University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


There are too many students to make one accurate stereotype for everyone....being at the U requires you to make your own perceptions and judgements of people. I like it that way.


If I were to label stereotypes at the U, it would take forever. There are so many people at the U that come from all different types of backgrounds. You think of a stereotype, its here. You can find it.


There are many stereotypes that are attached to any college campus. Greek life has some of the most well known stereotypes. The frat boys and sorority girls are often seen as the typical rich kids, and the phrase "daddy's money" is often used in conversation about these students. Despite this, many students recognize that Greek life plays a large part in improving our school through their philanthropy and also are responsible for organizing our major on-campus activities for events including Homecoming and Spring Jam (similar to a second homecoming). Other stereotypes are the hipsters and jocks and also that everyone is homegrown Minnesotan. And although people say that I have an accent at times, there are students from all over and a few that do have that typical MN accent and those that do not.