University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Most of my classes are small. As an English major the class sizes are in general under 20 and there is usually a good amount of opportunity to participate in discussion; my professors encourage discussion. Some teachers assign more writing assignments than others but I've never felt like it was too much. If you enjoy learning you will learn a lot in your classes.


Classes at UML are becoming better and better every year. Currently, UML is trying to limit class sizes in order to better help students understand the material and be able to have a more one-on-one experience. Class difficulty can vary quite a bit depending on choice of major. UML is known for their exceptional engineering college, but with top quality education comes hard work. Personally, I find my business courses to be the perfect level of difficulty, while I can still maintain an active social life. Professors tend to be very nice and helpful throughout campus. The only classes I would try and avoid are big 200 student lecture halls. These classes are slow and it is difficult to learn the material, but like I said, UML is slowly phasing out this set up.


Diverse. I go to Spanish 4, then to my Civil War class. After lunch, I dive back into my gritty cop drama I am writing for my creative writing class. It's a crazy mix up of all different types of classes, which help you exercise different parts of your mind.


I'm an English Literature major with a minor in Philosophy/Ethics. The classes are really small which makes the learning environment more hands on. Some classes are held in large auditoriums but they are generally basic education credits. As you progress in your education here at the university, class sizes dwindle and you find yourself more in touch with what's going on. The professors are also very knowledge and very, very accessible. I currently have two professors that I've taken a number of classes with. They remember me (my name, my major, my opinions) which makes me feel more comfortable in the Academia Realm. Although college professors will not ride you like high school teachers, they do want to see you do well which is very reassuring.


Depending on what class you take will make, the class size will be smaller or larger. Lecture classes will be bigger in size than say a College Writing class. The professors are attentive to your questions, and they stick to their class plans. Not every student enjoys lecture classes, but most classes are entertaining. They are a comfortable environment where UMass Lowell students feel safe to speak out.


They're pretty great. Once I finished my gen ed courses, I got to really take classes tailored for my major and get a feel for what I want for a career.