University of Memphis Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The University of Memphis is a well-rounded student involvement school. We have hundreds of organizations, athletic departments, and more. With these organizations comes responsibilities, but also distractions. I believe if you have cannot stay on top of your studies because of distractions, maybe the University of Memphis, or college in general, isn't for you. However, everyone at the University of Memphis comes from different backgrounds. It is very welcoming to new students and is a home within itself. I would recommend it to everyone.


The University of Memphis is a great school for people who are independent, positive, and involved. Those who are lacking in these departments and refuse to put forth effort should not attend this college. Also people who live in Memphis but want to go elsewhere should not attend because it would serve as a risk to positivity. Take Joe for example. He has lived in Memphis his whole life and has tired of his surroundings that do not serve to broaden his horizons. His being at the University makes him feel limited, closed-minded, and negative.


Everyone should attend school to continue their education or to inform themselves because society is forever changing.


A person who loves to party and expects to get by without going to class because there are strict attendance policies in place.


People that are lazy and do not like to do any work they should not attend this university.


Someone interested in a large student base who plan to improve GPA and advance in any field.




That type of person that should not come to this school is a lazy student that thinks that they can do the minimum to pass. The course load can be a lot and very difficult. I would also suggest that unfocused procrastinators not attend the University of Memphis because the professors believe in giving a lot of papers and projects that must be turned in on time, so therefore in order to pass at this university you have to be focused and hardworking.


I think any person of any racial, ethnic,religious,etc. background should attend this school. It is diverse and offers many opportunities for everyone.


University of Memphis does not discriminate againts anyone. Any type of person regardless of race, nationality, gender are welcomed at the university. I haven't any promblems with discrimination since I've been at the University of Memphis. The students and teachers get along great and our advisors are awesome. They take time out to make sure students are on the right track for graduation.


Anyone without self-motivation. It's important to work on your own often, and be able to study alone if need be. If one doesn't have the motivation to get things done well and on-time, there's no point in being here.


if you are a very conservative person i would not attend this school. its very liberal.


I believe everyone could attend this school. Only students who are not serious about their education should not attend.


I can't really say that no person shouldn't attend this school because i think that this school is made for everyone, except people who don't wanna be there.


Those who have a low work ethic or only want to party should not attend the university.


People who are not into sports and do not enjoy big campuses should not attend UofM.


If you aren't expecting to belong a sorority or a fraternity and you are not from the South then do not enroll in this school. Exceptions to this would be those who would be on some kind of sports team or in a related activity like band. It is hard to find good friends on campus otherwise as this school is mainly commuter students.


The University of Memphis doesn't have the best reputation among Memphians, as far as quality of education. Many people believe it's a school where all you have to do is show up and you receive a diploma. This is not the case. Someone who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't prepared to do the work, will not show up to class and is doesn't even want to learn the material. That type of person will fall behind easily at the University of Memphis.


When sports other than basketball or football are a decisive factor, the University of Memphis should not be considered. Most funding goes to these two sports, so resources for other extracurricular activities are scarce. Previously I studied at Boston University and was overwhelmed and amazed by the amount of opportunities available which overshadowed the humble university in both academic and extracurricular splendor. However the stability and the strategic location away from the heart of the downtown prevents students from acquiescing to the chaos of a big city.


People with closed minds, poor self-motivation, inability to get along with a diverse group of people, or who lacks the the ability to adapting to a constantly changing urban environment should probably not come to this school.


Narrow minded type persons should not attend this school under any circumstances, and neither should those who have a habit for getting in trouble or being distracted from their work, because there are plenty of distractions in the city.




Some one that can not dedicate theselves to work


Average middle-class student