University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Guests of UMass Lowell? We just had Billy Joel do a question and answer session for us right on campus. If that's not enough for you, then head over to the Tsongas arena for our minor league hokey team's home games. Where UMass truly shines though, is in our Baseball. The Lowell Spinner's stadium is beautiful, packed, and hard to stay away from. Right on the Merrimack river, the Spinners put on a great show for all of us here at Lowell every night. We may not have the massive football spirit like Michigan, but the Lowell Loch Monsters and Spinners give us plenty to cheer for here. Back to the educational side of things, I'd have to say our affiliation with SIgma Tau Delta is one of highest regarded aspects of the English department. We have all kinds of clubs here, though. The student hall is almost permanently smelling of fresh baked French baked goods from the French club's almost constant bake sales. Into Anime? Video games? We got you covered here. I thought I was alone with my love for geek culture until I came here. Soon I met girls who knew more about Star Wars and comic books than I did, and that's saying a lot. If you're a thespian, or a lover of stage, UMass won't disappoint you there. We have a fantastic drama group here who put on thrilling plays every year, many of which sell out multiple nights. Nobody parties like the guys portraying Shakespeare characters, let me tell you. Speaking of, Lowell is one of those rare cases where people do like to drink and party, but it isn't a main aspect of anyone's lives. Sure there are frats with beer pong tables covered with pizza boxes and crushed cans, but that doesn't infiltrate into the school like it does in other parts of the state. Students have their fun, but it's usually at a bar, or a concert downtown. The campus I studied on was peaceful year round, and around the clock. I could sit outside the main dorm and read poetry near the bending river without hearing a sound. Come here for the atmosphere and to relax, but don't expect to find the next Animal House.


Lowell is full of different student groups. Sports are pretty important at UML. We are certainly known for our hockey and going to games is a big event, free for students. Other popular groups include science and engineering clubs as well as various music and art related clubs. I really like the FYRE group. That stands for First Year Resident Educator. This group of upperclassmen help incoming freshmen adapt to dorm life as well has get them involved in various activities around campus. This is critically important for freshmen, because freshman year really decides how your college career will play out. If you make friends and are social, you will do great. That is certainly true at UML. My freshman year, all my friends lived in my dorm and we always had our doors open to company. There is plenty to do around campus and in the city of Lowell. They have beautiful public parks and riverwalks, as well as late night food vendors and and stores to browse through. It's not hard to get involved socially in college and UML is certainly a great university to experience.


The most popular event on campus hands down, the hockey games. The hockey team is unbelievably good. Whether people like hockey or not they are at the games supporting the team. People are very outgoing on campus. Everyone leaves their doors open to talk to other people in the dorm. There are also a lot of musical events put on by the school that are popular. Tickets sell out fast. Partying is a common thing on the weekends, as with any college. There are some strict consequences for partying underage but it still happens. Fraternities and Sororities are not a huge thing at the school. There are a few but they are not the big thing to do. There are a lot of campus activities that you can do that do not involve drinking. There is always something going on. This is not a school that you go to to party every day. There are tons of things to do in the city as well. There is a diverse selection of food around the campus. A lot of the students go out to eat a lot. I am involved in an AmeriCorps program Jumpstart that reads to preschool children to get them prepared for kindergarten. There are a lot of rewarding opportunities available to students.


There are so many clubs and activities at UMASS Lowell. Anything from dance, to lacrosse, to rugby, to ultimate frisbee, you name it and we have it. There are an abundance of clubs including Art History Club, BIology Club, French Club, and so many others. There's a club for everyone. I'm getting involved with the school newspaper group so I can take part in writing about what's going on at the University. I lived on campus my Freshman year and everyone on my floor became good friends. We would all hangout and help each other with school work. We have many guest speakers and event that take place on campus. We recently had Billy Joel as a guest speaker! There's always something to do and theh Recreation Center is filled with activities. There are pool tables, ping-pong tables, and tables to just hangout. Off campus there are restaurants, a movie theatre, and many places to shop. Boston is only twenty minutes away!


I don't see the groups on campus as being discerned by their 'popularity'. Students congregate and get involved with campus activities based on their interests. There are many groups to get involved with on campus. Sports, theatre, journalism, gaming, etc. There is something for everyone for the most part. I don't know anything about the dorms; I live off campus. There is plenty to do around town and on campus. The school hosts a number of functions ranging from guest speakers to social events. If you are over 21 chances are you go to the bars in town often. There are a few very popular ones. But plenty of good food and quieter places as well. The cuisine around town is very diverse. The Laotian and Cambodian food is my favorite. The dating scene is pretty standard I believe. Last weekend I went on a date with a girl from the university. It was our second date. We went to the one-act plays at Mahoney and then out for dinner and drinks. It was a nice way to spend a Friday evening. I meet people on campus regularly that seem interesting and usually go to school hosted events or out to dinner. I have a number of close friends that also attend the university and we spend much time together. I feel I can legitimately rely on them. I personally do not drink but still go out to the bars some times just to see friends. There are a number of places around that host karaoke, have billiards, there is a bowling place in town, good restaurants, concerts/shows, art installations, poetry readings/open mic nights. Plenty to do for non-drinkers. (Also a very strong AA community from what I hear)


One of the most popular events on campus is watching the hockey team. Umass Lowell purchased the Tsongas Center from the city of Lowell and it is now the home rink of our D1 Hockey team. Tickets are free to students so attendance is high, and school spirit is even higher. Concerts are also often held at the Tsongas center of big name artists.