University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The quality of dining and food service


Parking, during rush hours its hard to find a spot.


The most frusterating thing about school would have to be discovering how to balance your social life as wel as your academic life. College life can get really stressful and it is definitely a big jump from high school so there is a bit of a struggle when it comes to how to really make use of your time. It's disappointing being young and not being able to do as much as you want to, but you must always have your future in mind to push you through.


So far, the most frustrating thing about my school is walking around the campus in order to get where you're needing to go because it's a pretty big campus.


Parking, internet, Price, and lack of classes being offered.


The most frustrating thing about school is financing. I am a young student with a part-time job that hopes to find a career that betters the community as well as my personal life. While working 25-40 hours a week and taking 15-18 credits each semester, I find the most frustrating aspect is finding ways to pay for my personal needs and tutition at the same time. While being busy with classes and working at a commuter's school, it is also frustrating to not have a lot of time to enjoy the social aspect of school.


Hard to attend while working a full-time office position. I must leave work for half the day to attend classes.


The most frustrating thing about U of M Flint is the financial aid office. Instead of helping students a number of months before the semester, they wait till the last minute and expect you to come up with $1,000's of dollars. Tuition is absolutely ridiculous and for such a small campus, they should lower the tuition. A lot of useless fees as well such as technology, and lab fees or the recreation center fees. If you don't use any of those sources you still have to pay for them. It is also hard to receive scholarships here.


People do not know how to park at the school and students do not update their parking passes and they get away with it. Its annoying that they can park in the lot with an expired pass and get away with it.


The most frustrating thing about any post-secondary education is the financial requirements.


I have ADD and a reading comprehension problem, making it difficult for me to stay focused in class and to read chapters in textbooks and comprehend what I've read. There are a lot of readings assigned, and for someone that enjoys to read this is not a problem, but for me I have great difficulty with it. Another problem is the possibility of crime since the school is in Flint. Security is very good on the campus and there is always a police officer on duty, however, there is always the possibility, so one always has to be prepared.