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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience has taught me a plethora of valuable lessons, from simple things like cost effective planning to more complicated things like communication skills. Both are very important in the real world and to be a successful student or worker. Through college I've learned the skills to be successful and the skills to motivate and drive my friends and fellow students around me. Skills such as time management, professionalism, and a hardworking attitude. For me college has been valuable to attend because it has taught me about life, about how to succeed and about how to positively affect those around me. College has brought me priceless knowledge and life lessons, it has brought me years of experience in communicating with different people or different believes. Because of all this it has made me a better person, someone who respects new ideas and can enjoy man facets of life.


The name UMDNJ itself has a great reputation. The most important thing for UMDNJ School of Nurshing is the great staff and helpful professors. I have gotten the great organizational skill and dicipline from this school. By working in group gave more confident and boost the self esteem as Nurse. I guess this will helpful in my career in future. School is called student's second family. First family - the parents, teach how to walk , talk etc. And second family - School teaches how to walk and talk with pride and correct knowledge. The school makes the building block for all students lives. I am confident to apply my experience to outside of the school with my own understanding.


The advice that I would give myself is to enjoy the college experience and go away from home and get the actually college life experience. College is not just an educational but also life experience that can shape the person you are and will get you ready socially and mentally and also educationally for the real world.


Visit the campus and talk to the personnel before you finalize your decision.


I would tell parents to let their children have some control over the search, but to be there to help them. I'd tell the students to look for a good place to start if you are unsure where you want to go with your life, a community college is always a good choice.