University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The best aspect of UofM is ANYONE will fit right in. There is a niche for every type of person; quiet, loud, sporty, nerdy, etc.


Free, open and hard-working individuals.


An upper middle class or high class student who does not need to work to support their tuition costs. Outgoing, well learned in politics. Passionate about their education, as anything less will receive a failing grade.


If one is planning to attend the University of Michigan s/he needs to be self-driven. The University of Michigan is full of opportunities, but they are not handed out, a student has to pursue opportunity and take advantage of campus resources. In addition to being self-motivated the student must be well rounded. Academics are important to students and faculty here, but social balance is also important. With so many extra-curriculars and clubs a student is encouraged to get involved in more than his/her classes because the University of Michigan looks for the leaders and best.


Somebody who is committed to working as hard as they can, while also creating some of the best memories of their life. The University of Michigan is without a doubt the number one school for those with the mentality of "work hard, play hard."


Any one who is looking for a well rounded education from a public school, escpecially if you are from michigan.


If you are interested in a wide variety of subjects, want to be socially active, and are passionate, then you should attend U of M.


The type of person who will thrive best at a school like Michigan is someone who is willing to put themselves out-there and take initiative to make friends and get involved without much help.


Someone who wants to have a good balance of a social life, academia, school pride, and doesn't mind staying indoors due to the harsh weather. If you want a true college experience where the town also revolves around it, this is the place to be.


There are many attributes that could describe a student who is a good fit for the University of Michigan. Open-mindedness, and a willingness to try new things are essential at Michigan because of the many opportunities avaliable for students. A person with a passion for learning, not just academic but also towards life experience, is also a great fit at Michigan.


A person with a lot of social skills. This school is not only a universtiy, it is an entire comunity of individuals that are constantly engaged in one anothers lives.


Hard working student who strives off competition.


A person willing to dedicate themselves (300{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}+) to their choosen field of work. A person who is willing to listen and step outside their personal comfort zones. A person that is prepared to leave U of M as a cultured, and universally awared person. A person who can get back up after falling (failing) and can return to their work with renewed vigor. A person willing to have their beliefs, values, and judgements questioned in order to make you a better person, that can stand up and speak for yourself.


Someone interested in a large, diverse student body, and an idyllic American university atmosphere would be very content at University of Michigan. The faculty, on average, is genuinely interested in opening discussions with their students, as opposed to just lecturing them. There are countless extracurriculars to become involved with, which make the populous student body feel more intimate.


Someone who enjoys a lot of extra curriculars, good academics and a fun social scene. Also someone who enjoys football.


Anyone interrested in the engineering field


The University of Michigan is a very competitive university, but it would be impossible to narrow down a universal "type" of student who should attend U of M. This is primarily because there are people from every possible background on campus with completely different aspirations and hobbies. However, it is important that students looking to attend this university are willing to branch out and meet new people, whether it be through Greek life, clubs, sports, or other activities. The work load is rigorous but never impossible and driven students here are very likely to continue on toward bright futures.


This university has a niche for everyone. If you are ambitous and intelligent, regardless of creed, intrests, or background, you will soon find that you belong here -- it is the home you never knew existed.




There is no specific kind of person who should attend the University of Michigan, and that is an important reason of why it is so successful. The diverstiy offered in Ann Arbor is simply unparalled at other universities across the nation. Students of all kinds of ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, and walks of life create a vibrant, multifaceted student body. In other words, any student who embraces this diversity will fit in perfectly at the University of Michigan. There are no students who "should" attend the University of Michigan, just students who will.


There is no one type of student who should attend the University of Michigan. I have met so many different types of people. There is something here for everybody. Its a place to express yourself and find people like you. If you want, you can re-invent yourself. I think the key is to keep your eye on the goal, which is education. As long as you stay focused, you should be fine.


An academically strong student who appreciates the symbiotic relationship between learning and community. A student at the University of Michigan is interested in the arts, in interconnectedness, in sports, in friends, in research, in schoolwork, in his or her career, in personal development, and in life-changing opportunities. The University of Michigan is a fantastic place for any student to find his or her unique voice.


A person looking for an entirely unique college experience. What ever you imagine the Michigan experience as, I garuntee it will be completely different. Michigan is a great place for those not afraid to make new friends every day.


The University of Michigan is a very diverse and accepting atmosphere. I believe that any person who aspires to go to the University of Michigan should indubitably attend, because each and every person can have their own affect on the learning environment here. There is no single "type" of person that should attend, simply because each person, no matter what your personality or learning styles are, can have their own amazing and lasting affect on the University of Michigan and it's student body.


Really focused hard workers will do well at this school. This is not a joke. You really have to work hard in order to get good grades. The classes are large and professors hard to meet for officer hours. Work hard and you will probably do well.


Anyone who is interested in a big school experience. It is a great place to meet tons of different people, but it is also very academically oriented. It is the school to go to if you want a great education, to meet people from all over the world, and have fun. The school spirit is unbelievable so it is definitely the place to go for school pride.


A person who enjoys lots of social events, yet has a strong focus on academics. Most students here are very driven and tend to leave and become successful in the real world due to earning a great degree and being able to make connections while on campus. Research is also strongly emphasized, so students are able to get real life experience before graduating.


Some one who is open minded. Someone who is willing to work hard. Someone with broad interests. And someone who does not mind snow and cold weather.


Someone who is self-motivated and eager to learn. Only this kind of person will make full use of the opportunities afforded them here.


I actually think that Michigan could be for anyone. There are amazing programs for almost any concentration in the school, and for those who don't want a large school environment, there are many opportunities to take classes with smaller numbers. For a big school, we give off a small school feel with our tight community. I would only say that someone coming to Michigan has to be ready to put themselves out there and be friendly.


A person that attends the University of Michigan should be willing to accept diversity, be eager to work hard, and be prepared for a large student body.


Students who are committed to excellence and willing to be challenged academically should attend the University of Michigan. Michigan is known for spirited students and rigorous programs. The University of Michigan consistently ranks in the top fifty schools in the nation and is the top school in Michigan. Its graduates go on to become actors, politicians, journalists, teachers, athletes, entrepreneurs and CEOs, and the movers and shakers of this world. If you attend the University of Michigan, prepare to be among 'the Leaders and Best'.


Some one who has a thirst for knowledge, who wants to get more than just a degree. Someone who's willing to put a lot of effort, time and dedication to what they are doing. And definitely someone who wants more than academics and wants to be involved in the community. There are just so many opportunities here.


A person that is determined, with a set goal in mind. A person that can handle a challenge, and will never give up.


Anyone can attend this school if they are focused, motivated, and determined to make a difference.


smart and motivated


Though U of M has been a challenge , I believe it is worth the work. Students that are not willing to work hard and stay focus on their classes will find it very difficult to be successful here.


People that are able to adapt to environments easily would definitely succeed at Michigan. Ann Arbor is a relatively big city with a lot of students. Adaptation to the change in place is key in success. Also a student should be focused on their academics. The classes here are challenging but you learn so much from the world class professors and faculty. Lastly a student needs to be able to manage all of their responsibilities, whether it be a job, classes, social life or anything else that they want to participate in.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is will to forcus and work hard. Good study habits would be needed to attend this university. The person should be open to diversity and other opinions too.


Anyone, because the school offers something for everyone!


A dedicated learner who is willing to explore interests outside of their concentration


A person must be intelligent and independent to keep up with the fast pace of the school. Also, people who are involved in activities tend to find their place within the school better.


Someone at least somewhat academically who doesn't mind the cold, and doesn't mind taking buses for the first year. Must be ok with tons of people around. I like this aspect since I feel there is a group for everyone.


Any hard-working individual who desires a quality and diverse education should attend the University of MIchigan.


People who are driven to succeed and can juggle very demanding schedules.


Anyone. Any person of any color, ethnicity, religion, social class or high school stereotype will find their niche at U of M. It's the perfect school if you're into sports, and the perfect school if you're into undiscovered indie bands. The academic programs are top-ranked nationwide, and you can expect success whether you're majoring in music, engineering, business or French. No matter who you are, what you like or where you came from, at U of M you will inevitably find your place and your people.


There's room here for everyone!


liberal people, conservatives as long as their open minded, althetic scholars, people who have good study habbits, goal oriented people, people who want to attend a big culturally diverse school, people who like city life mixed with any type of social life you could dream of, researchers, business people, liberal arts


Definitely someone who can handle academic pressure, but you probably won't apply if you can't. High achievers should be here, people who are driven and want to suceed.


Anyone who wants to make something out of themselves and is willing to work for it.