University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being a cheap, university of michigan branch in a realatively poor area. Yet it is still highly regarded.


My school is best known for being a satellite campus of the University of Michigan. The Flint campus allows students in the community to obtain a wonderful degree close to home. It is known for being flexible with a variety of students and offering online, night, and weekend classes.


U of M-Flint is a sister-school to University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, which is known widley for its innovation, research, and professionalism. U of M-Flint echoes these characteristics successfully. My program of study is pre-pharmacy. I work as a pharmacy tech and talk to pharmacists regularly, and I have found that many of them started at U of M-Flint. This school also has an excellent pre-med program, which has produced the notion that the University of Michigan is one of the best schools in the nation.


My school is best known as the fastest growing university is the nation. This year the University of Michigan-Flint has enrolled more than eight thousand students, including me.


My school is best known for its excellent academic curriculum and for its continuing growth.


The University Of Michigan- Flint is well known for its Nursing/Medical program. All three branch?s of the University are known for quality education.


My school is normally known for being apart of one of the greatest schools, University of Michigan. However, it is also known by the Princeton Review, to be one of the best business schools.