University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


One of the things I like to brag about to my friends is that the University of Michigan has some very good dining halls. Many of my friends from high school attended small schools that only have one or two dining locations on campus with limited selections. The University of Michigan has over seven dining hall with a wide range of options so I rarely get fed up with the food on campus.


I brag about the fact that the University of Michigan has the most school spirit, a great atmosphere, and that it is a school big enough to allow everyone to do exactly what they want.


How awesomely fun yet totally academically driven the school is. It is probably the one of the smartest of all the states schools


The cultural activites available. I'm heavily involved in theatre.


I talk about how beautiful campus is, how great the academic programs are, and how challenging the courses are. I also talk about the great Christian groups on campus.


There's something for everyone at my school. That is, it's so inclusive, no matter race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or career path. Even though the demographics may not make it seem inclusive, everyone who attends University of Michigan fits into some group. My friends from high school all attend colleges that are geared more towards specific programs, while my college is big on the sciences, the arts, and the sports.


U of M breeds success. While attending UM I've developed a sense of graditude, I am capable of giving credit and honor when it is due. I know how to accept my failures and mold them into success stories. I read everyday and it's not chore, I truly enjoy it. UM Allows you to set goals and develop life plans based on what you truly enjoy. A UM student is continously learning and because of that we are all willing to embrace change.


We have the best programs out there.


I always tell my friends that did not attend Michigan how much they missed out on the diversity the school has to offer. For having such a large population, the campus is relatively small, forcing you to interact with a wide range of people. You will definitely find a social group or two to blend with and possibly discover activities you hadn't even considered. Plus, we have some of the best restaurants Michigan has to offer!


I usually brag to my friends about my experiences outside of actual class. Though Michigan is a large school, it's student population is very diverse and a wide variety of extracurricular activities are available. In particular, I have enjoyed going to classical music concerts, attending cultural events, and leading bible study. The concerts constantly remind me why I love playing violin so much, the cultural events allow me to become more familiar with a wide variety of ethnic groups, and leading bible study helps learn how to continue being involved in church as well as lead discussions.


Everything! I can't choose just one thing! I always brag about the University of Michigan! I brag about the academics, the interactions between students and professors, our top-notch facilities, the culture, the free events that are held everyday, athletics, the music & theater events! Everything is worth bragging about!


There is never a dull moment at U-M. There are so many activities and clubs to get involved with that anyone can find their own niche. Take a break from late night studying and hit up Fleetwood Diner and get some hippy hash (food) to energize you to finish your homework.


It would definitely be the surroundings of the campus. The structure of the campus is gorgeous and the campus is around really neat stuff. For example, five minutes from where I live there is this forest-type of place and it is amazing. The view and the feeling you get from walking there or running there is relaxing. When you run in there all the troubles you have seem to go away and you are at ease. The surroundings of the campus are definitely worth bragging about to my friends who attend school in a city-based atmosphere.


Business, Law, Pre-med, and Engineering schools are all top class. The rest of the schools are amazing and well developed. Our school spirit is seen wide throughout the campus, and all of the football games are always a good time.


I brag most about the quality of the school, getting to watch Michigan football and the amazing access to professors I have.


The opportunities I am getting academically and socially for the money I am paying. I have experienced things at this school that I did not even dream of and my professors and counselors have also helped me figure out my goals and helped me work towards them


I love the size of the campus and the atmosphere of it overall. It is truly a great place to learn. The fact that I am graduating from here will definitely help me in my future endeavors. You really don't realize how good of a school it is until you are here.


The education may be difficult, but in the end it's all worth it. The university makes the classes tough to find the leaders and the best.


Best Preparation for future - jobs or graduate school. Varsity Sports. Campus environment. Downtown area.


I brag to my friends about the prestige of my school and the closeness of the campus. The University of Michigan is a great educational institution as well as a large school. The people make Ann arbor a nice inviting place to live, making the transition away from home easier. The city of Ann Arbor facilitates student life and everything is within walking distance. Even though there are massive amounts of people walking, its got a very small town closeness to it. Its a comfortable place to begin your adult life.


I received the best health care at the University of Michigan that I have ever had in my life. The outpatient clinic was staffed by a Nurse Practitioner who would call and check on me to see if I was still sick. I had numerous respiratory infections and female/reproductive issues that she was very personable in treating as well as getting me educational materials to maintain my health.


My job working in a faculty led lab, as well as the amount I'm learning in my classes. The prestige of my school is enough in its self to commend bragging rights.


The thing I brag about with my school is that we have many ideas and activities for all students and teachers. The professors are great and they will help you in any way that they can.


A walk across the University of Michigan campus is an absorbing experience. The atmosphere is palpable, rich with the spirit of potential, the heritage of past achievements, and the vitality of inquiry and discovery. The University of Michigan holds the promise of a different life: A sophomore discovers Thoreau and Woolf. A research scientist identifies a critical gene. A heart patient lives longer and better. An artist creates unforeseen beauty. A professor hones a revolutionary theory. An athlete achieves a championship dream. Students have the opportunity to explore, excel, and achieve more here than they would have thought imaginable.


When I tell my friends that I attend the University of Michigan I know that I am getting a great education. Anyone who attends this school knows that we have the top-ranked professors in the world. They have so much passion for their topics that it cannot help but be passed along to the students.


High academic standards


All the students at UofM are very focused on their schoolwork and they take their classes very seriously. Students at UofM have problems adjusting at first, but there is such a welcoming and helpful environment that everyone is happy to call it their school and their home for 4+ years.


I brag about the academic rigor here, the research, the resources we have.


I brag about a lot of things when I talk about my school to my friends. But I think I brag most about the wonderful community here. University of Michigan is a large school, but I can't walk across campus without running into at least one person that I know, usually more. I have three groups of friends here, but they all overlap with each other, through lots of interesting connections, classes and activities. I always feel warm and welcome on campus, even on the worst of days, and even in all of the bad weather in Michigan.


Our atheletics are great. There is a really good social environment and balance between work and other activities. On-campus housing builds great communities. The area around campus is full of fun things to do. The overall academic environment is amazing, we have some of the best in their fields as professors and alumni and our name is often in the news for breakthroughs and new discoveries.


How welcoming and beautiful the campus is.


Many believe that all we do is study. Such lies! We study hard, yet we play hard too! Sports we are top-notch, academics we are number one, and in aiding the community and around the world... we try our best! Weekends are not spent studying all the time... it's time to participate and join in on the fun that the Greek system offers, watch musical productions, listen to talented musicians perform live, visit museums, and just have fun with friends! Great fun great friends, great academics... I am proud to call myself a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!!


The amazing academics that we are known for. I tell them our school ranking and explain to them how truly difficult it is to, not only get it, but to stay in.


The acedemics as well as the rich football history. I also tell them about what there is to do in school as well as outside of school


My school is a top 25 rank in the nation. It is an amazing school academically as well as athletically. The type of students that attend the University of Michigan are the leaders and the best. They are the type of people that are going places in their life. It's an amazing school and I absolutley love everything about it.


I have the longest summer out of any of them. Alcohol is free at parties at U of M, you are always the guest :).


It's a big school, so there are many, many different extra-curricular activities and ways to get involved on campus. The motto at Michigan is "work hard, play hard." The students are very motivated academically, but they also love to have fun. Also, the school spirit is remarkable.


I tell them that there is so much to do when you are not in class. There are so many opportunities to get involved. Also there is so much school spirit. It is really fun to go to school here, but you will work very hard. You will have a lot of work to do, but it is worth it.


We have the best school spirit and football team and education.


Its a great education regardless of the competition and fast pace. Its considered much more advanced academically than most schools.


The school spirit and atmosphere at U of M is awesome! There is always something exciting to do. U of M is the place to party hard, but also study hard. We are a prestigious university.


it's one of the best and well known schools in the world and michael phelps went to my school


The football team, the activities, the academics.


Awesome academics, great sports teams, Ann Arbor is filled with things to do.


The strong community links schoolmates and alumni as one huge family.


The high rankings.


Not only are we sports driven, we are academically driven as well.


Football, and how amazing the engineering school is.


The strong academic program; that I will have a high paying job when I graduate


I will find a better job sooner. Football is amazing (prior to 2008).