University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


the cost and a few of the classes; like my gothic literature class


Its fun! We have a huge recreation center, which as basketball and racketball courts, gym, pool and ping pong table. We get to do some labs in chemistry.


For the first time in my academic career, I feel like I am at a school that actually wants their students to be successful. The administration is organised, well connected to their students, willing to go well out of their way to make you successful.


I like to brag most about my school is about how the teachers are very helpful. We are able to go to the teacher when we have problems at school or at home. The school offers counceling, if the students really need help.


Our AMAZING hockey team.


What I said before. The fact that I am never alone or bored. I always have a place to sit in quiet to get all of my work done during school. At the same time I aways have something to do. I feel very connected and enjoy being on campus.


I pretty much brag that my school is kind of like a little community; the university is in a huge city but we have like our own thing going on. I never feel like a nobody here.


My professors. They have always been very helpful and very accomodating toward myself and my peers. I find then to be very knowledgeable and engaging. It makes me feel like I have made a good choice in investing in UMass Lowell.


The Tsongas Arena where they have concerts and shows frequently. Also, our Division 1 Hockey team is very good and our sports overall are great.


The plastics engineering major in University of Massachusetts Lowell is the only college that has plastics engineering in the country, and we are one of six colleges in the country that have a nuclear reactor.


I mostly brag about all of the extra events such as concerts, plays, sports games, skits, and other entertainment.