have a few good friends who went there too, they already graduated. Sometimes I may say that UMASS Dartmouth has a very good reputation for its arts program- the graphic design, photography and other art majors. I think it is a very good school. I'm very happy there.


The relitive small size of the school and surrounding communities.