University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


A welcoming environment within a large research institution leads to many opportunities for involvement and promising career prospects.


The opportunities at U-M are endless. Whatever you want to do, you can. With amazing academic programs in every discipline, you never feel trapped in your major, as you can always switch to another top-notch area of study. With almost 30,000 undergraduates, you are sure to find people who are just like you; it may take a little while, however. That being said, your experience at the University is what you make of it. No one is going to hold your hand, and only you have the power to make your experience great.


The best thing about Michigan is the culture. I loved everything from the pride of alumni to the feeling of football Saturdays to the high standards to which we were held. I felt comfortable and safe yet pushed to grow and learn. There were resources to help and I always felt supported.


The best thing about the University of Michigan is by FAR the school spirit. There is no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning, getting dressed from head to toe in Maize and Blue, and entering the football stadium to see the Wolverines take on one of our many rivals. There is something about the comradery, no matter who you're next to at the games (as long as they are a U of M fan), you become one!




Aside from the fact that we have the largest alumni-base in the world, we have almost every resource you will need to succeed. If you need help with class work, an idea you have, starting an organization, or just want to find something new and exciting to do, there's a resource for you.


U of M is situated in the beautiful city of Ann Arbor. Central campus and the heart of downtown are interwoven, making for a beautiful walk to class! We also have the Law Quad, which is a quaint area with beautiful architecture. This area was actually considered to be scenery for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. Then, of course, there is the Big House, our football stadium, which is the largest college football stadium in the world. So we have a lot of unique, characteristic aspects of campus that you cannnot find anywhere else!


The school spirit is incredible. Football Saturdays are truly one of the greatest experiences ever. The entire student body just comes together and cheers on the university. It's a really nice feeling.


The best part about the University of Michigan is that there is always something to do at any given point during the day. If you're not busy with school, work, or a club, then there's always something great going on at the dorm, the Diag, or the Union. At night, if you're not into Greek Life, there's always concerts or other events to keep yourself entertained with. At the University of Michigan, there's never a dull moment. With so many things going on, it is almost impossible to not get involved!


I like the way that I am challenged with classes and professors. I am in a school that accepts the brightest and best of the applicants. So, I feel honored to have been chosen to attend U of M. With being surrounded by these outstandin students, it forces me to strive to achieve and match the high standards that the school is known for.


The environment is excellent, and people are very upbeat and positive about learning and the courseload. It's difficult to get through the hardest classes without friends who care about that sort of thing as much as you do, and you're never in short supply here.


The best aspect of the University of Michigan is the level of excellence they demand from students. There is nothing "easy" about the course work, however, this is because the school wants to push students to maximise their potential. The bar is set very high from the very beginning and that is what makes you, as a student, want to strive to succeed. The school surrounds students with all available rescources to help them achieve this success. It really is a reamarkable university.


Plenty of awesome people with a wide range of beliefs, while still not being incredibly crazy. Plenty of professors that know their stuff and will always help when needed.


There is great school spirit! Everyone is proud to be here. Atheletic events are awesome. Go Blue!!


The school spirit. From the moment you begin at UofM you will forever be proud to be a Michigan Wolverine. The school spirit is like no place else in the world. That, combined with the amazing acadmics and faculty, beautiful campus, diverse student body, and wide range of things to do, make it one of my favorite places on the planet. It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine! Go Blue!!


There are definitely feelings of school spirit and a strong disposition of passion and camaraderie between students. There is a large breadth of activities and the vitality that surround each passion, activity and sector of society. All of those things are very extreme and a fantastic part of the campus community. They make Michigan unforgetable and perhaps, worth the sweat and blood it takes to get through the academics.


The engineering school had the most option for me.


School spirit, friendly people, high prestige.


The best thing was the diversity and culture on campus. I met people from all walks of life and attended many art and cultural events.


All of the organizations to get involved in. All of the diversity. The availability of great churches whatever denomination you may be. The ability to make a large campus into a small community by finding groups of friends with your same interests. The football games! Their great academic reputation.


The best thing about the University of Michigan is the incredible amount of resources available to both students and faculty. The libraries and associated resources are quite impressive in their own right, but on top of that the University provides ample opportunity for student groups and organizations, educational options outside the campus, as well as employment assistance. In all, the University offers the total package; anything necessary for both academia and work experience can be found at various centers around the University. The amount available and included in the cost of tuition is very useful.


There are a lot of resources available if you need help. You just have to seek them out. Sometimes people you never even knew know your name and their purpose is just to help you. The officials at the university really try to make you feel like you are more than just a number.


The best thing about my school is that we have a challenging curriculum. The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts requires students to take courses in various areas, not just their areas of study. This gives students a chance to challege themselvs in ways that they normally wouldn't consider. The knowlege gained as a result of these challeges can be applied across diciplines. For example, the biology class I'm taking right now is helping me think about concepts in my history class in ways that I wouldn't if I didn't have to take biology.


I think the best thing about the University of Michigan is that it has so many different opportunities to provide the students. If you know what you want to find you just have to look for it and there will be a group for it. Even if you aren't looking for something specific there are always flyers around for events and groups that are always welcoming other students.


The student body really cares about school and also doing good for the community within the state of Michigan as well as globally


The best thing about Michigan is the easyness of making friends. My freshman year, I was scared I would have no friends, but this fear was unfounded. I made many friends and had a blast living in the dorms freshman year. I have made lifelong friends already, in my second year.


I like the opportunity to meet and become friends with people from so many sociocultural backgrounds from various parts of not only the United States but also the world.


The diversity of this school is incredible. I feel I learn as much outside the classroom as I do in the classroom. Both of these kinds of learning will help me in the real world be comfortable interacting with different groups of people.


The wide variety of students that attend UofM makes it very special. One gets to experience and learn not only in the classrooms, but outside the classrooms as well. You get to experience different cultures and ethnicity everyday by simply talking to your classmates and observing others that pass by you. We are able to learn about other countries and their geography and service among many other things. The rich culture UofM provides us with and the opportunities to learn more about your own culture and yourself as well as other cultures is amazing!


The best thing about my school is the wide array of people that attend here. There are so many things you can learn here outside of the classroom. By just listening to one person's life story, your life can be changed dramatically. This is why I consider the Unversity of Michigan to be one of the top instituions in the nation. Not only do you recieve a widely recognized education, but you learn life lessons that can only come through people who have experienced them.


I believe that the best thing about U of M - Ann Arbor is the diversity. Besides the diversity of the students' backgrounds, there is a great diversity in the organizations. There is a club for everything imaginabe. U of M even has a squirrel watching club. Joining one of these clubs has the potential to broaden your horizons and appreciate the vast differences in the human race.


I think the best thing about my school is all the options for assisstance that they offer. For every subject there are a dozen tutors and offices open round the clock to help you find your way. My school has high standards but by taking advantage of these open opportunities for growth, one can achieve these standards.


Diversity. University of Michigan has made me realize how ignorant I was to other cultures. My hallway consists of all different races and cultures, and I never thought it was so easy to interact with people so different from me.


The Diversity of events. There is always something going on: concert, party, lecture, study group... If you are bored it is your own fault.


I would consider the atmosphere of this school to be it's best feature. All of the students are very positive and have lots of school spirit. They genuinely care about this school and their fellow students. Though this is a competitive university, many students will help each other out and often study together.


environment, people, job opportunities upon graduation


The best thing about my school is its school spirit. Everyone comes together and really supports the university, no matter how difficult the courses can be at times, and everyone really enjoys being there. It's a very friendly and fun environment.


There is so much diversity among students and professors that all students at UofM end up with friends of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations. Attending UofM gives students a wonderful education and also real life experiences. The downtown where the school is located is all student employed stores and restaurants and students have all the necessary resources available to learn how to take care of their personal and school business on their own and become a responsible and capable adult.


resources available




The atmoshpere and tradition associated with the University of Michigan. It creates a feeling of inclusion with all others who have attended and will attend the University. It feels as though the entire school is united under the Michigan Difference


Career placement - There is a very strong alumni network that is both large and attached to their alma mater. Therefore, they are eager to assist current students in finding jobs. The Ross School of Business is the top business school in the country and the students often come out with very well paid starting jobs. In any city in this country, one can find a Michigan alumni who wants to help out their fellow wolverine. It is truly a strong sense of school spirit that lasts forever.


There are a lot of career fairs so everyone has a chance to see what's out there in the real world. Also, it is a very academically competitive environment so it encourages a lot of people to work hard.


Stepping into the Big House and feeling the roar of the croud, the excitement and the anxious pause, preternatural quiet before every hike: these are the things I remember most about my time at th University of Michigan. Waking up and seeing thousands of students pour into the streets in yellow and blue, the smell of hotdogs and music blasting from every house, the flying ping-pong balls and drinking games, that feeling of being united behind a single cause for a single morning before returning to books and computer screens the following Sunday. And the afternoon naps.


The best thing about this school is it's school spirit and pride. Everyone here is proud to be a part of the wolverine experience. It is an absolute honor to be a student here.


There are so many good things at UM that I don't know which to choose. The quality of the education you receive and the fact that your professors are some of the best on their respective fields is definitely one of the best things. There are other schools that are just as good academically, but what sets Michigan apart is its diversity. It is a huge school, and the opportunities to be active and help in the community, or do any other kind of extracurricular activity, are endless. Go Blue!


The University does a very good job in providing events where students don't have to resort to alchohol to have phone in their free time. There are late night parties run by students funded by the school on Friday nights. The dorms have many group events in which you can participate and get to know the people on your floor or in your building. University-run buses that transports students so there is no need for a car and the city run buses are free to the students due to a contract that the school has with them.


The diversity.


The students and faculty make the University of Michigan great!


The mix of a serious academic institution and a relaxed college atmosphere is what makes Michigan special to me