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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When I was a high school senior I was so scared to go to college because of the change in my home life. I had never moved before, and going to college requires some sort of moving. When I made the transition into my dorm I was not happy, because it was not home. After weeks of living on campus I got used to the new lifestyle that I had started. Looking back a few months I would tell my past self that in life transitions happen not often, usually, and that is what makes them hard. The hardest part of a transition like moving into a dorm, is actually putting up with your parents for the day. After the actual transition is made everything is usually smooth sailing from there. I am happy with my current living situation on campus, for two reasons. The first is obvious which is independence, every college students dream, but for me I feel that it is a life skill that is going to help me. The second reason is that it really shows me that transitions are not that bad, and that doing things that scary at first will probably turn out fine.


Focus on school and not the social life!


If I could go back in time to my high school senior self I would tell myself to stop worrying and live for the moment you are in, continue to work hard and you will accomplish your goals in life. Be who you are and do what you want. Remember to be appreciative for all the opportunities you have had and continue to do new things and expand your horizons. Sounds so simple, yet my high school senior self did not know this and a lot of time, energy and worry was spent on unncecessary matters.


Take more risks, is what I would say to myself. By my senior year of high school my grades were the best they had ever been. I was in the top 10% of my class and had a close to perfect GPA. What I regret most is only applying to colleges that I would consider safety schools. There is no reason why I could not have been accepted to colleges and universities with more challenging acceptance rates. I would tell myself to quit fearing the possibility of rejection and realize my worth. I would also tell myself that there is no shame in being rejected from a top university because no matter where I end up, I would continue to be successful as a student. With that being said, I would also tell myself that I would not end up anywhere if I continued to procrastinate with college related responsibilities. I would say that procrastination would become my worst enemy if I continued with it. And to conclude, I would tell myself that it will become very important to prioritize my responsibilities in the near future.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would've told my past high school senior self to get up and get a job. I always knew that college was expensive but I never knew it was this expensive. The total income in my household is less than $10,000 a year, and my school UMASS Dartmouth costs almost triple that. I thought that my financial aid would cover most of it so that I would only have to pay a couple hundred dollars a year, but i recently found out that I am going to have to pay about $6,000 a year. If I would have gotten a job in high school and saved all that money then I probably would have at least been able to pay one year of college, but since I didnt I might not even be able to. I wish that I could go back in time and tell myself this because I really needed to hear this at that time. Now I'm struggling to find scholarships that I could actually apply for.


Start assignments early. Perform research independently from the classroom. Don't stress out.


I would tell my high school senior self that the transition to college is as hard as I decide to make it for myself. I should make the effort to get to know people and join student associations. The key is to be friendly and genuine. College life will bring lots of temptations in the form of wild parties and drinking. Remember to focus on academics first. Academics will open to way to Graduate school and then a well-paying career. Remember that this will need time and effort. It will also be important to help peers with their academics too if they are showing a genuine effort to do well. Don't let the chronic disease which you have had for a year so far as a reason to not give my school-work one hundred percent of your effort. Your health will need time for healing. Life will move on though, and school cannot be put on delay. Go ahead with memory impiarment, exhaustion, and misunderstanding from other people. It doesn't matter if you make it or fail. What is important to try your best and being able to look back and give an approving nod.


If i had the oppotunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school i wouldnt even know where to start. The main thing that i would like to stress to myself would be to stay focused. I would tell myself to make my school work more important than cheerleading and boys because in college the professors wont hold my hand through all of my assignments. I would let myself know that the "senior-itis" may seem hard to fight in the begining but trying to get back on track in time for graduation will be much harder. I would really want myself to fully understand how much is being done for me in high school and how in college i wont have anyone pushing me to do homework. Other than all the seriousness i would just tell myself to enjoy senior year actually being a kid because after graduating the real world will be coming at full speed.


if i could go back to high school as a senior i would tell myself to apply for a a lot of scholarshhips and i would fill out my Fafsa paper on time. I would take private course that are equavelent to a freshman year in college.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior I would tell myself to work harder. I would also tell my self to do what ever i could to get into college and not wait as long as I did. To go to college right after high school and take it more seriously. Dont just mess around and not go to college. I would tell myself to go to college right after high school with no argument because I now Know that going to college is very important.


It would be to study hard and not fall for senioritis as i did and get into the school you really want to get into before realizing minuses like abesence of majors.


Dear Hadassah, I’m sure there were many times where you thought to yourself, “Hmm, if only I could go back in time and fix some mistakes that I have made in the past, or just anything that could make my life easier and better.” During your senior year in high school, you became very much involved in a youth group organization called NCSY. Being a part of this youth group was a very good thing and it looks good on your transcript, but the problem was that you always put it first, even before your homework which would sometimes cause you to slack off. You focused more on the extracurricular activities and socializing, causing your grades to slip. It is very important to remember that your senior year is the most critical point in highschool, and every little thing you do will make a difference in your future. Just strive to work as hard as you can to make the best grades possible, and leave the socializing for your spare time. Believe me, you won't regret that decision once you transition to college. Good luck on your future endeavors, Hadassah


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself three things: you are a selfish brat, you are incredibly capable, and it is okay to say no to people. First, if I had seen myself as the selfish brat I was, I would have understood things more clearly. Most importantly that my mother is responsible for my well-being but only to a certain point. Her life doesn't start and end at being a mother. I behaved selfishly towards her during that period and I wish I had someone then to tell me so. Second, my education is of the utmost importance. I have had to overcome many obstacles over the years, but I am resilient and I have what it takes to achieve my goals and to be successful. However, hearing that when I wasn't so sure would've given me the confidence that I needed. Third, I was sexually assualted senior year. I was too afraid to say no when it mattered the most. I regret that night more than anything. Only by going away to college was I able to learn these things.


if i could go back and tell my high school senior self would be to make sure that i study for all of my tests.


If I went back in time and talked to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself is that in college your responsible for everything you do and if you do not try your hardest and best to stay on top of things you will struggle and ultimately flung and all the money your parents invested in your education will go to waste.And make sure you make a good impression to your professor so they know that you are serious and intelligent student.In that case, if you ever need something from them or need help they not hesitate a minute in helping you with what you need.Also, TIME MANAGEMENT.


Take high school more seriously and take more advantage of all the free services available.


I would advise myself to quit whining suck it up and learn all that i can from my past, because i'm going to need it now that i'm going out on my own. I would tell myself to prepare to be challenged in everyway possible, but know that you will thrive after succeding in each challenge. Most importantly i would tell myself that this, is the beginning of the rest of my life.


The advice that i would give myself is to study for everything.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college I would tell myself to take my courses more seriously. I would tell myself to learn how to study now because college is not the time to learn how to study, but it is the time to use your study skills. I would also tell myself to take more honors courses this year. Honors classes provide a difficult course load which could've better prepared me for college. The last thing I would tell myself is to apply for more scholarships earlier because school is not cheap and every bit of money would help.


Take advantage of every new experience, make as many friends as possible, and stay open minded always. You are a fertile learning machine so go forth and learn as much as possible.


I would say to stay focused and stay positive in my studies. Research as much information as possible in regards to financial aid, scholarships, etc and anything else that will help to further my educational career. Try to figure out a head of time what I would want to pursue in my life for college. It will make the trabnsition from High School to College a lot simpler! Then relax and watch how everything magically falls into place when the time comes to transition into college life!


I would tell myself to be more outgoing the first semester of college and join more activites around campus and introduce yourself to people. Do not stay in your dorm room so much and get out and enjoy it. Also to work a bit hard in you class


To appreciate education even more than I already have. Coming in as a freshmen, yes you can have fun but don't push it remember what you came to college for. Definitly keep your grades up and focus towards the career your aspiring for. If you work hard you can play hard, but that's the only way. Stay true to yourself and don't let anything bring you down or stop you. Remember to keep close and stay in touch with those who have supported you from the beginning. And last but not least, love live and appreciate life


If i had the choice to go back in time and talk to my high school senior self i would have a lot to say. Firstly, i would tell myself that a very strong work ethic is vital to succeeding in college. I would tell myself to start practicing studious habits and to strive to eliminate procrastination habits. I would tell myself to get into the habit of making time tables and agendas and to set aside time for studying and homework. Also, i would also tell myself to try and look within to gain a better sense of self because with college comes a large amount of peer pressure. Succumbing to this peer pressure could be the factor that makes or breaks a student. I would tell myself that i would be the only one looking out for myself primarily so do not get caught up in the fun because it is up to me whether or not i succeed. Third, i would tell myself to apply early for financial aid because the earlier you apply, the more money you recieve. Lastly, i would tell myself that before play must come work if you want to prosper.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would emphasize how important it is to take highschool serious and work to the best of my ability. I would have made sure I aced the MCAS to get the Abigail scholarship to save myself a headache due to financial issues. I would tell myself to save my money and be more cautious with my decisions because collegelife is very expensive and the college student financial situation is no fun. Apart from all i would advise myself as a senior to practice time management before college. For example the use of a planner, finishing homework as soon as assigned also practicing studying skills in order not to cram before the test and set yourself up to fail.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior with the things that I know now about college and making the transition, I would tell myself to be prepared. I would tell myself that college is nothing like high school in some aspects. That in college you have to be motivated to get things done and make sure you get good grades no matter what. I would also have to tell myself that procrastinating will do nothing but make myself stress and makes things harder for myself, and that I should make it habit to start my work the moment I get it. In addition, I would tell myself to make sure to ask for help when it comes to making my class schedule, schoolwork, and financial means to get me on the path I should be on to become successful. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as high school senior with all the things I know now, this is the advice I would give to myself.


I would have done a better job with my studying habits, for it would help me better studying now as a college student. Before entering college, I would have applied to as many scholarships as I could have. There would have been no worries as to whether or not I could still attend the same college. I would have prepare myself to setting my priorities straight. Knowing what you need to do and what you want to do is two separate things in life. Having a career set in mind is extremely helpful. You do not want to take unnecessary classes only because you do not have a major in mind. You are wasting your time as well as your money. Do not pick a school just because your best friend goes there. In the end, you will be doing what you have planned for yourself. Your friend will not be with you as you walk down the field for you diploma. This is your life. Learn to do things on your own for yourself.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself in my senior year in high school. I would tell myself three different things. First thing I would tell myself is to start college right after I graduated High School. I start college in 2003, about 5 years after I graduated. I shouldn’t have put it off for so long. I married my High School sweet heart and I started a family, this is something that I don’t regret. I believe though that if had gone to school sooner, I would have been better prepared for me and my family’s life. Second, I would tell myself to pay better attention in math and English and keep practicing this after graduation. It would be need again once you start college. Finally, think really hard and good in what I would like to major in. And if so, would it make me be happy. These are the three things I would tell myself, if I had the chance.


always remain focus because only you can do the work to get you there...your drive and determination are the only things that will get you to the end of the road. so always imagine how bad you want it and keep moving towards the prize...but as long as you stay focused the prize is the only thing you will be able to see because it will be many things that will or try to break you focus and steer you in other directions but remained focus on what you want in life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college, I would tell my self that college is nothing like they show it on Tv. I would have told myself to study during the summer prior to the first year of college in order to prepare for the difficult freshmen classes that would await me. I would also tell myself to of take some challenging classes, such as honor classes that would benifit me during senior year. One important thing I would say to me is to not fall under peer pressure because "no one cares more about yourself more than you." One last thing that I would tell myself is to a well foundation on topics about my major before going into college. I am a Biology major and I always ask Myself "why didn't I take more chemistry courses?" I now realize that if only I had prepared for college instead of letting college prepare me, I would not be struggling sometimes just to get by. So knowing these things, I would have warned myself that "college is not school, college is your life."


To really focus on my financial aid and scholarships and please do everything a head of time. I would also tell myself to be realistic and understand what I can do and can not do. Even though I already knew this I would tell myself to pick my major first and not go undecided.


I would definitely tell myself to work harder in high school. Coming from a back ground of low income family I have learned a lot. But the most important lesson learn is to connect myself with more resources. I felt that I didn’t know a lot about colleges’ because my family status on education is very poor. I being the first to go to college did not know where to start or even how to apply. Looking back I wish I would have research more or ask more question about colleges and getting a career. All I knew was that I wanted to be successful and getting an education was the key to success. Finding the right resources is very important because it provides answers to my questions. So, looking back I wish I had more knowledge and the more resource to get a head start in life.


As a current college student, there are so many things I wish I could have told my naive high school self. As a freshman, I wish I knew how much each individual test, quiz, and homework assignment really does count, and how fast it adds up to determine my own future. As a Junior, If I had started looking at colleges sooner, the process would have been much easier. Lastly I wish I had known that you can become anything you want. As a junior my Pre-Calculus teacher told me engineering as a major was out of my reach and that I could never become an engineer. Because of that teacher, I was down on myself for quite some time but once I realized how badly I really did want to be an engineer, I began applying to colleges. Now I know never to let anyone slow you down or stop you from what you want and I wish I could tel my high school self this.


I would tell myself to apply for any and every scholarship that came across my way because looking back on it now and seeing how much money some of my friends won from scholarships I knew that it could've been me also. I would force myself to write and revise all my potential scholarship essays better and continue to apply for them no matter how many I won. Because now with all the expenses that college has brought to me, I regret not having a couple more hundred dollars in my pocket to pay for books, supplies and fees. And I would make sure that the high school me would take advantage of every oppportunity that came my way.


I would advice my self to work hard and do good with my school work. And also to apply more school so i could choose. I would also tell my self to apply for more scholarship and visit school that i am applying so i could see the campus life and the class room structure.


Take highschool seriously. Listen to your teachers. Do all of your homework and projects and researches. Take the SATs more than once. Look up colleges and take tours of them. Ask people about their college and work experiences. Develop good study habits. Save money! Learn how to cook! Live life no regrets.


Don't stress out about what life will be like as a college student. The reality is that its just another stage of life, and it certainly is no more drastic than the change from middle school to high school. Your peers will be more mature than they were in 9th grade and they will be going through the same life change. In high school you teachers may not have recognized your individual motivations and talents, but your college professors will respect you as an accomplished adult with a purpose in life. Over the next four years of college they will come to see you more as a peer and less of a student. Although immense, the freedom you will obtain must be respected for what it is. The authentic freedom gained from college is the ability to tell the world who you really are. Your college experience will act as a pencil sharperner for your life. Depending on how you manage yourself you'll emerge as a fully defined pencil ready for a specific task or a piece of wood dulled by improper use. Work hard but enjoy college as is and everything will fall into place.


Although college is about growing your education and knowledge, I believe it more beneficial for personal growth and the transition from youth to adult. I would advise myself to always say yes to social activites and be as out going as possible. Go out with friends, meet new people down the hall and in classes, even if you are alittle uncomfortable. It is very important to do you work in school, but if you can rush through your homework to go out with your friends I'd say do it. I'm not saying don't do your school work, but I do believe time spent with friends is just as crucial to college. Its not the times in class that you remember most, but the time spent with friend.


"So I do end up building that time machine?" "Of course." "Why did you come back to talk to me? Haven't we always dreamed of going to Japan's Edo Period?" "Yeah, I'll do that later. Listen, I have some important things to tell you about college." "What's that?" "Don't take yourself too seriously." "Why do you say that?" "You'll miss out on friends and opportunities." "Wow, look at me. I mean, you almost seem wise. What else did you want to tell me?" "Relax. Do the coursework and then just relax when the tests come. You already know enough. Worry only causes wrinkles." "But what if I fail?" "You won't, not unless you worry. The nerves will take away your focus." "Is that all?" "No, there's one last thing." "I'm listening." "Keep working on that time machine."


I have only been through one semester of college but I have already learned many valuable life lessons. In college, just like a "real world" type job, you are informed when important assignments are due but you are not constantly reminded. It is important to write these assignments down or keep a mental note of them so that they are not forgotten about. Also, you must be able to manage your time well. For example, when you graduate and obtain a job say it is one that involve going through a computer system and shipping items to a reat number of people. If someone of higher authority tells you that you must ship "list #4" today, you must keep that in mind, and don't forget! You will not be reminded throughout the day. Then in that list there are 500 customers. You must move a swift pace because there is not enough time where you can just kick back and relax. You must know how to manage your time so that you can get everything you need to get done, done on time! Those are the two MOST IMPORTANT and most valuable things that I have learned so far.


My college experience has allowed me to become a better person, not only for myself but for my children as well. I strive everyday to be the best and do my best in everything. I have been known as 'the over achiever' and take pride in those words. I push hard in every direction and encourage others to do the same. In my college journeys, I have found myself being a leader and helping others succeed in what ever they put their minds to. I enjoy helping anyone who needs extra guidence or hand in a journey of their own. I have found that my efforts have shown my kids to strive for everything their minds could imagine. I have finally became that role model that I have always dreamed of for my kids. My college experience has changed me for life. It has changed me for the better and will make me the best at all I attempt in life.


I have gotten an amazing education and met the most incredible people. I feel like I learn something new every day, which is extremely important to me.


My college experience has been amazing. I have gained insight into what is really important in life. It's not all about going to parties and having fun. It is about pushing yourself to the limit to achieve you dream. My ultimate dream is to become a Nurse Practitioner. I am on my way to becoming an RN, and from there I will continue until I reach my goal. Being in nursing school has made me grow up fast and realize how important an education really is. No one can ever take an education away from you. Along the way I have made great friends and met some amazing people who have helped me get through some of the toughest years of my life. In conclusion, my college experience has awarded me with great friends, maturity, a tremendous amount of knowledge, and above all, has helped me in the process of acheiving my dream.


I have learned that it is necessary to have a college degree to have a better paying job. And also many employers pick college graduates over high school graduates, and college graduates are more likely to make more money.


I have gotton a lot of of my college experience, between classes and the social life I am a new and different person. I know who I am, where I am going, and what is important to me. I have learned how to be independent but still know how to ask for help when I need it. I have learned further information on important topics like morals, health, laws, and writing. I have learned how to live and cooperate with other people around me on daily basis. I have learned why education is so important, if I want to succeed I need to continue my education. I have gotton good grades for doing hard work and realized it is really rewarding. I have made friends that I feel will last a life time. I have gotton involved in my school and found that it is enjoyable to be apart of the community.


College is a great learning experiance. You not only learn things from books but you also learn about life and yourself. Everyone changes in college because it is such a fufilling experiance I honestly see no reason why one should not attend college.


I began college immediately after highschool. I assumed it was "just the next step". I was told that I "had to go in order to get a good job". I went to college to become a nurse. In the four years that I attended I became more than a nurse. I became an individual, an independant young woman will career goals and aspirations. In the four years I attended college I made lifelong friends, I bacame oriented to student govronment and played a large role in public relations within my campus. Had I opted out of going to college, I would not have had the opportunity to be as succesful as I am today. College teaches a young person discipline, time management, prioritization and socialization. A college education is invaluable in today's economy and had I not attended, I would not have a successful career as a registered nurse or aspirations to become a nurse educator.


Attending college has taught me many different things. Most obvious is the learning I have done in the classroom. I have learned better research methods, study habits, and note taking skills over the past three years. I have learned that professors and other professionals are willing to help if you ask them for it. This is important for networking, which I have learned is the most effective job search method. Being a part of Rotaract and living with other people has taught me a lot about leadership, organization, and teamwork. I have worked with people with opposing views and have had to make compromises to accomplish our goals. I have lived with people who come from different backgrounds and different skills. These have taught me that I am a leader and I am good at seeing people?s strengths and drawing on them to make sure everything runs smoothly, no matter the situation. It has been valuable for me to attend because I have learned a lot about who I really am and now appreciate the way I was brought up. I am now confident to stand up for myself and go after what I want for the future.


Attending college has been the best experience of my life. As a child I always hoped to pursue higher education and Thankfully through the support of friends and family I?ve have achieved that success. I?ve found through my college experience that I have a real calling to language arts and writing. Working with my professors and classmates I have learned to look at the world in a completely different perspective. To analytically look at every situation and make conscious educated decisions, hopefully leading to vocational success. I?ve learned about so many interesting fields that were never before within my grasp. Through the guidance of the faculty, I have come one step closer to my ultimate goal; to become a college professor in rhetorical theory and to pass on the wonderful knowledge I?ve learned to the next generation of youth enrolled in higher education. I have attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for four years and plan to enroll in the upcoming fall 2010 semester for graduate studies in the professional writing field if finances permit.


I would tell myself that you can never try to many things. College is a time to enjoy, you should be able to experience life and learn anything you desire. Go to college to make yourself happy not anyone else. Even with the needs and expectations of parents there are ways to go around any problems. If finances become an isssue research scholarships, go talk to your financial aid office, work with people to help yourself. My final words to myself would be : "Do not be afraid to be yourself, love yourself and what you do."