University of Memphis Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my senior year I would become more involved in my school. I would join as many organizations as possible, go on as many trips as I could, go to every sports event, and I would live it up as much as I could while I still had the free time. Now that I'm a full time college student I'm always busy. The grown up stage has taken full effect. I work, go to class, do homework, sleep and repeat. Sometimes I can even go all day without remembering to eat because I'm so busy. I miss the free time I once had. While I was in high school, everyone was worried about the latest drama and who's talking about who. If I could go back I would tell myself that these people and the drama that I'm worried about now won't matter a year from now, so have fun while you still can. Too soon you'll be looking back on your high school years and realize they were some of the best and most important years of your life.


Go with your strengths, and you will be fine.


To 17 year old Bo, Within your heart , there is already a passion tugging at you; pulling you towards a profession where you will make a difference. Yes, there are many distractions and paths that look attractive, but they will never lead you to longterm happiness. Bo, Don't go that direction! In order to be truly "successful", you must be who you really are; pursue what you are truly passionate about. You need to follow the dream God placed in your heart. As a boy who always challenged the physical limits of what was reasonable or safe (like riding a cocker spaniel through the dining room at age 5), you often found yourself in the doctor's office. Each time you were excited by the surroundings; in awe about things like: how to read the X-ray, how the nurse was able to gather a blood pressure reading, why you needed an IV, etc. You will have to work hard; putting yourself through college by working two jobs. But it will be worth it! Caring for patients that are injured or sick is exactly what you need to be doing! This is what God intended you to do, Bo.


There are many things that I would tell my self but I will start with the most important thing, that i failed to pay attention to while I was in school. I would tell myself that I need manage my time wisely. I would also tell myself to get on top of things. Just as i did with my work I applied to college late and I was put behind a whole semester. I woud make sure that I stressed to myself that time is something that you cant get back and everyone is not waiting on us. I will make sure I applied for more scholarships. Money is not easy to get you have to work for the money that is given to yoou for college because no one likes to waste their money. This is a very key factor in college because if can not prove that you deserve to be there, YOU WONT. I would tell myself that OUR future is important and if YOU want to become what WE want to be then follow yourself and dont follow someone that doesnt know anything about your future.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to plan more effectively for my future. After completing my freshman year in college, I’ve learned that college can be challenging, and I wish I’d been more prepared for college life on a financial and personal level. I would emphasize the importance of financial planning for college. I had to get two loans to pay for my second semester in college, and I wish I’d been more financially prepared for college. I would advise myself to apply and search for more scholarships, save money, etc. I would also tell myself to work on my communication and social skills. I was voted “Most Bashful” for my senior superlative. Now that I’m in a leadership position for an organization I’m in, I realize the importance of having these skills and wish I’d worked on them more while I was in high school. Finally, I’d tell myself to remember to just enjoy senior year because although college is rewarding, but also stressful.


Don't trust a test to tell you what kind of math course to go into. The teachers will range from utterly apathetic to entirely concerned with your success. Trust your advisor but think about your own capabilies before signing up for courses.


When you leave High School, you're going to be convinced that waiting for college is a good idea. 11 years later you will be a college freshman at 29, this is not a situation you want to be in, all of your friends have since graduated college as you wasted time. You need to go straight into colleged and give much more effort than you did in HS. Going to colleged and sticking to it is one of the most important decisions you can make.


Lauren! Take your eyes off that T.V. screen and start studying for the ACT. It is your freshmen year in high school. This is where it counts. College will not pay for itself. All this free time girl, you need to go ahead and apply for scholarships too while you are at it. You already have the grades but you are lacking in awareness. No one is going to tell you any of this because they cannot live your life. Use that wonderful brain of yours for more than just memorizing the answers to some test you are never going to remember taking when you step foot into the real world! So get up off your butt and work harder. Remember 'on time is late and early is on time.'


I would advise myself to work on my time management skills because they are critical to success in college. I would also advise myself to learn how to study, because even though high school was not hard and I didn't have to study, learning how to study in high school would have made my transition to college level work much easier.


Don't give up or let anything get in your way, keep pushing forward!!! Stay focused and maintain balance.


If I could go back I would tell myself, none of this matters. College is so much better. No one in college cares who you were in high school. I would tell myself that I qould find friends that I never thought I would ever have and do thing I never would have ever thought. I do not regret a single second of college.


First of all, I’d like to say Congrats! You worked hard to graduate #6 in your senior high school class. You will absolutely love the freedom of living on campus. A few things you should remember; no one is there to wake you up for those early morning classes so always set your alarm. You’ve always gotten along with others, so living with a roommate won’t be a terrible experience, but you will learn that some people aren’t as tidy as others. Don’t fret if you can't stand the mess, you’ll be able to switch to an available open room. Also, you will not have the same classmates you have had for the past four years. Campus organizations will aid tremendously in meeting new people, but don’t overwhelm yourself with the task of holding positions in those organizations. Focus on academics, maintain your GPA, and complete the Honors Program, which may not include courses you’d generally select, but they will provide challenging and interesting debate. Lastly, college will be a rollercoaster of heartbreak and disappointment, but you will become stronger and wiser from these experiences and the wounds will eventually dissipate.


Do not procrastinate on anything. Do the work in advance so you are not rushing to get work done and staying up late to finsih the work.


To stay focused and read deeply into all the choices that are available to me when it comes choosing the right college. Because when it comes to what college a person wants to attend it is to stick with them through their whole life as to if it was the right pick or not.


Don't procrastinate! If you know you have a big assignment to do and it's due in two weeks, go ahead and start on it when it is first given to you. You never know what might come up during the week your big assignment is due. To eliminate the stress, start on the assignment as soon as possible and just work on it every other day until it's complete. Remember, if you need help don't be afraid to ask for it and always ask multiple questions when you don't understand something.


If I could return to my senior year of highschool and offer myself the best advice possible, I would advise myself to give college 110% of my best efforts. I would tell myself not to hold back, not to focus on unnecessary obstacles that go hand in hand with being a college student, but to proceed with all I have to give. I made many mistakes as a college freshman. The number one mistake being that I did not give 110%. I was troubled by the obstacles of everyday life, such as working too many shifts at my job in order to pay my bills, spending too much time on recreational activites and with my friends. I was focused on making a living outside of school. While making a living is important, the most justice I could have done for myself was to realize that my hard work would have prospered had I dedicated it to my education first. Although taking on a new college environment and the schoolwork that it an entails can be quite a struggle, it would be one that would prove to be worth my while. I would have saved myself from "learning the hard way".


During my senior year of high school, I placed a great deal of stress on myself due to my financial situation. I constantly worried about not being able to finish school because my finances would not allow me to do so. To remedy this sitaution, I spent hours glued to my computer chair while I browsed the internet and applied for any scholarship that I qualified for. Applying for scholarships took up so much of my time that occassionally I would have to wake up an hour or two before I normally did for school to finish the homework that I had forgotten about. If I could go back in time, I would lock my computer away and tell myself to enjoy my senior year to the fullest extent. I was able to get enough scholarships to put myself through school, but I should not have given up school or social events and sleep in order to apply for them. Once I realized I had enough money to pay for school, I instantly regretted the amount of time I spent on the computer and always wished that I could go back and actually enjoy my senior year.


If I could go back in time, even if it was only to give the past me some advice for the upcoming and exciting college experience, I would say absolutely nothing - not because I felt I didn't need the advice at that time, but because I needed not to have the advice. I learned so much throughout my college experience, and whether good or bad, those experiences shaped me and will continue to do so throughout my entire life. If I were to go back in time to warn or give advice on what decisions to make during that experience, I would deprive myself of all the things I learned there. For example, I developed a good work ethic, learned how to calm people down when things get intense, and how to break off a bad relationship. If I had shielded myself from these experiences then I would not have learned all the amazing things that I did. Yes, if I had the chance to go back in time, my greatest advice would be total and complete silence.


I would tell myself make sure you understand who you are and what you believe upon entering college. College is full of diferent people and personalities. If you don't know what you stand for, college will decide for you. You might not know what you want to be in life or how you are going to get there. However, one thing to be sure of is your values and beliefs. Once you enter college people don't know if you were the president of your high school, a child of a minister, an "A" student, or the worse student in class. All they see is another person. You then have the opportunity to drop, add, or keep your values. Whatever you choose your going to be faced with a decision to make on what type of peson you want to be known as. But that question can't be answered once you get there, you have to make up your mind now while your still in high school. If you wait until you get there you will look up and find yourself somewhere doing something you never dreamed of doing because you wasn't prepared for lifes' test.


If i could go back in time and tell myself things about college i would tell myself that the elective classes are the classes that i should pay the most attention to because i can not treat college electives like high school. It is important to stay organized and always be on time to classes. Also make sure i apply for finiacial aid as soon as possible.


As I come to the end of my community college years there is plenty of advice I would give to myself as a senior in high school. The first thing I would tell myself is to apply for more scholarships instead of relying just on Bright Futures. It is not enough money and you need to apply for every scholarship you are qualified to receive. Also start saving your extra money now instead of spending it on something frivolous. When you get to college and start to go broke, you will be so happy you saved your money when you actually had it! I would also tell myself to not be so nervous. The entire first year of college I was no nervous that I didn’t even bother joining clubs or participating in any activities. But now that I’ve gone through it I realize that I had nothing to be nervous about. They’re fun years full of great times as long as you keep your grades up! Make the most out of these years and try your hardest because they fly by before you know it.


The one thing I would tell myself is "Marlaina, Your college life is truly what you makes of it. Never for a second give up on yourself. No matter how hard it may seem for you just believe in yourself, and know that you can do it. Remember that it is one thing to make it out of college as the smartest girl, but in order to make it in "this world" it is about what you know, and the experience you have to back it up. You can not major in Fun and minor in Education, and expect to make it out of college on top. You will have to work in order to be successful. Whenever you feel down, just remind yourself of the future that you are working towards, and think about how much it pay out in the end when you become that succesfful entrepreneur that you always wanted to be. You should be close with your professors, and have the upperclassmen as your mentors to help you stay on the right path. I want you to always remember, "Many have dreams, but a few turn them into a reality." - You


Start getting the hard classes out of the way. Also ,I’m going to make a goal to finish several harder courses during my freshman year. The longer I put these courses off, the harder college will become. Partying is fun, but I have to remember that I am not in college to stay out all night drinking and partying with people and etc. People including myself have to realize that we are at an institution to get an education so that we can earn a degree and then have a descent career. Adding on, I would always have to speak to my advisor. Before my freshman year of college is over, I’m going to make it happen by sitting down and speak with my advisor. My advisor will be able to tell me if I’m on the right track or if I need to make changes in order to meet my other goals. By doing so, this will help motivate me in all types of ways. I will not fail any courses because if I do, my GPA will look horrible. Making a good impression to yourself and others in your surrounding will be more considerate!


Listen, life is never set in stone. Music Education may be your life long dream, but sometimes your dream can bite you and throw you off guard. Don't stress yourself out about letting loved ones down if your dream doesn't succeed. Just do your best because months down the line, you'll feel better about yourself. You find yourself. You discover a new dream, a dream that leaves you content and proud. You find a dream that makes you feel like all your efforts can make someone else's day happy. So just sit back, relax, and let life bring new color to your world.


You need to be willing to work hard, and have good reading and writing skills. There are a lot of different types of attorneys, so there is room for a lot of different types of people in the law. If I look back at my classmates, they ranged from quiet and studious to outgoing and social. Sometimes people think you have to talk a lot in order to be a lawyer, but that is because what they know of lawyers is what they see on TV - courtroom litigators. That is only a very tiny percentage of lawyers, so it is not really representative of what you need to be like. The top advice I would give myself and to others is having good work ethics!


Focus, time flies!!!! Don't get caught up in the "in-crowd" discover your cultural side, soak up as much as you can! TRAVEL ABROAD! And my new motto for life at 27 is "culture submersion".


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would stress the importance of good study behaviors and taking my classes seriously. In high school it was easy to do absolutely nothing and get all A's and B's, but in college it is a whole nother playing field. Professors aren't there to babysit you and you are not forced to be in college. Professors take their jobs seriously. Most of the time all professors want is for you to strive and succeed in what you do. I would also tell myself not to depend on myself for the outcome, but to rely on God. Matthew chapter six, verses thirty-three and thirty-four state the following, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." These verses have encouraged me throughout my last semester as a college freshman and it is encouragement I wish I had stumbled on previously. However, God's plan and timing will be glorified in the end.


First of all, I would have given myself the advise to slow down in life and seek the bumps along the road. Another advise I would have given myself is to have better listened to my Mother and Teachers in how getting prepared for life after high school was going to be my biggest challenge. As a Hispanic role model, I would have giving myself an advise of maintianing the preserverance, strong, and inspiring role model I had to my hipanic race. Also I would have given my self the advise of teaching my team mates the importance of being a leader in and outside the soccer field as well as to pay attention to the behavior, skills, and knowledge weare taught in high school . Most importantly, I would have given myself more advises that what I have explained above but it does not matter because it is in the past and the only way to really learn all the meanings in life at school, is by experiencing all of your good and bad decisions made within yourself. As Ralph Emerson said," What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


During the beginning of the semester I worried that I would not be able to handle college course. Luckily, I have completed all of my assignments as well as extra-credit. In addition, I have maintained a perfect attendance also. Yet, I am still experiencing a few problems in math, but I’m going to attend tutoring to improve it. Currently I am not staying on campus, but that did not stop me from meeting new people. Many of the students I met are very nice and polite. Though, I still spend more time with my old friends, whom I enjoy the most. There may have been a few times where I should have managed my time. I thought I could handle it, but instead I spent the whole night struggling to finish. Luckily I did complete them all. For this, I learned that college can be much easier when you manage your time well. Now that I know all the campus resources, I will use them to help me for my harder courses. In addition, I will talk with my math teacher to see how I am doing. In conclusion, I really enjoy college life at University of Memphis.


As I advance into my senior year, this question is particularly important to consider. My college experience has been a rewarding turn-around of events. I began my college experience many years before and have now come to a place through my University to feel confident in my ability to succeed. The college experience I encountered has motivated me to continue to pursue my interest and not to stop there. I have come into contact with many professors, interested in my success. I continue to nominate two specific professors who helped open my perceptions to many new concepts and ideas by simply being professional advocates for education to all interested students. I now have the confidence to pursue fields I never imagined I would pursue and continue to pursue education after recieving my Bachelors Degree. I have gotten an immense perspective of the importance of education to play a role in the world. It has been valuable to return to school, despite my circumstances to defeat my circumstances.


I have gained a great deal of responsibility and character academically and socially. I have enjoyed my experience here so much, I have recommended those graduating from high school to highly consider this institution. You will learn skills and academics for life, gain great friends, a chance to join different organizations and make a difference in communities, others lives and around the campus. I feel I've made a bit of difference here at this institution. now, its time for me to pass the torch down to those seeking to do the same.


I have found myself. I removed myself from everything that was familiar to me, and I thrived in my new environment. I find myself learning from instructors who are from different parts of the world, and who want me to succeed in learning the languages that they are teaching me. They try to make sure that every student they encounter learns, and it is because of that insistence that I was able to study abroad this summer in Bologna, Italy. As a foreign language major (triple concentration in French, Russian, and Italian), I believe that it is important for me to study abroad, and my university has ample amounts of programs from which students can choose. I intend to study abroad for an entire year, and my university is helping me along the way.


My college experience has allowed me exposure to a variety of relationships which I would otherwise have not been able to have. From meeting classmates from different backgrounds, to learning and absorbing information from professors with a diversity of experience and to learning about myself and disciplining my daily activity and studies in order to succeed in my classes and college life - all these experiences have been invaluable to me. These relationships and growth will stay with me forever and help me to further my college education and success in life. I look forward to completing my college education and making an impact on other people's lives as my professors have done for me. They have motivated, inspired and encouraged me to continue to learn, complete my college education and make a difference in this world.


I am currently a fresman at the University of Memphis. I have learned so much during my first semester of college. I have made several mistakes but they only have encourage me to work harder. My first couple of assignments I kind of played around and just turned them in without revision. Now I know that I must take everything serious and put in more time and dedication when it comes to doing my work. I have had some great professors and looking forward to meeting my other professors next semester. It has been valuable to attend the University of Memphis because the professors are on your side and is willing to help you make progress to the next stage. Before attending the University of Memphis I can say that I felt as if it was going to be very hard; Instead my college experience has been full of learning things I didn't pick up well in my previous years of school and being able to cope well with not only my professors but the students also.


I have gotten out alot from this experience. I have learned to not procrastinate anymore and value the time that I have for assignments that are due. I have also gained more knowledge about my major, Psychology, and I feel that when I graduate I will be ready to enter the workforce. I feel that the money is worth it to further my education. With the economy not getting any better and employers wanting people with degrees, it is neccessary that I take the steps to getting my bachelor's degree. It is only for the best.


Desiring Anything College has made me really become an open person. Before I was always so shy, now I can express myself without thinking I am going to be wrong. College helped to open my mind. I have learned so much and met many new friends. Attending college will help me get the job I want when I get out of college. If I earn a good education and make good grades, college can get me any where I want to go. I am very happy to have the access that I have to a great college and a wonderful education. Everyone desires to be someone great, with a great college and some effort anyone can become that someone.


I have only just embarked on my college journey, so I have not learned very much academically yet. However, I am learning new ways of thinking. There are different ways of looking at the same issue, and college is opening my eyes to that. Instead of approaching a problem with a one-sided view, it is more beneficial to look at the different aspects of an issue, and try to think abstractly. I also believe that I am forming lifelong bonds with my new friends and professors. I love meeting new people, and my friends and I help each grow intellectually and socially. College is also helping me learn more about myself, not only as a student, but as a person. College promotes personal growth through introspection and interaction with peers and faculty. It is valuable to attend college because it yields great results. It prepares you for future employment by teaching you the skills that you'll need to succeed in life. Besides employment, it helps you learn self-preservation, money management (living on a student's salary), and critical thinking. I definitely recommend college to everyone, though I know that it isn't always accesible due to money.


During my time as a college student I have not only learned many things in the classroom but I have also grown as a person . College has taught me to be a more responsible person. Attending college has been valuable to me in in many ways. It has helped me to grow as a person as well as helping me come closer to achieving my career goals. Every semester I spend in school gets me that much closer to becoming a teacher and helping children learn to love learning,.


knowledge of subject matter, industry trends and friends to find jobs with


One of my favorite aspects of attending college this semester has been the extra credit opportunity in my biology class. This extra credit program is called the Exotic Species Elimination Project (ESEP). It was started by my biology professor in an effort to remove non-native Russian Olive trees from native ecosystems. This is important because the Russian Olive trees are an invasive species and are harmful to the native environment and have "taken over" much of the land where other forage and trees used to grow. Before I participated in this project, I wasn't aware of the damage that these trees have done. I am now able to help my ecosystem by participating in this project with my community. Although I love the ESEP project, my favorite class is Hip Hop. I enjoy it the most because of my instructor, Susie She is the most energetic, fun loving, "go-get life" kind of person you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face and makes you walk out of class with a smile on yours. Susie has taught me how to dance, as well as, love life and give it your "all".


Becoming a University of Memphis Tiger has been and will continue to be an extraordinary experience! I came from California to Memphis not knowing anyone at the school or the city. However, right when I got here, it was not difficult to make friends. The people at the University of Memphis are so friendly and the teachers are extremely helpful. The University of Memphis gave me a different cultural perspective due to all the different types of people that attend. There are always different activities going on on campus and around campus. Coming to the University of Memphis has opened my eyes to the different cultures in the United States. Also, the University of Memphis taught me school spirit... Go Memphis Tigers!


My college experience has changed me completely. I have been brought out of my shell, and am no longer the shy and quiet girl I used to be. College has forced me to be more assertive and outgoing, as well as more independent. I have benefited greatly from the friends I have made and the risks I have taken, things I would never have experienced in high school. I believe college has changed me as a person for the better and will continue to do so up through my graduation.


Attending school at Memphis is one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have traveled to the TN capitol for class and learned more than ever in all of my social work classes. I have a greater compassion for people than I imagined I had. Through the well-experienced teachers I have been put on a path of education, understanding, and great success in a career of social work. I will be able to make a difference in the world by making a difference in the lives of underprivilaged children in foster care and state custody. The University of Memphis' diverse student population has widened my view of the world and people and I am grateful for the amazing opportunites I have been given here.


My entire educational experience thus far has reflected my desire to find my true strengths in a useful way to society. College was a while ago, but I gained so much knowledge about my core strengths. I attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign the first two years of college, and completed my undergraduate at the University of Memphis. My Illinois experience taught me about the areas I needed to improve upon in caring for myself- from eating pizza and fries to including some vegetables, from staying up all night studying for an exam to planning out my studying, from 'dropping everything' for a relationship to balancing our interactions with school, and, most importantly, from hanging out in pajamas with floormates to developing a deep love for friends. From a U of I Bioenginnering Major to taking art classes and graduating with Psychology at University of Memphis. For many years afterwards, I felt shame in having taken the "easier route", but as I developed myself in work and school, I have realized the route I took in my early 20's was actually me following my heart. Now, I cannot imagine a different career or life, and I love it!


I have gotten quite a bit out of my college experience. First, I have gotten more in-depth learning from classes that I had in high school. I have taken some classes that have broaden my learning experience like Philosophy. I also joined a student support services program where I have a counselor that voluntarily keeps track of my progress in class and that I can talk to about personal things. This program also provide tutoring for academically struggling students in classes such as english, math, and science. Also, student support services provides financial aid help in the form of scholarships that you have to reapply each year. The scholarship is in essay form. To me, it has been valuable to attend the University of Memphis because this campus has strong support that help bring out my social life and staff to help me make decisions to help future my career.


What I have recieved from my college experience is a long list of knowledge, an abundance of friends, and many future goals. From the start of college I quickly learned that being neat and prepared was the best bet to be succesful in college. Never be scared to ask for help in college because the more you struggle on one subject the harder it is to pass. college has also made me socially a better person. The longer i attended college the more goals I seemed to have, as I attended I only had one dream in mind; that goal quickly turned into several. If someone were to ask me "would it be smart to skip an eduacation?" I would definately say no because college simply makes you a more rounded person.


I have received many benefits attending college: More knowledge, better career opportunities for my future. A chance to make a difference in the world. I have become much more educated. College is nothing compared to what i thought it would be. It is great. The teachers are amazing, the staff is easy going and understandable. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I am very happy in my decision in attending college. I plan to transfer to a University to get my bachelor degree in Medical Office Specialist. College has motivated and inspired me to keep going. My future will be a great one.


My college experience has taught me alot. Throughout my life I have always searched for short-cuts and the easy way out of situations. That is not always the best decison to make. College has taught me that sometimes you have to sit through the hard times to get to the good times. Working hard and being persistent pays off.


Hello, my name is Christian Paola Alvarez Sanchez, and I am currently a student at Phoenix College. I am in United States along with my younger sister, who is also attending school.My parents are working and residing in the country of Mexico, and the way that they can support us are presented by the costs in the U.S. I also have family in Phoenix, AZ that in the same way support us financially and help us in everything that we are in need. Attending school everyday is something that I think will help me out in future projects. Over the next four years, my plan is to study and complete all four years of college and achieve my career as an Interior Designer. My priority before devoting and study everything about interior designing, is to completely learn English, which is my second language. . Since I decide to come and expand my education here in Phoenix, AZ., I had to re-do all my senior year in high school at Phoenix Job Corps Center and receive my diploma from here, the United States, and most importantly to obtain literacy in English.


The number one thing I have learned from my college experience is patients and the will to do what seems impossible. The chance to learn new technique for acting and being able to create friendship that will last has been invaluable. Support from not only from my classmates but also from the teachers and department heads has been something that has helped with my education greatly.