University of Michigan-Flint Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The smaller class sizes


The ability to develop as a leader if students take that opportunity, which nearly none of them do.


It is a small campus, which means tuition costs less. Also, it is close to a lot of other the mall. The environment is very great


I like the diversity. There are so many types of people all in different stages of their lives. You get a good perspective during class discussions.


I extremely like the educated environment with experienced professors at my school . It helps students focus on their studies as best as they can. In addition, my school also gives its students many opportunities to involve into the society in Flint area.


Close to home/family.


The best thing I consider about my school, the University of Michigan-Flint, is the fact that there are social clubs and organizations on campus that students are participating. Social clubs and organizations motivate students to socialize and create connections as well as long-term relationships. Finally, they prepare students and their talents for future employment opportunities.


I like that the teachers are involved with all their students each semester. They try do help to lead you on the right path to the career that you are wanting to go into for the future. I like that career advising and finacial aid offices are there helping all the students out to guide them onto the right path, and they make sure that the classes taken are the ones that will lead you to your future career in the most effective way.


After the first couple weeks my first semester as a freshman at The University of Michigan - Flint, I felt like I had been attending for years. Everything is very easy to find and the people generally all melt together in age. You can't look at someone and say "That's a freshman" or "That's a senior" because it doesn't matter here. We are all students going to classes and working hard to succeed and that is that. There is no pressure for drugs or alcohol, and generally those that drink are of legal age.


The best thing about my school are the teachers because they demand your best work. That makes you have to learn and actually do the work involved whether it is writing a paper or doing a class project. A person can't just skate through a course here and I appreciate that since I am paying money to go here and learn and the teachers are actually teaching here.


The best thing about my school are the amazing and incredibily intelligent professors. They are passionate about their fields, and help to instill that passion in their students.


smaller classes because the professors can give better individual help