University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

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Their desire for success after college is a large part in the work put in throughout the education program. Resources for internships are given, career fairs are advertised for those interested, and in some majors, an internship is required for graduation. The university offers a broad search tool to look for interships locally and nationally. They are focused on post-graduation for the undergraduate student helping the student find their later full-time career position after graduation.


There is a lot of green space outdoors that makes the campus feel very "natural."


The atmosphere of the University of Minnesota TC is drastically different from other colleges in the area. At the U, there are so many students from all around the country and many other countries in the world. Having this much diversity in college is important because it allows students to get different points of views from other people. In addition to the diversity on campus, the U offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities on six continents to allow students to go to countries that are vastly different from the US, and engage in foreign cultures while taking classes.


The University of Minnesota educated over 50,000 students this past Spring, 2014. Amongst these is somebody of most or every race, religion, vocation, interest, belief, passion, and purpose. Unique here is that there is a community for everybody. Each person has the freedom to pursue their interests AND find a community that will accept them just as they are at the end of each pursuit. Find your direction AND travel with others going the same way. In this way, each of these 50,000 can unite with others to challenge and encourage one another to become their very best.


I am tempted to string a tale about state of the art facilities and dedicated professors. I could rip off the University's advertisements and talk about athletics and study abroad programs and the fact that every credit after the thirteenth is free. I chose this University because of the people. I came to this state three years ago without a true friend in the world. I was at the end of my rope and I truly believed that I would never belong anywhere. I chose U of M because Minnesotans made it clear to me that I belong here.


The University of Minnesota has an excellent study abroad program. The Learning Abroad Center can find a way to get just about every student to study or work abroad at some point in their college career. You have to plan early, but the U of M is really helpful and encouraging. The University of Minnesota also offers a big campus atmosphere with the class sizes of a small college, particularly when you get into your specific degree classes.


Minnesota was really unique in that they actually seemed to care about the students as people, and that they really wanted the students to come their school. They were really warm and inviting. In a lot of the other schools I considered, they treated students like a list of numbers and seemed to take it for granted that there would be students there no matter what they did to them. It was pretty frustrating to say the least.


There is alot of student groups that allows you to interact with both students, staff, and other people from surrounding schools and communities.


It's a huge research institution with lots of different majors to choose from. The other schools I applied to didn't have nearly as much variety.


University of Minnesota is unique compare to other schools because unlike other schools the U of M has many programs that aim for service learning, to help develop us as college students. Unlike many schools, the Univerity of Minnesota is very diverse and consists of many organizations which holds cultural event so that students can learn more about the different culture, race, and religion in which surrounds them.


This school felt very warm and welcoming. A huge perk for me was that even though it is so large in size it felt like a small town just for college kids, almost like a special communitiy.


I believe one of my university's strengths is the amount of diversity within the community. It allows students to interact and work with other students from all different walks of life that they might have otherwise never come in contact with. This helps newer students like myself feel more welcome and thus become more engaged and involved with their college community. The qualitity of diversity makes the University of Minnesota truly unique.


The University is the largest of all of the schools I considered. It is very culturally diverse in every aspect. It also has the largest emphasis on research.


The College of Biological Sciences within the U of M offers an Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior major which perfectly suits my interests. Though I had seen similar programs elsewhere, this program seems ideal because of its excellent rating, the University's close proximity to me, and the comparitively low cost. In addition, the large size of the University allows many opportunities for employment, involvement, and research. Research is of special importance to me because after my freshman year (or perhaps during second semester of freshman year) I plan to be continuously involved in some type of research.


One of the unique qualities of this school is that it is located in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. The campus is so large, you really get a feel for city life and get to experience a lot of public transportaion. It really helped me learn how to travel and manage my time efficiently.


Attending this university had such a profound effect on my entire life. The opportunities made available for me by attending a large university were limitless. I explored interests that I didn't even know existed, just by having exposure to them. There are so many majors to choose from, clubs to belong to, and the study abroad programs could take one to nearly any country in the world.


The thing that is the most unique about the University of Minnesota is its research capabilities. Almost all of my professors are conducting their own research while they teach the classes that they are assigned to teach. Although this can make them seem unaccessible sometimes, it is extremely interesting to be taught by the author or the textbook your class is using or a famous geneticist. The professors that conduct research are an amazing addition to the University.


We have a real sense of community that other schools don't always have. Everyone is really nice and willing to help each other if need be. There are lots of clubs and things like that so there is something for everyone.


There is a lot of activism, community service and volunteering among students. The student community is very diverse in terms of racial/ethnic demographics, age range of students, poltical and religious beliefs and extracurricular opportunities.


The University of Minnesota feels like college! Walking around campus makes you feel what being a college student should feel like.


What's unique about the U is that is is very big- lots of people! It's smack-dab in the middle of a city (well Minneapolis campus). It's very ethniclly diverse. It's not as big of a party school as others (St. Cloud).


My school is a very large institution integrated into a large city. It offers many different majors, a ton of different student clubs, and lots of resources. In addition, city busses go through campus and the adjoining neighborhoods allowing access to all the city has to offer, from museums and theaters to restaurants and clubs.


I loved the big, diverse. population that is immersed in a busy metropolitian city, yet when you get to the middle of campus, it still feels like our own small little community So a student can get the best of both worlds. Also there are so many 'free' things to do on the week-ends that I need very little 'extra' cash.


The University of Minnesota is unique because of teachers, students and the surrounding Minneapolis Community. We support each other. We are liberal and passionate people that endure negative 30 windshields with smiles as we attend the Walker Art Museum or a Mixed Blood Theater production. The University of Minnesota is made up of Artists from the heart, but more importantly, our hearts are open to new ideas.


I chose the University of Minnesota for many reasons. It is a little closer to home, which is something that I wanted. Also , the cost is a lot better than other schools I considered. Overall, the campus life of the U of M just looked very inviting, and I knew it was something that I wanted to experience.


What's unique about my school is the many student organizations, the many variety of classes one can choose from and the diversity within the campus itself. There's no other place where you can meet another student who's from the other side of the world and learn about another culture that's different from your own.


The University of Minnesota has a broad range of majors. If you are unsure of what you want to do in your future or have an unusual career choice in mind the U of M will probably have a major for you!


One unique thing about the U of M is that every Friday and Saturday night, there is something called Gophers After Dark, which offers free entertainment such as movies, crafts, free food, games, and concerts. Another unique thing about the U of M is that they have an underground tunnel system that you can use that connects the buildings so that you don't have to walk outside if it's too cold. There's also the opportunity to participate in studies and make some quick cash. I received $10 for doing a study that only took me 10 minutes!


The thing that makes the University of Minnesota unique is the size of the campus. The university has one of the largest student populations in the nation and it shows in the various races and peoples that you can see and interact with on a daily basis. This provides wonderful opportunities to learn about different cultures, and experience new things. The size of the campus also means that you have a wide range of options in your choice of classes and extra-curricular activities. This allows you to try a variety of things and see what appeals to you.


The professors in the course are unique and teach well compared to the college I went to as a high school student. Also, the departments of mathematics, statistics, and physics are each acadamically well-known, and are ranked very high each year. The Institute of Technology College at the University of Minnesota is also very supportive of academic progress to graduation and helps with finding employment after graduation.


The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities offers all of the opportunities of a big city school, without feeling overwhelming. The entire campus is like a town of its own, and a student can truly feel at home. There is ample opportunity for social activities, employment, and of course excellent learning, without ever having to leave the campus. A student can feel safe knowing they are getting a great value for their dollar at a great University.


The University of Minnesota is located in a city that is rich in artistic and economic culture, so there is something for everyone in the city of Minneapolis.


The University of Minnesota is a research school and I'm pretty proud of that. The staff is very liberal and tends to be very helpful.


It's huge!!


It is right in the city but still has a great community, campus feel to it.


My school, the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is different because of it's massive size. There are approximately 80,000 students, faculty and staff whereas the other two schools I considered (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and Dartmouth College) are less than 15,000 people. I do not like the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities because of it's massive size and I plan on attending University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire next year.


It is in a more convenient location, and despite being a large campus in a large city, it really doesn't seem that small. There is a plethora of organizations to get involved with to suit any need. Something unique about the campus' size is that a long bridge over a river connects the East and West bank, and the walls of the interior are painted with every student organization to show our vast variety. On a different note, our mascot is really a squirrel (it has a long tail, but let's keep pretending it's a gopher).


The enviroment is just what I wanted. Lots of people, lots of places to go, I love it!


The best part of being a part of such a huge campus is the diversity! Because of this, there's little pressure to "fit in". It doesn't matter if you dont like drinking, if you're a party animal, if you're an athiest, if you're super religous, if you're a minority, if you like kung-fu, if you're library junkie or you play the xylophone...there will always be someone or even a club for you to fit in with.


University of Minnesota provides research opportunities that enhances the students interests.


Minnesota has countless majors and minors to accomodate any undecided student or a student who may change their mind/switch their major.


Minnesota is extremely friendly and outreaching to possible students. In addition, there is a strong research focus, and the surrounding community is one with a lot of opportunities.


The U of M is very big but I was easily able to find my place and make wonderful friends. Because the U is large, it offers many opportunities for the students such as amazing guest speakers, research opportunities, and career placement. There is a diverse group of students at the U which allowed me to learn about other cultures and overall learn more about myself.


What is available to the student's outside of the University, such as downtown or uptown.


It's one of the top schools in the nation with strong programs in just about every subject area.


Very friendly enviroment. The minnesota far the students there are easy to click with and that meant a lot to me especially when you come in not knowing anyone. The business school here is the best...the fuculty and the facility are exceptional.


It is very big, it's a big 10 school, it's in the middle of a city, it's very very well known.


I love that there are so many people here. It is very diverse and you can always meet new people in class. You also can choose to make it feel smaller by involving yourself in a few activities on campus.


The honors program was excellent compared to other large urban schools.


The size of the campus along with the high job placement rate