University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My school is a large university with students in many areas of study. In that way, the school is diverse. However, the university is quite limited in its racial diversity. Though the international students are very present on campus, the school's overall population is made up of over 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white students. This was disappointing to me, since I expected more visual diversity from such a large campus. Thankfully, student organizations around campus do a great job of throwing events to raise cultural awareness and education of peoples from around the world.


The worst part of my school is how many students on campus will continually boast about how superior the University of Micigan is in comparison to other schools. While I do believe we have some highly ranked programs, I don't agree with the students who find the need to shove it in front of other people's faces all the time. Having school pride is great; but that does not mean we need to belittle other students and assert our so called "superiority" over them. Other people should be allowed to love their school without another group's influence.


My first year of college was difficult. I started the year bumpy. Trying to understand who I was made things so complicated. I did not want the choices of the past to affect my future. It’s strange grasping the idea that the person I was before is not the person I am now. Michigan is a phenomenal school with amazing people and a diverse culture. However, it my be the most competitive and outrageously difficult thing I have ever experienced. There is so much going on at once and without money things can be difficult.


It's a very large school, and sometimes I get caught up in my own little bubble of friends. Sometimes I wish it was easier to get to know more people across campus from different backgrounds and cultures.


For me, the worst thing about coming to school here is being so far from home. This doesn't apply to everyone, obviously, but being a 6 hour flight from home all the time after spending my entire life there was a big change, and usually not a fun one for me. I wished many times that I could go visit home on weekends like some of the more local students here. I still firmly believe I made the right choice of school, but being so far from home is certainly not fun.


Everything is up to you. This is a wonderful opportunity, but it is also a problem with attending such a large school. Michigan has a niche for everyone, academically, extra-curricularly, and socially, but, to find your niche, you must actively pursue your interests and likeminded individuals. Academically, there are many options you must explore and yet quickly choose a direction. There are as many extra-curricular options as academic, which can bolster one's experience. Finally, finding a social group is difficult, but being actively involed in the aforementioned extra-curriculars can lead to a strong group of friends.


The cost to attend. It's not as if the tuition is extremely high, but coupled with the high off campus housing rates, attending U of M definitely requires a significant amount of money.


The University of Michigan is a wonderful school with an amazing campus and amazing students to match. At the same time, those can be the worst things about the school. With so many students on a big campus it’s easy to feel like another face. This fact being, it’s important for anyone at the University of Michigan to find their place, their community, where they can avoid a sense of mediocrity. This can make a big school a little less intimidating by helping us recognize that we’re all unique and not just another face in the crowd.


The worst thing about Michigan was the lack of pushing to use the resources. If you knew what was available, it was easy to take advantage, but if you didn't actively seek them out they would be easy to miss. I wish there was more mentoring or reminders about what resources are available so they would be more accessible to those who needed them.


The worst thing about my school is that it is really hard to get involved in extracrurricular activities. It is harder to find a place to fit in, which is definately overwhelming as a freshman, but is earier to adjust to over time.


The worst thing about UM-Ann Arbor is the lack of initial guidance for students. When I first arrived as an undergraduate student, I did not have an assigned advisor, and I felt a bit lost. It was not until my junior year, when a fellow student recommended her personal advisor, that I finally felt like I had a guide to help navigate my coursework. In such a large school with so many avenues to pursue, guidance to young students is key and I wished for more.


Self Segregation between races


The worst thing I consider about my school is the cost of tuition, which focuses on funding the pay checks of school executives more so than it ever will on educational programs.


Large lecture classes are unavoidable, especially as a freshman. It may be difficult to get into the habit of starting good relationships with professors because it's so easy to be lost in the crowd.


The worst thing about my school is how far away from home it is. I get homesick a lot.


There's sometimes an air of smug superiority here that annoys me, and it follows a divide between people who are very career and success driven and people who are more enjoying the experience.


Very little financial aid. Money is important.


I honestly can't think of the worst thing about my campus. I truly love everything about it. I did have to live on a seperate campus freshman year that was about a 15 minute bus ride away, which has been the worst part of my experience here. But each year I have come to love the school more and more and now that it is time to graduate I don't want to leave!


The worst about my school is that the transportation system is often difficult to deal with. Being an engineer, I live on Northern campus of Michigan. Since my humanities classes are on Central campus, however, I must regularly commute to Central campus using the school bus system. Even though the bus system runs at regular intervals on weekdays, the buses are often quite crowded when they arrive, especially later in the morning and afternoon. I thus am often forced to wait for another bus, and often end up later to class than I woud like.


Since the University of Michigan is such a huge school I feel that sometimes they forget to help out some students. For example, I have been the victim of a lack of help with finances from the financial aid office. This is one of the problems with going to a big college.


The thing I find problematic about the University of Michigan is the bus system. Although there is a convienience in the buses traveling between campuses it is still annoying because the drivers are not consistent in there time.


Other than the five months of snow, most of the things about Michigan are good. Sometimes it feels like the administrators and university personnel (not the professors and teachers) do not consider the desires and needs of the students very much. It is easy to feel as if the university is being run like a business, without regard for what is best for the students. This is unfortunate because it often pits students and administrators against each other and the students usually lose the battle.


To be honest the only problem I have with U-M is the lack of parking. However it is incredibly easy to get around Ann Arbor as there are plenty of modes of transportation including a bus that specifically runs around campus until the early morning hours.


The worst thing is that because the school is so large, there are some aspects of campus you will never fully experience. There are also some people that you could possibly never meet and that is an opportunity missed.


High tuition cost for out-of-state students. It is very difficult to pay for school as a non-resident with the lack of scholarship money and the poor economy. It was clearly stated that there is not enough scholarship money available to cover even the need-based funding requirements of out-of-state students.


The cost of attendance is way too high.


Many classes are designed to weed students out of pre-medical, pre-law, and other similar competitive career tracks. Unfortuanatly, this hurts students who are not as competitive and forces everyone to temporarily memorize material instead of understand and internalize ideas.


cold winters


The worst thing about my school id the size. We have thousands of students so it can be difficult to get individualized assistance from professors and GSIs. It is possible to get the "large campus" feel from a school with less than 10,000 people. Having more than 10,000 can be taxing, expecially at the beginning of each semester when there are huge line at the book and campus supply stores.


It's hard for academic advisors to give you alot of attention because there are so many students.


I think the worst thing is the lack of students who come from poor or lower middle class families. It seems like most of the students who go here are from wealthy families and have no financial troubles whatsoever.


The dorms could be nicer. Some bathrooms are in terrible condition, and some dining halls need to improve the quality of their. food


I do not like how the professors are not helpful. I lost my father towards the end of the term and all of my professors told me to withdraw which would mean losing all of the money I paid for the term and I would be behind a whole year. I toughed it out and ended with a 3.9 in the hardest semester of our 4 year nursing program. I would have liked some support from the faculty but am happy that I had enough strength within myself and with my friends to finish.


Ann Arbor housing is expensive and recently lots of robberies.




The worst quality of my college would have to be the overabundant opportunties that are available. Sometimes students tend to become so caught up in the wide array of extracurricular programs that they lose sight in what truly interest them. For example, if a student is a member of several groups, they may not be able to devote a large amount of time in one particular group in which they could make a difference. This flaw most definitely be eliminated by simply limiting the amount of activites one takes part in so that they are able to make significant contributions.


I think the competitive level really puts a strain on social organizations. So many employers are seeking 'leaders' and motivated people, and it sometimes becomes really hard to become part of organizations. So many people are interested and especially for clubs where auditions are necessary, chances are, if you aren't top notch, you probably will be rejected.


There are many bad things about my school. From the bad cafeteria food and loud dormatories to the excessive price of tuition and housing. My least favorite aspect is the size of the classes and availability of the professors. It is almost impossible to build a personal relationship with a professor. They put their own work first and then their teaching second. All small classes are led by a graduate student.


Hard to think of the worst thing about this school! I love it! But, if I have to come up with something, it would be the difficulty of the introductory classes. As a freshman, all I take is the introductory classes, also known as the weeder classes! They are packed with information and move so fast! Although they are said to be introductory courses, the students that usually do the best are the ones with background knowledge and experience in the course.


That you can get lost amid all of the people, and frequently get confused about all of the available resources. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, and choosing one or two resources may become a struggle instead of a source of aid.




The wort thing about my schoo is trying to register for classes. It can be very stressful. Everything is done online which is nice, but it can be difficult tryng to get into some classes because they are full.


my beset advice for students is to go to class everyday and stay on top of your homework so it doesn't pile up and stress you out and most importentenly pick a major that turly interest you so it will be more fun to go to the classes.


The price. The reason University of Michigan was not my first choice was because of the price. They offer finacial aid but due to the current economical state Michigan is in, a lot of our funding has been stripped from us.


The Introductory courses tend to have very large class sizes; therefore, it's very hard to get to know the teachers and your fellow classmates.


housing is costly


Sometimes the class sizes are far too large to get to know your professor well. Also, the faculty are hired based on their degree and published works rather than ability to teach.


Everyone's a little arrogent and self-centered.


The worst thing about the school is probably the strict rules and regulations when living in the dorms.


The University of Michigan needs to offer a greater number of merit-based scholarships that extend beyond the freshman year, and are not specific to a certain major.