University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


All of them relate to sports so I don't partake in them.


The school has very prevalent greek life, school spirit (especially for footbal games), outdoor and environmental support, as well as pretty prestigious studies, even though not always the best follow-through.


Athletics, Academics


The University of Michigan is best known for many things depending on who you ask. If you ask a non-student, they may say that Michigan is best kown for its sports, or its academics. But on the other hand, if you ask a student, Michigan is best known for the hundreds of opportunities made avaliable to the students, and the many resources that are there to help everyone through their college career.


My school is best known for it's immense school spirit, which makes me proud.


My school is best known for being one of the best college towns, for its amazing football and basketball teams (the Wolverines), for having some of the top ranked hospitals in the country, for its highly renown schools in areas such as business, education, medical, and engineering, as well as for its emphasis on arts and activism. Additionally, Madonna, Lucy Liu, and former president Gerald Ford each attended the University.


Although you probably first saw Michigan's block M on the football field or basketball court, the University of Michigan is recognized globally as a leading research institution and one of the largest and most complete public universities. University of Michigan has an enormous student body that fills its famous Big House and the infrastructure to provide any experience to its students; UMich boasts expert professors in every field and a worldwide presence that leads to study abroad, internship, and a multitude of other opportunities. UMich is known as a truly comprehensive college experience including elite athletics, arts, and academics.


I believe U of M is best known for its qulaity education, research driven atmosphere and great location.


Big Ten Football and high academic standards and funded research.


Its research is unparalleled and thus there are many opportunities for students to work with top members of basically any field. The campus is amazing and can engage any type of student in many different ways. There are many cultural events, sports events and student groups.


Football, academics, extra curricular activities and programs


The high level of education that is achieved at the school no matter what your degree pursuit is. The school community is diverse and the exposure to many cultural backgrounds is exciting. With the exposure to all of these elements, the networking opportunities are abundant. The U of M alumni are a well established link in the working world.


It's best known for its rigorous classes that pushes students past their limits to achieve valuable and long lasting knowledge.


University of Michigan is known for the Ross School of Business, one of the most elite and competitive business schools in the country. Michigan students, whether in Ross or simply in the LS&A school are persistant and hardworking in every task they complete. They know how to work hard, yet also have fun through various philanthropic organizations and social events.


The University of Michigan promotes diversity like no other school I've seen before. Our catchphrase, "The Michigan Difference" refers to variety of cultures, backgrounds, and personalities that have all been mixed together in the city of Ann Arbor. Sitting in class, or walking down the street, one hears different accents, languages, and viewpoints. There are no exlusions at the University and that is something that makes Michigan truly amazing.


Michigan is really well known for its research. It also has a great business school and a fantastic engineering program. There are so many opportunities here. Plus the professors here are about as good as they come.


My school is best known for its academic programs and research.


Football, and academics


Other than great school spirit and football team support, Michigan is best known for it's high quality education and liberal atmosphere. The campus is full of open minded students and some of the leading experts in important fields like science and politics. Students in Ann Arbor are fiercely proud of their school and the environment the university and Ann Arbor creates. The student body is united in intelligence and acceptance of diversity and that is what makes it a fantastic place to learn.


The University is known for top-ranked academic programs, and some of the best musical organizations in the world; U of M's Symphony Band and Marching Band are some of the best in their respective fields.


Football! And an academically rigorous public school education.


Michigan is best known for being the state of Michigan's best public university and producing high quality minds to benefit the world. We're also noted for our football team.


It's known for the Ross Business school, but also for the general environment of a safet campus and a prestigious center for intellectual growth.


U of M is best known for providing a high caliber education comparable to those from the top institutions across the world with the affordability offered by a public university. As the "leaders and the best," Michigan offers top programs in numerous fields, and also offers flexibility to pursue a dual-degree or explore many different disciplines while deciding which major fits best.




Hillsdale College is best known for its fairly conservative atmosphere in the realms of economics, politics, and religion. Conservative speakers from around the United States gather for speaking engagements on campus. The College is also well known for not accepting federal aid, but providing students with comparable or greater aid through private donations. Thus, the College's network of alumni and supporters remains very strong despite the recent economic recession.


Football, medicine, and hippies.


The University of Michigan is best known for their faculty which make it a prestigious school. The faculty is always at the forefront of research projects making breakthroughs in all fields. Associating with the faculty here means working with the best around the world. Knowing that work here makes a difference around the world motivates students to do their best and achieve their potential. The faculty here collaborates with leaders around the world and helps make connections to develop a better world from bridging cultural gaps to medicinal breakthroughs. The faculty here are the best in their fields.


The University of Michigan is known for its excellent academics as well as extra curricular activities. All of our programs rank among the highest in the country, from the engineering and business schools in the classroom, to our football team on the field. The University of Michigan is very tough, but it is why we are known as the leaders and the best and why Michigan is worth every penny.


My school is best known for its high degree of academic credibility, as well as its medical system. The University of Michigan Health System is one of the leading health sytems in the entire world, and draws in students, faculty, and patients from around the world. Not only is it known for its medical campus, but has amazing programs available in almost every field. Just a few of these areas of study are music, architecture, preformance, engineering, social sciences, business, nursing, dentistry, and english. Each of theses fields provide the best experience possible.


A combination of great academic and athletic tradition and the ability to enrich yourself.


My school is best known for the rigorous classes and the top-rated professors in their fields. It is amazing to walk into a lecture and know you have one of the best researchers in the world and he or she will be teaching you. One of the other great aspects of Michigan is the sports program. The students are so dedicated and spirited that any type of sporting event is very fun.


Football!!!! Aerospace Engineering and some other majors. They rank very high in the world.


The University of Michigan is best known for it's research and diversity.


our school is best known for its Ag. program and it's nursing program.


Blue and Maize.


Our school is best known for having an excellent academic program, as well as athletic and artistic program. Not only have we produced famous lawyers and politicians, such as President Ford, but we have also produced famous athletes, like Tom Brady, and famous actors like James Earl Jones and Madonna. We can say that our celebrities who went here not only had talent, but received an excellent education. And our football team used to be great.


My school focuses on research and careers. It is known for its medical school, pharmacy school, business school, and other graduate schools.


The pre professional programs.


Aside from being academically prestigious, definitely football. Everyone loves football Saturdays, and the school spirit revolves mainly around Michigan football games.


Michigan is best known for the incredible combination of athletics and academics that its students excell in year after year. In many cases, universities will excell at ome and the other will fall by the wayside. At Michigan, excellence is both expected and achieved in both.




Our school is best known for its research and its history in football.


Michigan is best known for Big 10 Football and it's academic standards. Soem call it the Harvard of the Midwest. The medical school is one of the best in the country as is the business school. My program, Musical Theatre, is well-reputed in the theatre world and highly competitive.


I wish I could say its great academics, because Michigan has many programs ranked in the top 10 in both undergraduate and graduate studies, however the University of Michigan is best known for its football program.


Great academics and a world known football team


The University of Michigan is known for its football and diversity. There are students or many cultural backgrounds with many different views. Our sports programs are mostly prestigous.


Academics and football


The University of Michigan is best known for Ross Business School, the engineering program, the medical school, the dental school and the law school. All of these schools or programs are top ranked in the country and the world.


Michigan Wolverine Football