University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


They are nice? I don't actually know...


Everyone is from in-state, we're all white and talk with the Fargo accent. We're crazy about hockey.


People tell you coming to the U that the class sizes are huge and that none of the professors speaks English. They'll say that the campus is huge, that you'll get lost and that it's dangerous.


Not quite sure... I have gathered, though, that getting into the PSEO program(high school juniors/seniors take college courses for both high school and college credit) at the UMN makes people assume you're really, really smart. Another, slightly lesser-known stereotype is that Carlson School of Management Students are notoriously Type A, competitive, and fixated on getting high grades.


Everyone thinks that the University of Minnesota is "so big" and that all the classes are filled with thousands of students and that no instructors will give a student any individual attention.


The campus is too big. You are just a number.


Many people think that the University of Minnesota is such a big school and that a student will get lost with everyone else.


Stereotypes? Before I came to Minnesota, I believed that Minnesota people, especially students were very friendly hippies. Not complete hippies, but the type of hippies that want to save the world by saving the environment. Kind of like the people of San Francisco.


Openminded, casual, polite, helpful


You're just a number. A lot of the kids are stuck-up, spoiled, rude...etc. You get a great education and experience. The campus is beautiful but most people never see the whole thing because of it size.


Students of the UMN stereotypically are agnostic know-it-alls with rich parents that are in the perfect place to practice their craft, the UMN.


You will just be a number.


I have no idea.


Very nice (Minnesota nice), midwestern accent, all white/Lutheran


Our sports teams.


That the university is too large and that professors don't know or care about their students.


Stereotypes about the campus- It's too big, it's hard to find something you enjoy, it's hard to meet people. Private schools are superior to UMN. I can't think of any stereotypes about the students.


If they're in a frat they get away with partying, if they're in a sorority they're not intelligent


It is cold up here. The people are friendly. It depends on the college for the stereotype.


We all have accents and many of the students are from Minnesota.


We are very liberal. Minnesota is just a snowy, barren wilderness. Not much city life.


I think when most people come here from out of state the movie Fargo is a stereotypical Minnesotan image that the whole midwest has to deal with. It seems like all out of state people want to hear us says "Out about in a boat" just to find out how we say our 'O' sounds. "Minnesota nice" is also another phrase that is associated with the university as well as the surrounding areas.


The campus is too big and the students are lost on it, trying to find a meaningful part to their education/


I'm not really sure about the UMN student body as a whole, but there are stereotypes about students based on their college. The Institute of Technology students are antisocial nerds, while the College of Biological Sciences students are the social nerds who have sex. The College of Liberal Arts students are the slackers and art majors. Carlson School of Management students are arrogant and constantly wear suits. Then CFAN is for the future farmers.


Many stereotypes that I heard before coming here mainly had to do with "big-city" people. Those that live or grow up in big cities are often thought of as rude, pushy people. Also Many are thought of as unfriendly.