University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


It's a huge university, so there is something of everything. Seriously.


My classmates are unique; each student has their own unique background, personality, goals, motivations, and stories.


My classmates are all unique. They challenge my own intellect and bring up many things I had not thought of before. There are many students here at this school that you can't help but get connected with a couple of them. Perhaps you won't know every single person in the campus, but you will know friends among your classmates. They will be your friends even after you have left the school, and that is one thing that you can always count on.


Classmates are really nice


Student diversity is pretty good; most of the students (two-thirds) are from Minnesota, as required by state law, but there are some other students from the Midwest (North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin), Canada, and even from as far as California.


Very helpful and outgoing.


Driven and focused on their futures.


They are engaging and hard workers.


Everyone is very focused on coursework.


My classmates are all individuals who come from all over the world, but we all share a love for our large campus and community at the University of Minnesota.


The U of M has a very diverse population, and there are people from all walks of life everywhere. That said, a student who might get overwhelmed by the large amount of people walking around everywhere might feel out of place. There are cliques, but they can all easily be connected with the right participants. Most students are from either Minnesota or somewhere in the Midwest. Many are also politically active and aware. Most students that I have come across are usually more liberal, but it is no different than any other public school campus.


My classmates were very intelligent individuals extremely eager to learn and contribute to class discussion.


The vast majority of my classmates are of caucasian decent, and we do not relate on many accords; not that many make an effort to relate.


Sugar and spice, and everything in betweem.


It depends on what classes you get into; some have 800 students (no exaggeration) and some have 15. Some will be slackers and some will be hard workers, it's always going to be 50/50.


I haven't been to the University of Minnesota yet but I know many people who have been students and I would describe them as full of life and vibrant.


Unless you're in classes required for your major, you'll probably never see them again.


The classmates I've met at the U of M have been eager to learn, motivated for their futures, and above all, extremely intellectual and intelligent.


My classmates have been mostly interesting and intelligent.


It been so long ago since I finished, and the school was so large I remember that. But generally speaking most of my classmates were pretty cool. There are more than a few that I have kept up with since graduating in '79, we either run into one another or call or email one another.


Classmates are hard working and have the best school spirit.


My classmates are ver diverse, and there are TONS of them!


My classmates are very diverse. There are many Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, and other oriental nations represented in all of my classes. They are mostly all friendly and willing to help another classmate. Academics are top priority to most of my classmates, which creates a very great school environment.


My classmates were generally motivated, hard-working, intelligent people.


My classmates are generally friendly, but overall very liberal and not very accepting of more conservative viewpoints.


All in the same boat. Oriented towards success and finishing school.


My Classmates cluster; Hope personified.


Most of my classes are large lecture halls, so most people don't interact with each other unless they already know each other or if the professor does in class group work, but at the same time, I feel that it would not be difficult to approach them if I wished to do so.


My colleagues all are hardworking, dedicated people that care deeply for their careers and for others.


My classmates are smart, conpetetive individuals who are excited about their future and their education.


My classmates are, for the most part, good hardworking people that are able balance the large amount classwork that comes with college with the social lives that they have as young adults.


The worst thing about the University of Minnesota is, ironically, also the size. The large student population leads to large class sizes in most introductory classes. This leads to little face time with professors, and large lectures held in auditoriums. It can also lead to large crowds in certain common areas, especially in the food court around lunch time. Overall, however, this is far less discouraging than the class sizes. The large lectures are what I would have to consider the worst part of the university; otherwise it is a great place to live, and to learn.


My classmates vary in both cultures and ideas, but are always helpful in discussing materials from class.


My classmates are enthusiastic to learn the skills they need to excell in a career they will love.


The students at the University of Minnesota could be described as diverse, having different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, ages, and lifesyltes.


At the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, one can look around and see a campus full of students who are determined, ambitious, and kind.


My classmates in college are actually interested in learning, unlike a lot of classmates I had in high school.


My classmates are several thousand students that are diverse ethnically, spritually, intellectually, and financially.


My Classrooms are normally filled with quite a bit of people so it is hard to get to know anyone personally.


All of my new college classmates are very intelligent as well as very unique, which is great that I can surround myself with such great people.


Socially Just


My classmates are split up between the kids that aren't really trying because they don't know what they want to do and then the kids that are here to learn as well as have a good time.


Most of my classmates are friendly and eager to learn.


People in my classes are intelligent, fun loving, and know how to keep a good balance of work and fun.


They're very diverse, friendly, and you can always find at least one person in your class that you can get along with.


My classmates are the most ethnically diverse group of individuals I have ever met in both their ways of thinking and in their physical appearance.


My classmates are diverse, friendly, and probably willing to help you out.


Non-talkative white people, at least to me.


My classmates are high standing individuals who are passionate about their education and are willing to put in the time and effort to enhance that education however possible.


At the business school, my classmates are intelligent, determined, competitive, and sometimes cut-throat; no one slacks off in my classes because we are all held to maintain a certain level of achievement.