University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who desires a college with a solid reputation, without paying an "ivy-league" tuition bill and for those who are local to the Flint area who are not ready to leave home yet.


The kind of person that I feel should attend this school is someone who is looking to advance their eduaction, articulate themselves, and not have to spend a whole lot trying to do it.


Someone who is friendly and not judgemental of others. Someone who knows the struggle is hard and wants to get through it to succeed.


Anyone should and can attend this school if you are considering attending.


Someone who like small schools, someone who want to save money, someone who will live at home with their parents, someone who wants to major in something common and doesn't mind taking more than 4 years to graduate, and someone who doesn't need their social life to revolve around campus.


This school is ideal for commuters in Genesee County. It is very affordable and at the same time gives a very good education. You also save quite a bit of money in both tuition and housing if you are a local and commute to the school rather than living on campus at another school. If you are unsure of your major or intend on transfering to a different school in the future, taking your first two classes at this school can save money and be very rewarding.


The kind of person the should attend University of Michigan is one that posesses personal fortitude, character and drive to complete a worthwhile goal. Whether you are a new, returning, traditional or on-line learner University of Michigan has programs and staff that will help you succeed at achieving your educational and life goals.


A person that likes the fact that the professors in this school are amazing and can actually make you understand what you are learning and why you are learning it.