University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Having poor memory. I have organic brain damage due to Epstein Barr virus. Despite having poor memory, I have managed a 3.7 GPA as an Undergraduate and earned a BA with a status of Magna cum Laude. I am one semester away now of finishing my Master's Degree in Education with a GPA of 3.97 and accomplishing this with a rank of Sigma cum Laude. Nevertheless, my GPA's could both have been better with a decent memory and perfect health. It irk's me that I have been given a bad apple.


at times, there's a bit of disorganization


Sometimes getting from one campus building to the next when the weather is bad, but other than that, there is not much frustration at all.


i think the most frustrating thins is that the school is more concern about how the school look like raher than helping student use the money towars finanial aids or making more study room available.


The most difficult obstacle I have come across at my school is focusing on my work. Many other of my friends have different majors with much less homeowork and very easy exams. I have to put hours of studying and tutoring time in when I could be having fun with my friends. I'm glad I really do love my major and am able to focus because I want to do well in my classes.


Non-engineering students have a much larger social life then engineers, and sometimes it is hard to stay focused on studying


UMASS Dartmouth is a very large campus, so initially it is difficult to figure out where your classes are located. Once you get the hang of all of the buildings, it is a peice of cake... all of the buildings are set up similarly!


One of the most frustrating things about UMass Dartmouth is the miscommunication between departments. A lot of times students will have a question about refunds or financial aid or meal plans and each department gives them a different answer and then sends them to another department to receive yet another answer. This can be very confusing for students. It would be helpful for the departments and staff to focus only on their jobs and send students to the right department without giving them an answer that they are unsure of.


Finding additional help with finances. I get some help but unfortunately college is very expensive!


The most frustrating thing about my school is dealing with people who still act like they are in high school and don't take their classes seriously.


A lot of people complain about the school and a large percentage of people go home on the weekends. Also, the resident dining hall is inconsistant, unappealing, and barely open on weekends. It is very difficult to get in more than one meal there on the weekends. This only makes going home more condusive.


Trying to understand some of the teacher is very difficult, also the schedual they have for class selecton is frustrating.


Nothing is really frustrating. I guess you could just say the walks to class in the rain and snow. But overall there is nothing really to complain about.


The administration.


The housing situation is pretty frustrating. They overbook every year and it causes a lot of stress among the students. If you pay your deposit on time though you will get housing, it just might take a semester.


The lack of compliance of faculty to work with students to get things done.


The fact that there is little to do but drink


Pubic Safety


The people here are snobs.


Poor opportunities to socilaize with people of a simillar mindset.


Some of the teachers are really boring and don't provide the need material on time.


Umass Dartmouth isn't a typical college town and i wish there was more to do in walking distance.


the most frustrating thing is parking, I beleave they should alow you to park in different spots.


All exams seem to fall on the same day or within the same week.


Everyone is an Irish meathead olny interested in sports and cheap beer.


Trying to get to class through the crowds of students.


The overall appearance of the school is not that nice. Most people hate the way it looks even though it the architect of this school is a world renowned designer. The school just needs some general upkeeping and some new renovations to make the appearance better.


Many of the students failed to receive housing on campus during the Fall 2008 semester. Many of the seniors couldn't even get an apartment on campus because many of the sophomores were taking their place. In fact, I am in temporary housing right now.


The buildings themselves feel like a prison. Very cold and uninviting. Also, you often get a run around for classes and financial aid.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the isolation, being able to be separate from the surroundings is nice, however having to add a hour minimum travel time to any trip to a club or beach is a big inconvienence.