University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

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Honestly, the tutition rate. Unlike many of the private institutions that I applied to, this state university's tutition rate is not hiked up like the others. In fact, I managed to pay off my bills and loans, though I did have incredible help from my family. While it does somewhat pain me to only talk about money as a determining factor to which school to go to, after seeing how precious and difficult it can be get yourself out of a loan, I can now understand why this factor is something to consider when choosing a school.


University of Massachusetts at Lowell has some of the best professors due to their experiences and they are all willing to work extra to make sure their students have the best learning experiece they can have.


This school offered a degree portfolio of an university but was situated in a setting not as urban as that of many cities.


I like the way the campus is set up all over the city. Lowell is small enough that the buildings are super far from each other, but it gives you a chance to see all parts of the city, especially the historical parts.


It has a large variety of clubs one can join. The participation level in these clubs is phenomenal. The Campus life feels youthful and vivacious. The resident advisors form close relationships with the other students. Orientation before freshman year truly gives a head start on forming future relationships with other incoming students.


UML has 3 different campuses. You take classes on North and South campuses and the dorms are on East. There are busses that run regularly between the 3, except East to North, because its like a 5-10 minutes walk. When registering for classes, make sure you look at what campus theyre on, it can get tricky, and leave enough time between classes if they are on different campuses, an hour will leave you enough time to grab a smoke and a coffee in between classes.


To be completely honest, I do not think that their is anything unique about UMass Lowell.


The classes are not crouded and the people around you are ready to help. Freindly facalty and very helpful at all time


The one thing that I find great about my school is my ability to meet new people. The first college I went did not make it easy to meet other people. Now with the Student Center I have met so mant new people and been able to enjoy college life so much more.


The campus is spread out around the city. It is a very diverse community but at the same time everyone is a family. The school is great for engineering and sciences, it also has great sports team especially the hockey team.


My school is unique because its the perfect size so its easy to meet people and adjust to the college campus life. There are also 2 campuses that differ socially so you can choose which group you'd prefer to be around more.


My school is unique in that it offers many different ways for a student to suceed and finish their higher education. Whether it is online courses, help from the learning center or the professors, this school makes it easy to do well.


not properly funded


The CS department is very famous for how good it is.


Although the campus is not very large in size as a student you are constantly meeting new people because of the number of commuter students. The athletics here are great and have such a large fan base, it really brings the campus together, and the outreach to all different kinds of student whether it be athletes, artists, or musicians everyone is given a wide range of activities to participate in.


The community surrounding the school is incredibly diverse. Whereas UML is directly located in the middle of the city of Lowell, students are introduced to a variety of different cultures and people in general. Downtown Lowell is approximately a five minute walk from the campus.


It's closeby to home, the price is lower than other schools with the same education, it has lots of school spirit.


They worked extremely hard to solve my financial situation. Their solution was extending my unsubsidized loan, I would prefer scholarships, etc....but I'm taking what I can get right now.


Close to home


The Fraternitys arent reconized, yet they still give back to the school. alot. Soroities give to charities and its against the law for 5 girls to live in the same house, its considered a brothel. so no sororitys have houses. 4 Fraternitys have houses, and one weak wanna-be fraternity has an apartment