University of Memphis Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


There does not seem to be a stereotype at this school. There are incoming high schoolers and adult students alike.


Our school is in the middle of one of the largest cities in Tennessee. Because of this, and for various other reasons, the U of M is a commuter school. Students come from all over Shelby County, and nearby counties daily to go to class. We've also got students from all parts of the world! We have fraternities and sororities, athletes, leaders, minorities, the studious types, the not so studious types, and so many more. I've been here 4 years, and as I finish what has been an epic experience here, I've come to know students of every type, and I absolutely love it. The biggest stereotype is that we are a commuter student school and that some of the students went to school here because it was close to home, or because they couldn't get into any other schools. This is a rapidly changing stereotype... I'll admit that those students exist. However, if you are involved in anything on campus, and get to know any of the amazing leaders here, you will learn that we are one of the most unique schools that I've ever known. Our greek community is incredible, our student leaders are some of the strongest leaders I've ever met, and the people that are at Memphis that care about the school are some of the best I've ever known.


The common mistake potential students have when looking to come to the University of Memphis is that it is unsafe. Actually, truth be told that the University of Memphis is the safest Public campus in the state of TN. Our campus always have police on duty patrolling the streets to insure the students safety. Our campus have students that will come pick them up and take them back to their dorm after a long night of studying in the library to make sure they are safe late at night. So the stereotype of "I'm not going to Memphis, its to dangerous!" is just not true because we are once again the SAFEST public University in TN.


Commuters who have no school spirit and who are not involved with campus life. I'd say this is true for the most part.