University of Memphis Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The fact that it is a commuter campus so PLEASE don't not bring a car. Everything closes early on the weekend/are not even open so its practically a ghost town on the weekend, so for someone who wants fun stuff to do, UofMemphis is not your place.




I haven't experienced anything that I dislike about the University of Memphis since I have been here.


Some of the buildings are outdated and falling apart while other buildings on campus look new and vibrant.


The worst thing about the University of Memphis is the atmosphere of the campus. The University of Memphis presents a do what you what to do when you want to do it atmosphere. There is no real guidance or direction. Although administration and professors tell you whats right, the campus vibe still presents itself as being independant and rebellious. Incoming students with strict values will have a hard time sticking to what they know if they dont connect with a group or person with the same values. Students who don't will be prone to rebel even more.


The University of Memphis is known for its large numbers of commuter students. If you plan to commute, you must get here extra early to make sure you have a parking space and get to class on time. All of the parking is on the exterior of campus, is hard to access, and is a pain for visitors. Unless you are an employee or student at the University of Memphis, there is no free parking. One parking lot is also across train tracks and nine times out of ten you will get stopped by a train.


So far, the worst thing about University of Memphis is math courses. Now that I know all the campus resources, I will use them to help me for my harder courses. I know I hate attending tutoring, but I really need it. For this, I will talk with my math teacher to see how I am doing. Hopefully, things will run smoothly, and my semester will end on a good note. In addition, I have maintained a perfect attendance also. Yet, I am still experiencing a few problems in math, but I’m going to attend tutoring to improve it.


The school doesn't go out of its way to provide fun social activies or extracurricular programs for students who are not athletes or in the Greek system.


the parking and traffic. Too many students, not enough parking spaces.


The willingness to help from advisors, I have been told so many different things from quite a few different advisors its like they don't really want you to graduate. Example two semester ago I meet with my advisor and she told me what classes I needed to sign up for, I took those classes and come to find out they were the wrong classes and can only count as an elective which I already had all my electives. Very dissapointing.


Not enough scholarship availability


The worst thing about my school is having the responsibility of doing what needs to be done and doing what i want to do. On campus there are so many groups and activites that look and sound so interesting that you want to go, but, the thing is that you also have to keep up with your school work and your job (if you have one). there will be many times that the things you want to do conflict with what you need to do and it is necessary to know which one is more important.


On the weekends, campus is dead. There are not many activites going on on the weekends.


The worst thing about the University of Memphis is the type of events that replay themselves. I can only go to step shows and parties for a while before I grow bored of them.


The worse thing about my school are their dorms. You are either sharing a bathroom with four people or you have a community bathroom where the whole floor shares the bathroom.


The worst thing about Memphis is parking. Its a fairly big campus but parking is horrible. There are so many students on campus this year but we have nowhere to park. We get parking tickets all the times. And if we don't pay them we get HOLDS, which prevent us from registering and receiving our transcripts. They just need to invest in more parking space.


The worst thing about college is the prices. The prices on books are horrible. Books are extremely high! To see all the students who have taken the class and only 5 used books have been returned makes me think that the bookstore wants the students to pay the full price for new books.


Smoking is allowed at the entry of the buildings. I do not like walking through a smoke cloud holding my breath to get to my classes.


The worst thing about attending The University of Memphis would be the size of their campus. If you are taking classes back to back and the two buildings are not near each other, then you only have about fifteen minutes to be on time. With the amount of students that attend the university it is alittle impossible to make it to class on time unless you plan ahead when registering for class. Counselors should advise incoming students about the size of their campus and this situation is also a good time management practice for college students.


The worst would be the tuituion rates and how much they going up every year.


the crime rate around the school isnt the greatest but the campus is very safe..that would be the only thing that makes me nervous is walking around at night.


The process of finacial aid


The worst thing about my school is that is very close to so many places were crime our active. I know that crime is everywhere, but I think crime is worse here. The best thing to do is to travel in groups, carry mase or a tazzer, and/or try not to make yourself a target by hanging out at night by yourself with a purse.


I think the worst thing about my school is the advertisements of athletic events. There is none really- especailly for women's sports. I am not an athlete, but I know that they put in hard work and effort to represent their university, and they need to be recognized accordingly. My university in particular has been receiving extra attention because of our extrodinary basketball team; however, we have an awesome volleyball team, but no one knows about it, because it does not get the attention it derserves. Other than this issue, the U of M has been an excellent home.


The wost thing about this school is the overall stigma that it receives for having a very large commuter base and being an urban institution in a historically corrupt and run down city. This stigma detracts many from the area from taking advantage of the truly great and diverse education and resources available through the University of Memphis. People judge it too quickly like a torn up book without ever opening the cover to see what it's like on the inside.


The worst thing about the University of Memphis: the lack of study space. Two semesters ago the campus tore down the University Center (which was where people studied/hung out) but they are rebuilding it. However, since it was torn down people have been cramming into the cafeteria to hang out and study.


It's in Memphis. I like my hometown, but it's not the most exciting place to live. There is a scene, but not like in a city such as New York or DC. It's a good city for those new to city life.


The science department. Most of the professors do not seem to care about the student . They just teach the material, give tests, and don't care if the student understands it or not.


the large class and the work load


The worst thing about the University of Memphis is the limited parking around campus. We have numerous parking lots and parking garages, but unless you have early morning or evening classes it becomes difficult to find a parking space.


The worst thing about the school is the out of state tuition every year that I have been here it has increased and financial aide went down. The cost of the classes is way too high.


admin doesn't care about welfare of students and neighborhood. Wants to take over people's lives, homes.