University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not independent and responsible should not attend this school. Teachers and staff at Brockton High School present various opportunities and tools to their students that will aid in their success. Students who are not independent and responsible for their own education will not take advantage of what is being presented to them. Those who are not responsible will not use the recources given to them, which to me, is a waste.


The type of person that should not attend this school are people that want a large campus. Also people that want to have alot of people.


I am not sure there is any person who shouldn't attend this or any other institution of higher learning. Perhaps a future terrorist in the making should be dissuaded from attending.


Any type of student can attend this school.


A person who is looking to enjoy their social life in college, and who will benefit from a low key academic career. This would be a great school for someone who doesn't necessarily want to go to college but needs to or is forced to go.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is a lazy person. A person can fail by being lazy because where are classes are you have to walk a mile to get to. Our school is challenging so there isnt much room for laziness.


People who are undecided about their major because its a pain to change.


Someone who is extremely conservative and/or wealthy.


A person who becomes easily depressed should not attend this University. Due to it's location, in Southeastern Massachusetts, it receives a lot of wet weather. Many days it can be dreary weather, which would tend to make someone who becomes depressed more apt to do so. Also, from the nearby ocean, there is generally a lot of wind on campus, which, when combined with the wind would make someone like this tend to stay inside and possibly alone more often.


A person who doesn't like a commuter campus with minimal social events/


From Massachuseets, hard worker, nurising, business, english, or related major


A person who likes to party and be really involved in school.


Umass Dartmouth is a very diverse shool, anyone who has the desire for a higher education would fit in well at this school. Everyone is there for the same reason, hang out and have fun and getter a higher education than they currently have. School is the more important thing among my friends and I while at school.


A person that isn't focused on their future or career should not attend this school. UMass Dartmouth is a place where students get an education for life. We connect with our classmates; we know these people will be our future colleagues. The nursing and engineering majors are especially dedicated to what they are learning; we love what we do! As a student, I applied to private schools and one state school, I would have picked UMass Dartmouth again in a heartbeat. UMD is a place where a student gets an outstanding education, for a state school price.




Someone who is too academically focused.


People with alcohol or drug problems.


Anyone, its fun and you learn alot from being here.


Any person who is academically interested in college.


Someone who doesnt like a big school shouldn't attend UMD. Compared to other large schools, UMD really isn't that big, but for someone coming from a small high school of college, entering into UMD can be intimidating. The buildngs are far apart from each other and they all look the same, so if you don't know what building you're in, you're going to get lost.


Someone that Is looking for a really big school with lots of things always goin on