University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I guess one thing I really like is the amount of classes. There are lots of options when it comes to picking a class to fulfil a credit. For example, there are tons of different art classes. Even if you personally are not into drawing, you can find an art class that would interest you. So I brag about the class options.


To be complete honest I don't really brag about my school. Almost all of my best friends go to the same school I do so I feel that I don't have to brag about it.


The Name University of Michigan means a lot because it is well know and accredited for quality education. I mostly brag about how much how great the professors at UM-flint are. They take time out to help you aside from class time. I had a professor site for 3 hours with me and explain the section I didn?t understand, that is extraordinary dedication and I truly believe no other university is like that.


I've had many reasons to be proud of my highschool. First, the work and subject matter is what would be classified as 'college level' or 'advanced', but students begin learing it around 6th grade and the teachers are smart enough to teach it and make it stick. We learn Latin, sculpting, painting, sometimes jousting and many classic or medieval customs that earn us ridicule, but are too fun or funny to NOT talk about. By the time we graduate, we've had so many interesting experiences, writing the graduation speech is easy.


It was friendly, and great professors.


I have fun here