University of Michigan-Dearborn Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is probably the food. Its not terrible but the on campus cafateria has a subway( which didint have a toaster my first year attending), a salad place and a place that has fried foods like chicken niggets and strips. And the food court at the mall across the street has the worst most unhealty food you can eat. Also there was no dorms untill this year when they started building them. Props to them constantly trying to improve but they have a ways to go.


The worst thing about my school would be the stress some of the students face academically and financially. Although tution rates are reasonable, in this economy it is very difficult to find the means to pay for college. Also some of the upper level science classes are extremely challenging and cause the students and overwhelming amout of stress at times.


The worst thing about the school has to be the parking and it could have a few more sports program. There good be a few more spaces to park.


Its location. The school as an institution is great, its programs are great. But, lets face it - North and East are detroit, south is southgate and west is inkster. All of these places are absolutely terrible - the kind of places you lock your doors driving through during the day. The campus itself is nice, but I really dislike the setting it is nestled in.


Scheduling is the worst quality of my school. There are only certain semesters you can take class courses, and then the times at which they are available never seem to fit a person?s daily activities the way they would want them to.