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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The first piece of advice would be in regards to finances. I learned to spend my money wisely, and efficently. I was fortunate to get financial aid to help pay for college. However, even with that I was limited to money. College is expensive, and student loans only help for some of the tuition. I would also tell myself to work a full time job during the summer to help pay for college. Spend money efficently to invest for your future. Another piece of advice would be to meet as many people as possible. It is hard to transition into this new enviornment with all these new people. But, college is about being yourself, and meeting new people. The friends you will meet in your college years will become your lifelong friends, and you would be closer to them than high school friends. The connections and people you meet in college will help you in your future career path.


I would give myself advice on how much more free time I have in college but to not waste it on stupid things. I mean this by get your homework done first and then go have fun so you don't stress out about your homework at the last minute. I would also say dont worry about making friends becasue you easily do and just be yourself becasue that makes meeting people so much easier. Lastly just have fun but yet be responsible and try your best to get good grades and reach your goals for your future.