University of Michigan-Dearborn Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to do good on the tests that tell me what math or english class i am in. Or i would just go to Henry Ford because its more affordable and i wouldnt have to worry about my money going to waste. I would also say wait to buy books for your classes. because half the books they tell you to buy you dont even need them. Wasted tons of money on doing that. Just save up a lot of money. You really need it to go to U of M Dearborn, they just suck up all of your money.


Study harder!!


Dear Melynda the High Schooler, Take a deep breath! High school is not as big of a deal as you have made it. Success is a great goal, but high school is a time to enjoy being a teenager. It's okay to spend time with your friends. Check out a couple football games or school events. It's great that you want to be involved in your school. NHS and Bible Club offer great opportunities for growth, socially and spiritually. Don't be so shy, you have plenty to offer the people that you meet here! Do something you love! Try out for the school play, you know that you want to! You are a great actress. Show everyone your talent! Keep your eye on the future, but don't wish your present situation away. There is a successful plan in place for your future. Remember the promises found in Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28. Relax a bit, Melynda the Collegiate


Hey Alvie, this is you from the future. I'm wanting to give you a little heads up about your upcoming life and some decisions you need to look into changing. Don't go the local college that your friends are going to, they will cause too much distraction. Let's face it we both know that we are easily tempted to go hiking or watch a movie than do your homework, so go to an out-of-state college where you won't know anyone and won't get distracted by your friends. Do what will be best for your future. No, think beyond that. Think about a family you might have. I know you want your children to have an adventurous life that you didn't get as a kid. Working as a cashier for a local grocery store isn't going to do that. Saying that stop being a procastinator and get your head in the game. You only live once. Make it the way you want it. Love, You (Bazinga)


If I could travel back in time to impart some small amount of wisdom, I would tell myself that I was too afraid of failure. My high school GPA would have been much higher (and my entire life would have been much easier) if I had not been so afraid of failure that I didn’t try. I never would have thought that I would have gone to college in the first place, much less found a new love of math. I suffered from feelings of inadequacy, even though I was excelling in AP history and English classes, because I allowed myself to be intimidated by math. Now, five years later, I have taken my first Algebra course since those days when I felt I could do no better than to squeak by with C’s. I would tell myself, “Don’t wait until you’re 23 to let your love of philosophy to allow you to love math. I can no longer rationalize my self-doubt by regarding math as unimportant- many of your beloved philosophers were mathematicians, and saw it as the greatest truth a human being can comprehend. Furthermore, you have an A in Algebra.”


Don't waste time complaining about classes, anyone that agrees with you is a problem. You're going to college because you think you need a degree from college; therefore, you're subject to their requirements. You can decide to spend your time whining about the education system, but unless you're actively doing something to reform the system, you're not being an activist, you're just acting like a whining child trying to get attention. Posting links on Facebook or Tweeting about how standarized testing is worthless isn't activism, you're not up on a soap box preaching to the world, you've just found a new way to complainin to your friends. Educate yourself on the issues, if you disagree with something a politician does, find a way to actually do something about it. You'll find that the majority of people think posting a link about a strike happening across the nation is the same as actually picketing on the front lines, they're wrong. Never stay silent when you think you're right, accept that you can be wrong, and speak up in support or in rebuke of anyone else's views.


It is important to maintain a balance between fun and work. College is a cornucopia of social opportunities and you should take full advantage of these, as the opportunity to meet so many people and learn so many things from them is unparalleled later in life. Enjoy being young and untethered by full-time work and try a lot of new things! However, keep in mind that you are here to learn in an academic sense as well, and the extent to which you apply yourself now will largely affect your success post-graduation. Keep an eye to the future. Develop good relationships with your professors as well as your fellow students. Dive into your studies as whole-heartedly as you dive into your social world.


The one thing I would tell my high school self would be to go straight to college. It wont be easy but it wll be worth it. The last thing you want is to be 35 struggling to find a good paying job, while in college trying to get a degree that you should have gotten over 10 years ago. The car, job and money that you are looking at now...can wait! In the end you will have more of all those material things and much more with the proper education. Give yourself the qualifications that you need to obe competitive in the job market by having a degree or two under your belt. You will thank me!


"Rather than moving to New York to try to become a teenage bride, move in with Grandma and go to college. The independence you seek will come a lot easier if you follow the right path. I know you want to make your family proud. Groowing up too fast is not the way to do that. You are better than you give yourself credit for. You can, and will do great things. Just like Luke had to learn to use the Force, you must learn how to use your brain. You get that in college, not drinking Old Milwaukee in a leaky, broken-down trailer. Life is full of challenges; they aren't all yours to face. Take care of getting used to doing what's right, not just what feels good. Once you start doing that, you will learn that right feels better. You can't change others when things aren't going your way. The only person you can change is yourself. Make yourself be the person that I know you can be. Save yourself the aggrivation of trying to prove to the world how smart you are by yelling about it, and do something about it instead."


You have got to study, study, study! And get into some kind of on campus group, its so important if you want to make friends, and its the best way to learn new things that will help you later on. You are pretty much meeting with future collegues so nows the time to get to know them. Also talk to an advisor frequenty so you can work out an education plan and wont fall behind, their there to help you so take advantage of it. TALK TO YOUR PROFFESORS, their smart, and want to help you them knowing your name is a good thing and you never know, maybe one day, they will write a letter of recomendation for you, so its a good idea to get on their good side as soon as you can. Most importantly, have fun!


There is a huge difference between college and high school. If i could go back in time to talk to my self, i would say to me that take the higher courses as possible so that you will be more succesful in college. I would also say to my self to master in all the topics to have more than 3.00 GPA, and also master on your SAT test. With all those best score you will applie in to the best universities, and also applie for scholarships that will help you pay for your tuition and books, which will help you achive your goal. As a college student I found that there is pleinty of time and when people don't use that time properly their fell, base on that experience I would say to my self befour or alfter graduating to walk around the universities or colleges you would like to attend, and ask question about your major and every thing else you want to know , and see what you life as a college student will be before atteding college, so you will be prepare to deal with most of the difficulties that most of the freshman have.


The advice that I would give myself would be to apply for everything, and apply everywhere. Because things change and theres nothing wrong with going home. I would tell myself to find a new way to study and bug my teachers for even more help. And the biggest piece of advice I would give myself is to just breathe and let the storm pass because it will all get better no matter what and there are more important things to focus on. Lastly, I would tell myself that all of the stuff that seems worthless and seems like it's just a waste of time, to be careful when I choose what to skim over because some of the simplest stuff is actually important.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure I study for all my test in my classes. My senior year I kind of slack and i knew if i actually studied, I could be at Florida State University right now instead of Palm Beach State College. I would always make sure I got involved with more school activities such as, student government, helping with the marching band, help at the track meets, and FBLA. As in now, I am focusing and getting straight A's in college so I can go to Florida State University. I just wish I didn't slack in my senior year and if I could ever go back, I know I would of made smarter and better choices.


My advice would be to get into the habit of studying more. There is only so much time in a day and more of it needs to be alloted to studying. Once you are in college there are more things in your life that you have to do yourself. Your parents don't handle as much for you as they used to do. If you don't have ingrained study habits you can have problems managing everything. I would suggest to myself that along with study habits, better organization would help too. Time management becomes more important and being organized in your home life and school life helps simplify the process.


Don't wait for things to come at you, make an effort get what you want. College is the beginning of your future take advantage of every opportunity you have. Apply to as many sholarships you can, there's so many out there, that people don't even notice or don't realize. And overall set your goals up high, because everything is possible, you just need determination and the will to do it.




I graduated highschool with a grade point average of 1.67. I was ranked 217 out of 232 students. My horrific GPA was not a reflection on my learning ability, but rather my emotional state of mind. I was raped the summer before my Freshman year. I didn't tell a soul. I sank into a deep depression, not caring about anything, certainly not school. By the time I reached my Senior year, I had nope hope of being accepted into a quality college. I attempted Cummunity College, but didn't fare well there either. It wasn't until I moved home at 27 to care for my dying mother that I returned to College. My mother was adament that I had a degree, so she could have peace of mind knowing I could support myself when she was gone. I enrolled In a Radiography program. I graduated with honors, although my mother didn't live to see it. Looking back, I would tell my younger self to tell someone, don't allow this tragic encounter define and posess you. You have a beautiful mind! You can acomplish anything you put your mind to! My mother would be proud.


My name is Yamilka Gallego Quiles mi cuarto ano lo hice en el 2005 en la school bethzaida velazques andujar actualmente study en la Pontificia universidad catolica de ponce estoy en mi segundo ano fulltime en un bachillerato en ciencias liberales con concentracion adicional en psicologia.


Now that I am almost finished with my undergraduate degree, I look back and reflect on my transition from high school to college and realize how beneficial certain advice would have been. The first thing I would advise myself on would be to focus and work my hardest my freshman year. This would help for 2 reasons including starting with a strong GPA in which I could build off of, and this hard work could also free up time during my senior year in which I could use to find work or internships in the field I intend on graduating into. I also would encourage myself to be open and receptive to new things. I didn't realize how much I would be exposed to and experience because of the freedoms that come with college education. Life experience is so important in self discovery and involvement in many things would contribute significantly to one's education. So work hard! Be involved! You'll learn and accomplish more than you can ever imagine if you're willing to work for it.


The University of Michigan Dearborn has provided me with the opportunity to grow mentally and socially. Prior to attending college I was unsure about every aspect of my life; my future career, my attitudes on certain issues, etc. After my first semester of college I became actively involved in several campus groups; Amnesty International, Pre-Med Program, minorities for Pre-Med, and the Golden Key International. My college forced me to socialize and therefore not only learn about my peers but also myself. I am more self-aware than I have ever been and am confident in my choices. Though the economic situation in my household is challenging (my father is a single dad working for General Motors, who recently received a significant pay cut) the University of Michigan- Dearborn provided me with a scholarship which has greatly helped pay for college. Most importantly, my college has not only challenged me intellectually and academically but has also challenged me to discover myself and that is what has made my college experience truly priceless.


College has broadened my knowledge of everyday life and has given me information I need to succeed in my future. A college degree is mandatory in today's life if a person is looking for a good paying job and a firm future. My university is a wonderful school to have on my transcript when I am applying for my future job. It gives me resources to make the best of my future job and life.


What I've received from my experience in college is that there is a big difference from transitioning from high school where it requires me to be more responsible about my work. I've learned to care more about my grades because the college teachers really aren't pushy as to a high school teacher who may inform my parents. I've become more responsible with due dates and scheduling my personal time with homework time. I feel like I've matured as a woman with the experience I've gained with being neat on my assignments and not being tardy. I find that just wanting to go to college is extremely valuable because it gives me something to do that can later help me in the future. For me, college gives me something to do and each day I'm able to learn something new. It's also fun when I get to tell a family members or any other person what I've learned. Filling my head with new knowledge is a positive thing. As I go to school each day, I get to see a variety of people that I don't normally see in my town.


My college experience seems as if high school has just been dragged on. I always try and quitting is on the last of my mind; many say college is very difficult because it is the time where everything counts. However, in my instance, this is not true. I am a hardworking, committed well-being in anything I aim for. From school, to work, to just taking care of my baby sister, I am well rounded, hard working person. Everyday college gives me new a task to accomplish, and every day I am ready to take on these tasks.


My college experience has embrace me for a new journey in my life. The students and the faculty get along great. Everyone that goes to college is very mature. College is teaching me that life is difficult, but at the same time is meant to be enjoyed. I now know that I have to grow up and be ready to take on a new path in my life.


I have gained so much from my college experience. I feel it made me more outgoing, and more focused on my goals for the future. It had made me grow as a person and help me realize my strengths and weaknesses whether it be academically, or personally. I have gained so many new friends from all the programs I have gotten involved in. I feel like my campus has become a second home. From the people to the faculty, everyone has helped me to realize my goals, and through making connections with these people, have even help me achieve some of them. I feel I have so much going for me and it all wouldn't have been possible without the up and downs I have experienced while attending college.


I used to think college was just a means to an end. I needed to become a professional in this world to fulfill standards that my family had, and I used to think college was just a way to accomplish that. I didn't realize, though, that it taught me a lot about how to survive in the real world by managing time, accepting failures and having determination. Like many students, I lived on a schedule of procrastination. Without any teachers or parents looking over me or out for me, I had to buckle down and learn my own pace. That was one of the most important things I took away. In addition to this, I learned the value of failure. I thought it was the end of the world, being unable to accomplish something on the first crack. But, I realized how to accept failure and how to learn from it and better myself by it. It was failure that taught me how to become a more determined person and that made me realize that the things I wanted in this world, I had to fight hard for. So, here I am, fighing once again.


The most important thing I gained from my first year in college is my work ethic. Before I went to college I didn't see the value in working hard in school. In college, I learned that in order to succeed you need to put in a lot of time and effort. You can't just sit back and hope that the things you learn in class will stick. You have to make a conscious effort to learn.


My college experience has been thrilling. I am a psychology major; hoping to venture off into clinical psychology or psychopharmacology in my later years. I would like to make advances in this field, helping so many people in need. The University of Michigan-Dearborn has been so valuable to me because i have learned so much more about my major, and the professors are more than eager to work with their students making sure they succeed. I have been hospitalized 4 times in the past year and finances for medical bills and schooling have been insufficient; this is why I am in so much need of financial help. I want to continue my education at UMD because of the feeling of community yet independence, and intelligence but kindness as well. I want to put my hospitalizations in the past and have a fresher start this coming year, and one day, thanks to my experience at UMD, I will help people with problems of their own and conduct studies that will change history.


Currently a junior in college I realize that there were many things that I had not had sufficient preparation for. If I were to regress backward into time I would tell myself as a high school senior to create the person I want to be right away. Habits are difficult to break, rather its being more punctual and showing up on time, finishing projects earlier than the night before, or interning in positions you wish to acquire in the future. I would say that in the same way time can be manipulated it can manipulate. In college think in terms of semesters, two per year means two chances at a particular job opening or two semesters to accumulate enough credits to keep you on track to graduate on time. I?d be adamant about communicating that friends are necessary. High school ends, many people split and that just means make new friends. It?s easy when you are forced to attend classes with the same group of people five days a week, for four years. When you mature you go after your own pursuits and so does everyone else. Make an effort to make meaningful connections beyond group organizations.


I would tell myself to stay in school. I stopped school for marriage and a child and now I'm returning to earn my Bachelor's degree. I would also have advised myself to hold on to my dearest friends as much as possible.


If I were given the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have advised myself on several important topics. First I would let myself know that while senior year, graduating, applying for college and trying to figure out who you are is hard, it is a joy to enter into the college stage of life where there are no more cliques nor such insecurity to suffer. I would try to let myself know that it is okay if I do not know who I am or what I want to be. That the process of transitioning to a different city, school and home would prove to be the most beneficial thing that would ever happen to me. My greatest piece of advise would be to not doubt myself, feel insecure or stress out about the little things. Rather, I would convince myself to enjoy the college experience, make the most of my opportunity and work hard with the knowledge that it will all pay off in the end.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not let other people push me into what they want me to do. I would tell myself to follow my dream for college, which I am now doing. I'd tell myself to pick up my study habits, you really need to study in college to make it work. I would tell myself to relax more, that everyone was as nervous as I was on the first day. I'd also tell myself to make lots of friends in my classes, its more fun to study in a group than by myself.


I would tell myself that under no circumstances should I assume college to be a walk in the park, or anywhere near as easy as high school is. I would tell myself to go see an academic advisor the week of school, create an outline of the courses I need to take and what semester to take them in so that I could graduate on time. I would tell myself not to worry about making a lot of money while in school so I could go out and spend time with friends, working many hours and spending too many nights out instead of in studying has crippled my career, and now I can not go back and change it. Most importantly, I'd tell myself not to underestimate the reality of the situation, real debt is racking up and you can't hide from it.


I would have not dropped out of school and put more effort in attendence. I wish I could have spent more time studying colleges before deciding on the first one I went to. I had to leave because of not being able to afford the tuition through loans given current family issues and now I have six months to find a new school. Although now I get the chance to go for something I always wanted to.


I know this year has been tough, but I have some advice that I think will help you out as you finish high school. First, I want you to know that grades do matter. I'm sure you are ready to graduate, but don't start slacking in your classes because almost every college or university will look at your grades. Even some scholarships require that you show them a transcript. Also never give up..EVER!! You've heard that a lot, but its really true. You know your dream school, the one that you're hesitant to apply to because you don't think you'll get in? Well, one day you got the nerve to apply and you were accepted! This brings me to my last point. Believe in yourself. You're very capable of doing some great things in life. I'm proud to say that one day in the near future you'll start an internship at Walt Disney World and you will eventually intern at your favorite radio station. I hope this has motivated you and helped you realize that you're one step closer to achieving your dreams.


First of all, I would tell myself to take 4 years of math. The three years my high school required was not enough. Next, I would explain the necessity of having goals. Staying motivated can be difficult without a defined goal. I would also point out the benefit of patience and perseverence. Instead of looking at how long I still have to go - a prospect which can be quite daunting - I break my education down into semesters. As a high school senior, I was overwhelmed by the thought of another four years of school. By breaking it into chunks, with smaller goals under the overarching goal of a Bachelor's degree, it becomes much easier to manage the stress of each semester, and I no longer am so concerned with wondering, "When will I be done?". Lastly, I would remind myself to celebrate my successes and enjoy how far I have come. Even these days, not everyone graduates from high school, and it's important to recognize yourself for your accomplishments. One thing that has kept me going through my hectic school and work schedule is the satisfaction of another semester done - but the treats I give myself help!


If I was able to go back to my senior year of high school I would've have given myself a lot of advice. Simple things such as to become more outgoing, and just go with the flow. Going to college is not that scary, meeting new people is for the better and that will lead you to bigger and better things. If I would have only got involved on campus quicker I could have done so much more. I would have also told myself that college is no joke, and when a professor recommends to read the chapter before you show up to class, to listen to that wonderful advice! Transitioning from one school to another is not so simple, especially if you were really attached to your high school like I was. As many high school seniors don't realize that college life will probably be the most hectic yet the most fun years of your life. But seeing that I can't really go back in time, I just hope to pass this message to my younger siblings one day!


I would remind myself to make a fresh start in college and to walk unto the campus with my head held high. Never be afraid to ask questions or give opinions. Study hard, but seek help when needed. Even with a learning disability, I can accomplish great things. Listen to the professors because their lessons will matter years after graduation. Meet many new people, because I never know who might become a life-long friend. Take advantage of what the university has to offer - relevant classes, guest lecturers, important seminars, clubs and organizations, community service - the opportunities are endless! Do not be afraid to get involved in new activities - anything is possible! College is the place to develop my talents and creativity. I will leave a mark on this school, just as the university will shape me. Now is the time to let my confidence and enthusiasm shine while this college helps me find new courage to face the future unafraid. Above all, enjoy the experience because the next four years will be unforgettable and REALLY fly by! I will leave the university a different person, hopefully well-prepared to begin the next chapter of my life. Good luck!


HEY! JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY! You're good at the engineering thing, honestly. Yes, it is a lot of work, yes you love music too, but you have to put your time into a job regardless of what it is. You have to work hard regardless of what it is. The difference is that with the engineering degree, you put in less time getting the diploma and still make more money by putting the same time into your job. You have most of the knowledge you need. Live in an environment that you can get good sleep in, and stay away from active social scenes. Go to community college first and transfer for the degree. Your first two years are FREE because you did good in high school that way. All of this Aidan, you have down pat. You just need to stop avoiding the Engineering path, because if you dont, then you end up spending three years at community college rather than the two you could have finished in. One last very important note: DONT LET ADMINISTRATORS SHUFFLE YOU AROUND. School is a service industry and you are the customer. Demand answers and accept nothing less.


If I could go back to being a senior in high school knowing what I know now, I would have taken the initiative to being a better accountant. Scholarships are an issue that high school seniors do not really comprehend. They know if they have scholarship money than that reflects a good grade point average (most of the time), but college expenses go beyond books, and classes. There are living expenses (dormitory, eating, accessories for furniture, etc?), unnecessary items for wanting purposes (electronics, clothes, etc?), and activities students can find on big university campuses (spring break, restaurants, clubs, etc?). What I have learned is that textbooks and classes are not the only thing students have to worry about in regards to spending money. I had to learn how to spend wisely, and make sound decisions so I would not have money issues. Going back as a senior I would have mapped out how I would have saved and spent money so I would not end up broke. By investing into saving accounts, and pinching each dollar by purchasing used or cheap items would have prepared me for the cost of living for a four-year university.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school and give myself advice I would tell myself to do what I want to do and not to listen to my friends. My friends are not the ones who have to live my life, I am the one who has to live it. I would also tell myself that I need to be prepared to work hard and make sure I had time to study. College work is more thorough and there is less time to learn the material. In high school, students have an entire year to learn material, in college a student only has 15 weeks to learn the material. The last piece of advice would be to put school first above other things. Do not put a part time job ahead of getting an education.


Be involved. Take initiative. Choose one interest and develop it strongly. College will stretch you in so many ways, being solidly based in one interest will allow you to truly excel. Having at least one obvious strength will help with scholarships, as well, because they look for leaders. Your interest will help guide your future as you make decisions that will effect your life. Don't just sit back and relax once you have your one skill, seek out opportunities for self-development. Think of it as developing a resume. When you get to college, people will be interested in what you've done and are doing with your time. Time is money, use it wisely. Seek out and choose ways to be involved and invest your time in worthwhile causes, things that will last beyond your lifetime. Those are the things that will give your life meaning. Most importantly, don't be afraid to take risks. Find out what is important to you and stick with it. College will expose you to a much bigger world, don't be afraid to jump in and check things out.


I would have told myself to never give up. I fell behind a bit in my sophomore year because I felt that my dreams were useless. If I had stated confident in being able to succeed, I would be a lot further ahead now.


Hello, If I could go back I would tell myself to asses myself with several personality and career oriented tests to ensure proper placement. A person should not follow the career path that the majority of their friends take. Also, to take small chunks of classes, around 12 credits and earn a high GPA rather than a big chunk of classes (18 credits) and earn a low GPA. I would tell students to push their boundaries and explore their limits. To visit professors and turn them into your best friends because they help out in the end. I would tell students that college should be taken seriously, but enjoy your time as well. You reap what you sow. Also, eating a proper nutritious meals daily, sleeping well, and establishing healthy relationships with people is important. That it is never too late to learn, never to early to study. Learning is a life objective, not something that one just does in the classroom. Find ambition in things that inspire you. Community service is like exercise for the brain, it makes you feel well. Community service also exposes you to many things that could determine who you become in life. Thank you.


I would tell myself to pay the extra money to attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The main campus there is larger, but also has an active on-campus social life. I am a conservative, so I would struggle with the even more liberal atmosphere there, but the accessability of other students would be very nice. I would also remind myself to look closely at the school's administration policies before enrolling. It is important to know whether or not a school shows a track record of standing by their students or whether they ignore their students' concerns.


To best prepare yourself for education beyond college, take the most challenging courses that are available at your high school. Decide what field of study you are most inclined to study in college and take all of the related courses offered to you. Since you will be writing many term papers, take every writing course that you can fit into your high school schedule. Course exams in college require essay answers, and you will benefit from your high school writing courses. Research and visit the colleges that you may want to attend, and schedule campus visits. Talk to the student body at the colleges to see what they like and dislike about the campus. Make wise decisions. Success in your college years depends upon your preparation in high school as well as your perseverance once you arrive on campus. Prepare yourself as thoroughly as you possible can.