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Being a small campus compared to other universities in the state of Michigan, this collage is very intimite compared to the larger campuses. Yet with the help of the Ann Arbor campus just a phone call away. It is a nice campus where the staff know their students and the students are not just another number in the grade book.


I like how we incorperate bringing the city of Flint back, into our program


The University of Michigan - Flint is a commuter school.


It is an accredited, even world-reknown, university, located in the heart of Flint MI (which is, unfortunately, reknown in a negative light). It serves as a constant reminder to me that there is education, class, sophistication, and intelligent, hard-working people in a place many have written off completely.


Job opportunities.


I suppose it is unique because it is a really nice university, and is a university that companies consider really nice, but it is cheap. Most people that go to universities pay a lot of money. And while U of M-Flint is not cheap, it is not nearly as expensive as many other universities.


The University of Michigan-Flint has skywalks that connect the buildings of campus that allow students and faculty to change buildings without going outside. Academically, the University of Michigan-Flint has free tutors and a writing center that offers free tudors for writing any paper.


University of Michigan - Flint provides to its students the best ways for educations. Also, the class size is smaller than other school, so students can learn more, and professors have more time to work with students' problem in class, or at their offices.


The most unique thing about my school is that it is in the middle of a city that doesn't exactly have the best reputation. Flint is not a really good city to be so I think the fact that my school is trying to make Flint a college town is really unique and different.


As part of University of Michigan-Flint students get the benefits of being a part of a larger, prestigious University (Ann Arbor) while attending a small, tight-knit community. Unlike U of M proper and other larger schools, Flint campus has a small campus, small classes that enable students to connect with their teachers and other students on a level that would be impossible at other schools.


What is unique is that there are so many classes that offer the study of diversity. They school is filled with diversity, and the classes embrace all of these differences. There are also clubs and groups that anyone can join to gain knowledge of where others may have came from.


This is the first college I have ever been too, but I have been here for over two years.


This school was close to home, well-known, and well diversified.