University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


To be a wolverine one must be a fighter. For whoever may be considering the University of Michigan be prepared to brawl for everything you want. If having an easy experience and hanging with friends every weekend is what you want from school, do not choose Michigan. Everyone and everything is brutal. You get what you work for and even then it can be unfair. If studying during the weekends and pulling all nighters is not your style, I would strongly encourage a different University. However, if this sound like your kind of place, we welcome everyone.


If you are not going to be completely devoted to your classes and your workload, you are not going to succeed at this university.


Someone who is highly dependent and has social anxiety should not attend the University of Michigan. With such a large campus the social interaction can seem exhausting to those who are not used to that might find it overwhelming. Students who also do not find themselves to be independent will not have a positive experience at the University of Michigan. Being able to self-manage is essential for success, in both a social and academic sense. No one is here to force you to go to class or go out and join clubs, putting the responsibility on the student.


Someone who cannot learn well in large classes or wants to pursue something very technical that is not offered here.


People that do not take their studies seriously, and only want to attend sporting events, should not attend this university. This kind of person will not succeed, and will only be wasting their time and money.


People who don't like challenged, diversity and or prefer a small campus should not attend the Universityof Michigan. This school requires students to work really hard and they often have to adjust to being a small fish in a big pond.


Someone who is not willing to work extrremely hard. The classes are very competitive (at least in the College of Engineering), and they often times require many hours of studying and homework.


The the title given to all students that attend the University of Michigan is “the leaders and best.” To be “the leaders and best” it takes exceptional hard work and dedication. Anyone who is not willing to put their all into everything they do should not attend. When you claim the block M you represent the university and the prestige that comes with it. The University of Michigan is one of the top universities in the country, the world even. If you are not willing to make sacrifices to succeed the University of Michigan is not for you.


There isn't a specific kind of person who shouldn't attend my school, as it's very inclusive. If anything, someone who doesn't like a highly populated school might find the campus overwhelming. But even then, there are housing options that provide for a more secluded setting, so it can accommodate introverts to the extent of living. Anyone could attend the school.


The University of Michigan can honestly provide any student experience. Although it hosts a large student body, the school's size allows it to provide hundreds of majors, programs and internships worldwide, student organizations for all interests, and million dollar research facilities. Also, students can enroll in seminars or programs that provide more intimate class settings. The student body is enormous and incredibly diverse, but everyone within it loves the school, proving UMich caters to literally thousands of personalities. I can only think of two types of people who shouldn’t attend Michigan: those afraid of snow and Buckeye fans.


I don't really know how to answer this question. I think everyone should probably attend this school, even closed-minded bigots could learn something from being here.


People who are not prepared to work hard and study rigorously should not attend U of M. The classes and professors continously challenge students to do their best work, which for some is not what they are looking for in a college experience.


If you have found yourself and aren't open to what the world has to offer don't attend. If for any reason you are close minded, not willing to ask for help or, are willing to criticize the mistakes of others, and think that you know everything, remove The University of Michigan from your sights


The kind of person that should not attend this school would be lazy and not willing to work hard to earn good grades. Also, if you don't like football, that could be a problem as well. A person that attends the University of Michigan has to have good time management skills to succeed.


University of Michigan is a wonderful place, but like many large universities and colleges, students must be serious about their academic studies and proactive. They must make themselves a member of the community, they must realize when they need help and seek out help when they need it, and they must find someone who can mentor them to succeed. It is easy to feel lost for the first time on your own in such a competitive, magnanamous school.


A person not willing to do anything I said in my previous answer. The kind of person that shouldn't attend Umich is an undedicated person, a free floater. A person who does not wish to explore the world and culture areound them. A person without drive or initiative. But the person that shouldn't attend this University is someone not willing to better themselves for their own gain and societies.


Someone uncomfortable with large crowds or liberal sensibilities should be cautioned that classes are large, restaurants and dorms are overpopulated, and there are many people with distinct ideas, traditions, and appearances who are not afraid, or even easily deterred, to describe them at length.


The campus is a little on the large size, so it's easy for you to sort of get lost in the crowd (especially at football games, where attendance average over 109,000 every week). If you don't have school spirit, it might be hard for you to live in Ann Arbor, because everything is all about the Maize and Blue. There is something here for everyone, but finding it might be a slight challenge.


Everyone is welcome at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. The motto seems to be "diversity", so welcome to all groups of people. The only ones who shouldn't come are those who aren't willing to do hard work; while their is some free time, much of the time at Michigan is (should be) devoted to studying.


Someone who does not have the financial resources to pay for it.


The University of Michiagn is not for students who are not willing to work hard for what they achieve. There is a lot of competition at this school, therefore it is essential that you keep up with your coursework. If you fall behind, you will have a large hole to dig out of. Also, people who are open minded and willing to learn and engage in subject matter are also encouraged to attend this University. You will learn a lot.


Someone who is not ready to get out of their shell


People should not attend this school if they are looking for a small school setting. The school itself is enormous and Ann Arbor, though it isn't huge, is still a city. Also, someone who is solely focused on partying and socializing should not attend this school because the academics are very challenging. If you're not prepared to study a lot then you will not do well at this school.


Someone who enjoys small schools or likes a more relaxed pace of classes/homework.


Someone who does not have an open mind or positive attitude should not attend this school. At this university, we have students of many different races and ethnicities. Therefore, if someone is intolerant of other cultures, they will not fit in here.


I don't know that there is a kind of person who SHOULDN'T attend the University of Michigan. We are very welcoming to all religious affiliations, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. Perhaps someone who does not like the cold! It was definitely an adjustment moving from the warm south up to chilly Ann Arbor, but it is also a beautiful town! I also think someone who does not want the big University experience, and maybe was more interested in the small liberal arts college should steer clear of the University of Michigan. I love it! Go Blue!


A person who is lazy, won't take their studies seriously, needs to be coddled, and/or cannot handle academic pressure should not attend U-M.


Someone who's looking for small class sizes, easily confused (because everything is 10x larger in Michigan), someone who can work easily by themselves without lots of advising from faculty, and someone who doesn't like the cold.


If you plan on looking for a easy school to finish in four years think again. Grades are really hard to pull up once you bring them down. The workload is there to be finished and you don't do a half finished job on them because you are required to learn. You also have to step up and take control of your education the university offers many ways to help you succeed if you do not have the self motivation or the will to do it I wouldn't recommend this school.


Maybe someone from out of state who needs to go home often


The University of Michigan demands a rigorous dediation to schoolwork. students who are not ready to be challenged seriously in an academic setting will not succeed here. There is also a high level of competition amongst the student population and stress levels get high. If you don't already handle pressure well then U of M will likely not be a good fit for you.


There is not one person who shouldnt consider attending this school.


A shy type of person should not attend this school. The University of Michigan is very proud and is big on being involved with so much. Being involved makes the experience, so someone who will not be comfortable doing so should not attend


Any person who is afraid of having debt when they gradaute college. It is not by any means a cheap school. Also any student who does not want to just be a number to a University.


Anyone who has no way to pay for it. It gets hard.


People that are overwhlemed by big campuses and new places should not attend University of Michigan. There are a lot of people and at times it can be hard to meet people easily. Also people that are unable to manage their time should stay away. There are always projects and papers with long term deadlines that you have to space out the time for. Lastly, people that do not know what they want should not attend Michigan. It is a very focused campus and people generally know what they want to do.


Those who are not interested in a highly academic and competitive environment should not attend the University of Michigan; it is a school that requires a good deal of hard work, a large amount of studying, and much free time spent in academic pursuits. However, that is not to say that only those who excel academically should attend this school - the University of Michigan has excellent programs in a myriad of fields, and artists, economists, mathematicians, musicians, and any other major will find a stimulating, challenging, and rewarding environment at the University of Michigan.


Any kind of person can attend this school.


Someone who is not serious about his/her academics should not attend this school. It's much too expensive to just come here to have fun and blowoff classes. Academics here are very demanding, so students need to come with the mindset that they will work hard if they want to succeed.


Someone who is not willing to spend countless hours in the libraries


There are so many people here that I'm pretty sure anyone could find a group of people they like hanging out with. However, if you're very opposed to drinking it would probably be a little hard to live here.


People who don't like big schools. Classes are pretty big sometimes, but there is a residential college that breaks down classes to smaller ones, and being in a fraternity/sorority or other organized groups also break down the size. It's stil decently large.


Someone who can handle a high work load on their own without a large need for help from faculty.


no one


someone looking for a small school with a personalized feel should not attend this school. i would also say a very conservative christian may have a hard time in their classes depending on their major. people who aren't accustomed to freezing weather or frequent weather changes also would be unhappy here.


an extremely conservative person, people who are moraly opposed to other religions , races, and ethnicities, someone who is completely closed minded, a person that can get lost in a crowd, a person that is not goal oriented, a person who does not deal well with pressure


A shy and intraverted person should probably not attend this school. Michigan fosters independence and a do-it-yourself mentality. Thus, a timid person may get lost in the crowd.


Unmotivated people; People who don't like a large school


a lazy person, an undriven person, or someone who can not teach themselfs the material


You should not attend this school if you are very religious (such as Mormon) and easily offended. You will see alot of absurd, disgusting things here.