University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.


A day on campus that I will never forget has to be the Mr. UML pageant. It's a mock beauty pageant for boys who compete for the crown. For the talent competition, some were serious and sang a song or recited a poem. Others were funny and danced. The questions were funny and resulted in rap battles and voting on the best pick up line. Also, during the intermission, they had a raffle and my friend won a flat screen TV.


Oh, this is a hard one. I guess, I'll tell you about the scholarship dinner I attended this semester. It was the first time that they were doing it so, I was really nervous about meeting my donor. Anyways, I didn't particularly want to drive to the ICC so I had decided to take the bus. I keep double checking I was on the right one, having never been on the particular route. I arrived about 15 minutes before it started but couldn't find the room where they were hosting it and went to go ask the woman at the front desk. Turns out that I was a week early for the event, it wasn't until next week. I was so embarrassed, but apparently I wasn't the only one---then I didn't feel as bad. So, I had to take the bus back to South campus and went home. I have no classes on that day of the week. Turns out I went to school for nothing though it did turn into a good story later.