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What should every freshman at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth know before they start?


When I was a high school senior I was so scared to go to college because of the change in my home life. I had never moved before, and going to college requires some sort of moving. When I made the transition into my dorm I was not happy, because it was not home. After weeks of living on campus I got used to the new lifestyle that I had started. Looking back a few months I would tell my past self that in life transitions happen not often, usually, and that is what makes them hard. The hardest part of a transition like moving into a dorm, is actually putting up with your parents for the day. After the actual transition is made everything is usually smooth sailing from there. I am happy with my current living situation on campus, for two reasons. The first is obvious which is independence, every college students dream, but for me I feel that it is a life skill that is going to help me. The second reason is that it really shows me that transitions are not that bad, and that doing things that scary at first will probably turn out fine.


Focus on school and not the social life!


If I could go back in time to my high school senior self I would tell myself to stop worrying and live for the moment you are in, continue to work hard and you will accomplish your goals in life. Be who you are and do what you want. Remember to be appreciative for all the opportunities you have had and continue to do new things and expand your horizons. Sounds so simple, yet my high school senior self did not know this and a lot of time, energy and worry was spent on unncecessary matters.


Take more risks, is what I would say to myself. By my senior year of high school my grades were the best they had ever been. I was in the top 10{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my class and had a close to perfect GPA. What I regret most is only applying to colleges that I would consider safety schools. There is no reason why I could not have been accepted to colleges and universities with more challenging acceptance rates. I would tell myself to quit fearing the possibility of rejection and realize my worth. I would also tell myself that there is no shame in being rejected from a top university because no matter where I end up, I would continue to be successful as a student. With that being said, I would also tell myself that I would not end up anywhere if I continued to procrastinate with college related responsibilities. I would say that procrastination would become my worst enemy if I continued with it. And to conclude, I would tell myself that it will become very important to prioritize my responsibilities in the near future.


Knowing what I know now about college, I would've told my past high school senior self to get up and get a job. I always knew that college was expensive but I never knew it was this expensive. The total income in my household is less than $10,000 a year, and my school UMASS Dartmouth costs almost triple that. I thought that my financial aid would cover most of it so that I would only have to pay a couple hundred dollars a year, but i recently found out that I am going to have to pay about $6,000 a year. If I would have gotten a job in high school and saved all that money then I probably would have at least been able to pay one year of college, but since I didnt I might not even be able to. I wish that I could go back in time and tell myself this because I really needed to hear this at that time. Now I'm struggling to find scholarships that I could actually apply for.


Start assignments early. Perform research independently from the classroom. Don't stress out.


I would tell my high school senior self that the transition to college is as hard as I decide to make it for myself. I should make the effort to get to know people and join student associations. The key is to be friendly and genuine. College life will bring lots of temptations in the form of wild parties and drinking. Remember to focus on academics first. Academics will open to way to Graduate school and then a well-paying career. Remember that this will need time and effort. It will also be important to help peers with their academics too if they are showing a genuine effort to do well. Don't let the chronic disease which you have had for a year so far as a reason to not give my school-work one hundred percent of your effort. Your health will need time for healing. Life will move on though, and school cannot be put on delay. Go ahead with memory impiarment, exhaustion, and misunderstanding from other people. It doesn't matter if you make it or fail. What is important to try your best and being able to look back and give an approving nod.


If i had the oppotunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school i wouldnt even know where to start. The main thing that i would like to stress to myself would be to stay focused. I would tell myself to make my school work more important than cheerleading and boys because in college the professors wont hold my hand through all of my assignments. I would let myself know that the "senior-itis" may seem hard to fight in the begining but trying to get back on track in time for graduation will be much harder. I would really want myself to fully understand how much is being done for me in high school and how in college i wont have anyone pushing me to do homework. Other than all the seriousness i would just tell myself to enjoy senior year actually being a kid because after graduating the real world will be coming at full speed.


if i could go back to high school as a senior i would tell myself to apply for a a lot of scholarshhips and i would fill out my Fafsa paper on time. I would take private course that are equavelent to a freshman year in college.


If I could go back to when I was a high school senior I would tell myself to work harder. I would also tell my self to do what ever i could to get into college and not wait as long as I did. To go to college right after high school and take it more seriously. Dont just mess around and not go to college. I would tell myself to go to college right after high school with no argument because I now Know that going to college is very important.