University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The opportunity for growth and excelling in the nursing field. I consider myself very lucky to have the time, resources and opportunity to return to school to further my knowledge base and improve my performance and understanding as a nurse.


The school is very diverse. Different perspectives help shed light on an individual's strengths and weaknesses.


I would say the diversity


The best thing about my school is our library. It is very big and equipped to meet the needs of its students.


The thing I consider to be the best at my school is the tutoring center. I like this because it gives students an opportunity to achieve success and do well accademically. The toturing center is open to all and does not limit any student from attending. They have numerous time scheduals that work perfectly with one's class schedual. I have to say that the toturing center is one of the reasons why I really love this school.


The best thing about UMass Dartmouth is the number of majors they offer to students. They have many options and unlike some other well - known schools, if you decide you don't like your declared major after a semester or two you can switch. However, if you attend a school that is strictly focused on engineering, for example, that change may become a lot more difficult.


The nursing program is great. The teachers are very knowledgable and the students are goal oriented and intelligent.


The best thing about this school is the opprotunites. There are amazing professers here and so many internships available.


That its just the right size, not to small but also not to big.


The independence it gives students. No one is trying to make you do well in the classes. The university makes/allows you to teach and build yourself and make your own education. Some students really slack and can't thrive under these circumstances. For me it is a motivator because i can seperate myself from the other students.




Everything is within a reasonable walking distance, classes aren't too large, weekends are usually fun although a lot of people do go home.


I believe the best thing about my school is the availability of activities and people. There are numerous clubs and organizations to get involved in. This makes it easy to meet new people a feel welcomed.


Most of the professors at the school are very knowledgable and engaging. The staff, particularly at the library, is very helpful and they genuinely seem to care about students' needs. Class sizes are pretty decent, and there is usually an abundance of on campus activities in which to participate.


It's like it's own small community. My school is set-off from the rest of the city, so it's like it's own country. You feel safe and it's just the right size that you can get around by walking.


The staff is the best thing about Umass Dartmouth. They are very helpful and encouraging! The freshman visual arts advisor, Bruce Maddocks, is extremely helpful and truely cares about the students.


The best aspect of my school would be the opportunities given to the student to give back to the surrounding community of New Bedofrd. With Umass Dartmouth as such a melting pot of resources it is nice to see students try and assimilate the campus community with the outside communities. It is important for a wealthy resource to give back to less fortunate surroundings.


Variety of activities and classes


The best thing about my school is the Library. It is very large and has a lot of space to study.


The faculty in my major.


The best advantage to attending Umass Dartmouth would lie in its cost efficiency. Paying a state tuition for a degree from a Umass University while being close enough to attend the local premier college/university speakers/events proves to be very cost effective.


They have a lot of events on the weekends.


how friendly everyone is.


First off, I am an accounting major. UMass Dartmouth has an excellent accounting program that can be compared to those of Bryant, Babson, Bentley, and other well known and Ivy league schools. Secondly, it's within commuting distance from my home which allows me to continue to live at home. Lastly, for the education I am receiving, the tuition isn't as expensive as all the other schools that offer accredited business programs.


I love the location. It is two minutes from tons of shopping, ten minutes from downtown New Bedford, which is very "up and coming" it is also close to boston and providence and the ocean.