University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The person who shouldn't attend this school is closed-minded. At the U of M, you'll be exposed to a lot of opposing views, and if that makes you want to stick your head in the sand instead of listening and forming your own opinion, then you probably aren't cut out for this school.


Someone who likes a small town feel. It is a big campus with a lot of people and is located right near downtown Minneapolis so there is a lot of hustle and bustle.


Someone who is close-minded and not accepting of others should not attend this school.


This school requires a hard working student that is not daunted by a challenge, competition, or large general courses. As this university is large, the competition for acceptance into any one major program is high. Potential students to this school must be able to ignore that fact and stay focused on coursework and grades. This school also requires that students do not fear failure. The assignments are difficult, and students must find strength and learn from the hardships they are certain to face.


This isn't a private school, no one is going to hold your hand and guide you through your time here. Sure, you have a counselor but they are overwhelemed with students so make sure you are self sufficent. Be sure you know what you requirements are, know what classes you have to take beforehand and make sure that you keep up with your schoolwork because no one is going to make sure that you do. I've seen too many peopel not be self sufficent and their grades went down the drain.


People who are prepared to work hard and put in the effort, but still like to have fun.


A person who is not looking for an immense amount of opportunity. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is a place that can assist anyone in doing just about any major you can imagine. With exemplary facilities, professors and classes any student who loves an urban setting in the heart of Minneapolis would love the U of MN. Also, with such a large student basis, the school does an excellent job in connecting students with alumni and assisting students in finding jobs after they are handed their diploma.


I think someone who is not attracted to a large student body population should not attend the school.


In my opinion, there is really no person that shouldn't attent the University of Minnesota. The University provides a broad selection of majors in many colleges that will fit to everyone's desires.


A student that needs constant help from a professor and needs to be surrounded by familiar faces.


Someone who likes many options, is willing to get involved, and is independent.


Someone who is not motivated or does not necessarily want to attend college.


If you are somebody that cant motivate yourself to get up and go to lecture even when the weather is horrible then you shouldnt attend this school. The weather has been so unpredicatable that you never know when your going to need a hat and gloves. You have to be organized and plan out your schedule before the semester so you know how long it takes to walk or take the bus from class to class. It's better to be 5 minutes early then 10 minutes late, so plan effectively.


The University of Minnesota is a rather large school, and as such general class sizes are usually large. People who want or need more attention from the teacher should not attend this school, unless they are willing to approach the professor during office hours. Though the professors try to make themselves available when they have a large class size, they do not always succeed, and the student is responsible for approaching the professor. For some people, such a large class size can be overwhelming, and they may shy away from asking help.


In order to be happy at the U of M, one must be active in meeting new people if you want to have friends. If you are going into the sciences, you must also put school as a number one priority and be self motivated.


someone who likes saving money, people, large classes, and school


I don't think there is a student who couldn't benfit from attending the University of Minnesota because of its wide scope of offerings. The major benefit of a large school is that you can make it as small, or large of an experience as you feel comfortable with. You can enjoy the safety of living on campus and walking to classes in the quad. If you feel the need to expand your horizons, you can enjoy the freedom of living off campus in the big city, enjoying everything Minneapolis has to offer.


I would advise against attending if you are not willing to put forth a lot of time into your studies because there is much to do for every class. However, doing the work does pay off.


I wake up to screaming almost nightly. Although the city is a very exciting place to live, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. Someone that does not enjoy cramped spaces, busy streets, crazy people on street corners trying to give you obscure pamphlets or blaring car horns in the middle of the night should NOT attend the University of Minnesota. If you are used to cows, backyards, or the suburbs, then it might be a hard adjustment for you.


If you're the kind of person who just wants to drink and party without participating in campus life, or if you feel uncomfortable learning in an urban environment, then you should not attend the University of Minnesota TC campus.


A person who really doesn't like large campuses or schools and wants small classes. Also a person who doesn't like to be academically challenged wouldn't like this school.


Someone who wants to be in a small town should not go to the U of M.


A dependent person who needs opportunities to be handed in a basket. One must find their own path at this university.


I would not recommend this school to people who are not serious in receiving a degree. Thousands of students have applied to this school to work on their career goals and only a small amount gets accepted each year. Having someone who only attends to party and participate in frivolous activities is not what our school needs and not what the individual needs either. Learning is the priority and even though classes are fun, students should still take their studies seriously.


This school is so open to new ideas that it is hard to see any student turning away from it. If anything, some students may be daunted by the mere size of the student body and campus. That is what turns many of them away initially, but from dorm-life and freshman orientation to seeing the same friendly faces in their specialized major classes, a lot of friends are to be made that will be great for networking post-graduation.


Anyone who does not want to commit themselves to their education and does not want to be challenged should not attend my school.


Someone who doesn't like crowds should not come here. Most classes are quite large and it is easy to be just another face in the crowd. Including graduate students, there are over 50000 students on the Twin Cities campus.


The University is a huge place. Someone who doesn't like to walk long distances, or recognize friends in the large crowds of students should not attend the Twin Cities campus. It's a great school with excellent professors and friendly people, it's just easy to get lost in the thousands of students here. People who would feel isolated, easily lost, or don't like to have fun should not consider attending.


People who don't like diversity, being in an inner-city location, a very large campus, large lecture halls, a gopher for a school mascot, and can't stand cold Minnesota winters should not attend the University of Minnnesota - Twin Cities.


A person that likes lots of one on one attention from their professors. Also, someone that has trouble in large groups of people probably wouldn't like the school.


People who are not serious about their education should not attend the University of Minnesota. As a student, I prefer to learn alongside people who are devoted to learning and who are willing to contribute to the classroom experience. People who plan to sleep through class, or to not put any effort into their coursework should not attend. The University of Minnesota is a quality institution and has something to offer people interested in nearly every subject. The only thing it lacks is an easy way out of hard work.


There are two people that should not attend my school. The first is someone who gets cold very easily, or who hates the cold. Frankly, Minnesota is gets so cold, I am surprised polar bears are not native inhabitants. The second is someone looking for a very conservative place to attend school. The university is one of the more politically liberal in the U.S., which is partially because it is a state school. Even though it is very tolerant, it may still be a shock to some.


Students who lack the ability or desire to retain concepts and information should not attend this school. This is because the teaching design at the school ensures constant revisitation of nearly all the concepts learned. Students who found it simple in high school to 'cram' and memorize things quickly for a test will find it difficult to find success at this school because so much of the curriculum is reimplemented time and time again.


A person lacking in self motivation should not attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. The coursework requires a lot of independence and self-accountability to complete and succeed. Class attendance is not monitored too strictly in most classes and therefore a person who lacks a desire to go to class would not be held accountable nor do well here.


If you are shy, not willing to get out of the dorm, hate the city, dislike crowds, cannot stand noise, and prefer a small campus, this school is not for you. Also, if you do not like the cold, you should not attend this school or go to Minnesota at all.


A person should not attend this particular school if they are looking for more attention from the instructors. However, this school does have some great resources and could possibly counter the number of other students that require attention from the instructors. This school would not be a good choice for a person who is looking for a small school that is more private - if they are they should continue their search. Overall, it is a good school if a person is looking for a challenge if they have not been before.


Very conservative people


Students who are not motivated and determined should not attend this school because of the high expectations.


People who don't want to lean


People who do not like large schools and metropolises.


Someone who is not responsible or into the city scene should not attend this school


The only kind of person that I could think of that wouldn't like this school is someone who doesn't like winter or someone who would just prefer to be in a smaller city.


People who don't enjoy large schools would not like it at the University of Minnesota. I think it would just be too much for them to handle. I would also not suggest this school for someone who is not willing to meet new people because chances are you classes will not be with many if any friends. In order to be successful you must be willing to get involved on campus so you must be willing to go out on a limb and try new things.


I feel like this school is so welcoming to all different types of people. If someone absolutely disliked the city since it is located in Minneapolis. Some students might not be attracted to a large student population, but at this school it really does not seem as big as it is; the university is split into different colleges and schools so students get more connected with others with similar majors, giving a small community-feel at school.


The type of person who should not attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is one who is not willing to work hard or doesn't truly care to enhance their education. Although there are plenty of resources for those who struggle academically, the students are definitely still expected to work hard. UMN-Twin Cities is a school that emphasizes hard work and dedication. The courses are designed to reward those who study and truly want to and try to do well.


Individuals who are not serious about their education by lacking interest in working their way towards a degree. An individual that prefers more of a social life, as in living the college experience without the attempt of learning.


Students who want a small close knit school should not attend UMN. The campus is HUGE! Students find their own sub groups depending on individual interests. It is difficult to make friends without joining some kind of club, group, sorority or team.


If you truly depend on peer and faculty interaction to perform well in courses the U of M will be difficult for you. The U of M is a good fit for students who are self-motivated and able to find answers to questions on their own, as well as willing to attend lectures and classes where attendance is not being taken because they have a true interest in learning the material, not just receiving attendance points.


Someone who likes being close to places you can shop (like the Mall of America) and enjoys more quiant scenery too (like the old buildings and open yards on campus).


Any student who is uncomfortable being one of many would not enjoy the U. This is not the place for you if you value small classes and personal, one on one attention.