University of Massachusetts-Lowell Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Without any doubt, the amount of majors and minors that are offered at the school. If there was any major or minor that you wanted to do but couldn't because your school or state or country didn't offer it, then UMass Lowell would be the school to go to. The academics here are exceptional, and many people are surprised how organized and cohesive the classes and lectures are, and that includes research and laboratory experience. And the best part is that the school is getting bigger and better each day.


The professors are the best thing at UMass. They are very friendly and helpful, and they are experts in their fields.


The best thing about Umass Lowell is the cost. It is a very affordable school, especially for a student paying for their own tuition. There is a great sense of community at this school and the teachers I have met so far are very willing to help you succeed.


We have two small different campusus. East for dorming, north which is mostly for engineer majors (among other classes), and south for all other classes. Each campus is great, we have two books stores and many different places to dine including Subway, Starbucks, and various dining halls. It's easy to get around from campus to campus.


The variety of students and their interests. I've seen some people go from taking about Aristotle to playing a game of Zombies to selling backed goods. It's never a dull moment when you people watch on campus--unless it's finals week, then it's pretty quiet.


It the best state school. It has a really good engineering program and since it a state school, its really affordable.


In my perspective, I believe the best thing about my school at the moment is the fact that we have a strong range of clubs to participate in. So regardless of what your interests are, it is guaranteed that you will discover a club or an organization that suits your character. This allows incoming freshmen to get involved quickly, effectively, I get the chance to explore their new environment. Another amazing feature at UMASS Lowell; we are the only University that offer a major in plastic surgery.


I consider the teachers to be the best thing about UML. Honestly I believe a "school" is the community that thrives within it, without the people it's just another building. I've had a great experience so far with teachers here at uml. You can tell that they have a passion for their subject, and not only that but are willing to help you out when you really need it. Another great thing is that they treat us as adults and the respect is felt.


The Athletic programs.


U-Mass has several campuses, and a great online program. I currently reside in New Jersey, so the online classes are the obvious choice for me. They make the whole process of registration, obtaining books, and attending class very easy.


The best thing about Umass Lowell was the affordability. It was a good education that didn't break the bank, a similar education at a private school would have cost u[p to 3 times more than Umass Lowell.


The best thing about my school is that there are many resources that are there to help you succeed. There is a tutoring center and advising and counselors and some courses even have onling tutoring. These resources are very helpful.


their wrting program or wrting center. they had great turtors for writing and that makes an improve evrery students writing skills.


My favorite thing about UMass Lowell is the quality of the dialogue between professors and students. My department (history) was very small but it was extremely viable, and the professors were all fascinating and dynamic people.


UMass Lowell is kind of like a small community. At first many students don't like it here and spend most of there weekends at home but thpse who get involved and meet people will truly make friends for a life time. Walking through campus every day, its almost impossible not to see someone I know, whether a professor or friend. The size of the school is just right and nothing is ever overwhelming. Also whatever effort you put in to be involved with


The diversity and friendliness of the students as well as the professors. I am very involved with the women's basketball team, travel with them and have found that if you want to work, there are plenty of school related jobs available. The campus is growing and extremely accomodating. I love the location and have been very happy here for the past two and one-half years.


Professors are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. They will always help out if you see them, meet outside office hours, accomodate you,e tc.


the best thing about the school would have to be the engineering program.


Most of the proffesors truly care about you. They actively try to prepare you to get a job and give truthful advice.


I believe that the best thing about my school is it's diversity. There are so many different kinds of people that populate our classrooms and campuses. Just being here makes it easy to learn new things and get all sorts of different perspectives on things.


The value of the education for the price


Meeting tons of awesome people and having good experiences


The students and faculty.


The best thing that I have considered about my school is how helpful the professors are. They are always there if help is needed. They're office hourse are very flexible. If you were to have any trouble or worries, you can always go talk to them. There are there to help you and they only want what is best for you. They want to make sure that you achieve greatly.


The professors. The amount of expierence the professors at this school are backed by is amazing.