University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That there aren't a lot of options for continuing education in terms of when the classes are offered. Would have liked for continuing ed to have not only night classes but also day classes. It is more expensive to take day classes because you are considered an undergraduate student and so have to pay all the additional fees, even if you are a non-degree student.


parking situation.


I wished I had known how expensive a four year college really is. Despite the expense, the education received is priceless!


I wish I'd known that I was going to be screwed over financially every semester because the Chancellor is lining his pockets and not helping the students. The comitte raise the fees every semester, and even with student protests they don't listen to us.


How much it would cost.


I wish I knew more about what to expect from college.


I wish I was more clear on what i wanted to do career wise. I also wish that i had applied to more school for my other interests like working with animals.


- more info onmy major and what chmical engineers actually did in their careers


I wish I had known my room mate before I came to college, because she is such a great friend and I enjoy spending time with her.


Before I went to college I wish I knew that in order to be truly happy on campus I needed to stay there on weekends. I went home a lot during my freshman year and as a result I missed out on meeting as many people as I could have. I would also have been more involved during my freshman year in activities other than school related. This would have made my experience at UML more enjoyable. I wish I knew how much more prepared you had to be for classes as well.


I had a really good knowledge of student life and academic prospects before I attended this school. I think Umass Lowell is under-rated in quality, if I had known how good their programs were I wouldn't have been so reluctant to attend. Advice: Don't be fooled by the horrible city life surrounding the campus.


Before attending this university, I wish I had known the importance of following the designed cariculum pertaining to my major. In addition, I wish I had known that by sticking to the classes the department suggests, would have made my life easiers as the semesters went on.


That I was going to be jumped twice after only attending school for a year


Nothing really at all.


I wish I had known how unorganized UMass Lowell is. A good amount of the professors do not really care about your grades or being available. A few of my professors were hard to get in contact with grades, papers, etc.


For some majors the adivors are very intune with their sudents but others are not so you have to watch out for yourself to make sure you graduate on time because a lot of students don't.