University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before my first day of college at the University of Michigan - Flint, I wish I would known the layout of the campus better. Only visiting a handfull of times prior to my first day of classes, getting to know the campus more personally would have been a great advantage.


That joining clubs or organizations are worth it


Before coming to the University of Michigan - Flint, I never knew how long the classes were and how large the workload was. There is always a stream of helpful tips saying how hard college is when compared to high school, but none of them ever truly represent the reality of how much effort is required to succeed. I wish I would have known how to better prepare myself for the difficult courses. I also wish that I had learned better study skills because studying is far more important now than it ever was before.


That I had to take two algebra classes, they are very hard.


I wish I had broadened my classes and had a better idea of what I wanted to do.


I wish that I had known to apply for more scholarships. I also wish that I would have got to spend a day or so on campus while school is in session just to see what being there during classes with other students would be like. It would have been nice to know what sittig in a college lecture was like as well. I also would have liked to see a syllabus so I could understand the course load better to better schedule my classes.


I wish I would have know how much school would of cost, I'm going into a lot of debt.