University of Michigan-Dearborn Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not disciplined and studious then you should not attend.


I honestly can not think of a person who could not excel in this enviroment, It's a mixture of community college and BIG university rolled into one. The class size is not overwhelming and the quality of the education content is excellent.


Someone who is not mature. Who is not going to be ingage. Anyone that wants to live on campass shouldn't attend this school.


Students that are unwilling to set aside time for studies definately should not attend this school. This university is not intended for students that just want to scoot through, i've had to learn the hard way.


Anyone who is not motivated about a college education should not attend UMD. Although it is a satellite campus, UMD still holds the University of Michigan name - along with the high-quality instruction and high expectations of the faculty. In addition, the University is a commuter campus - which means it has no dorm rooms. Anyone looking for a traditional 4-year college experience should not come here. However, just about anyone else would find themselves at home. UMD has numerous resources for students as well as many different clubs and activities to participate in.


Since my school is strictly a commuter campus anyone who wanted to live away from home during college should not attend this university. Students who are unmotivated, not serious about their education, or unwilling to put in the effort of college level work should not go to this university. Anyone who does not have the time, determination, or resources to devote to their college studies would not succeed at this college.