University of Michigan-Dearborn Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The school is full of professional and respectful people. My counselor is awesome!


I am getting a top notch education. My professors are some of the greatest teachers that I have the resources to learn from.


I brag that I attend a school included in the Big Ten colleges of America.


I brag mostly about the student activites, we have so many! There a many different types of activites as well. There are special interest groups, Leadership programs, Soroities and Fraternities, and alternative break programs. Its a little harder to get involed because we are a commuter campus, but once a student makes the first step to trying a club or programs, they will become more open to trying new things, and maybe even starting their on club!


My school is very culturally diverse and our professors are extraordinary.


I brag about how the tuition isn't so high compared to other schools and that I'm receving a quality education. I also brag about our awesome football team!!!


I only brag about the fact that we're part of the University of Michigan, which really is an excellent school system, academically speaking.