University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is all the oppotunities it provides for undergraduates, especially science major students, to gain experience in the field they are interested in. They also have hundreds of student oganizations that allow students to get involve in school. In addition, they have great programs to help transferred students like myself to gain laboratory research experiments


The best thing about my school is the amount of options. I think that is the best because you have so many major options, so if you want to change. You don't have to change schools or think about transferring.


The range and depth of opportunity is immense. If you can imagine yourself doing something in pursuit of education, it can be done here. Think of this simple equation: People you meet X student groups X courses offered X majors offered X research possibilities X social or volunteer events X professionals within ability to network with = minimum number of paths one can take in college; at the University of Minnesota, each of these categories has an exceedingly high number. Find passion, find purpose, find direction; then wind up and let yourself go on the unconstrained world this University creates.


The school's advising centers and courses provide ample opportunities to become involved in the community, and despite the school's massive size, their staff pay a great deal of individualized attention to their students.


I think one of the best things about my school some may see as a hinderance, but to me its an incredible opportunity. I'm refering to the sheer size of the student body. For some its too much, its hard to find your special niche, but I see it as an unlimited number of do-overs. There are a staggering amount of clubs, student groups, and activities available for everyone. It would be impossible to try everything, which shows just how many chances at happiness, security, and a sense of belonging you have at the University of Minnesota.


Many people believe that the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is a place where a person can become completely anonymous and feel lost in finding their place in the 40,000+ student body. Yet the university provides opportunities such as living communities, social groups, intramural sports and activities that help each and every student engage in something they enjoy and love in order to help them find a community in which they feel they belong. The university allows provides counselors, advisers and mental health facilities for students to reach out to if need be as well.


I would consider the location and resources available consequently to be the best part of my school. I love the big city atmosphere in the Twin Cities, but it is not overwhelming because campus is not in downtown Minneapolis. The city is beautiful, and there are many things avaiable as resources and just for entertainment purposes. I love the atmosphere of my school here in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, here at the U of M.


The U of M is a very big school and has a wide variety of things you can be a part of.


They do I fantastic job of having tons of resources for you. There is not a single thing you could need as a student that they don't offer. Career services, financial training, etc etc.


The best thing about my school is that I am on a huge campus, but the area I use (The Carlson School of Management) feels small and intentions. I love knowing that I so many options thanks to the big city I am in, and the diversity of the campus. Even though I appreciate these things I appreciate even more that there is a specific area where everyone has the similar intentions.


Taking classes that have to do with what youre interested in.


The best part about the University of Minnesota is the sense of pride and community at such a large university. Although there are over 40,000 students at the University, it's a well-known fact that you're not truly a part of the family until you proudly wear maroon and gold. This pride brings the entire student body together, no matter what major someone is studying or how old they are. I feel like I truly belong to a tight-knit community.


The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is located in a large metropolis. Within the area are many opportunities; There are large corporations such as 3M and Oracle located near by. The University works with these companies to create internships and other opportunities for the students.


The best thing about this school is that it is so large. There are so many opportunities here. There is a wide range of majors and minors to choose from. And as far as activities, there is always something to do around campus. If you are bored in the Twin Cities, it is your own fault.


The other students are great to work with on projects and study groups. Also find a professor you like and take a lot of classes from him and hopefully intern with him.


The best thingsabout the U are the people; everyone is very nice and accepting. Never once, did i see any sort of discrimination or hostility toward any group of people. As an admitted introvert, i was suprised to be a part of various club activities and study groups. You will not find a better group of people anywhere else.


The school spirit.


location/size/diversity - grew up in smallish-town in South Dakota and was ready to see more


It has a great education programm, one onf the best in the nation actually. I enjoy knowing that when I graduate I will have a degree I can do something with and find a job fairly quickly.


There are alot of places to find alot of help when you need it!


I can pursue any field I want and have the resources to succeed in every way possible.


The best thing about the University of Minnesota is the great diversity of students. That diversity allows so many creative minds to flourish and so many personal bonds to be made. Anyone can find someone else with similar interests, and the classrooms encourage that with discussions and group projects. With so many different groups, causes, sporting and social events that the University coordinates, it's impossible not to feel included in this great culture of students.


The best thing about the University of Minnesota is all the differentways you can get involed on campus. There are sports teams, student groups, and you can always reatean intramural sports team. There are also many opportunities to get involved with the undergraduate research program. On top of that they have a very extensive study abroad program to help students that want to go around the globe to study, and alloing them to actuall do it.


I most enjoyed the diversity of age and race groups on campus. I thrive on cultural diversity and took several Communication courses around Hispanic and Afro-American history.


There are numerous majors and a variety of classes offered in order to obtain a complete liberal arts education. In addition, being a Big Ten NCAA Division I school, there are many sports and cultural venues to attend on campus and in the city which help alleviate the stress of being a student at a large university. It also has a diverse ethnic and cultural student body and faculty which contribute to the student's overall learning experience. It was and is my only choice of the college to attend.


The U of M seems to have many professors that truly want you to do well and understand what they are teaching you. When you get past the basic classes, it seems like the professors take a genuine interest in you since you are taking classes more geared toward your future career.


There are many opportunities to get involved including over 600 different clubs. There are also many research opportunities.


I consider the best thing about my school is the ability for students, staff and professors to speak freely about any subject that concerns them. Our university grants its students and staff the sacred right for every indiviauls to speak freely without discrimination, complaints or censorship. I believe the University of Minnesota creates an enviroment where students can express themselves freely not only through words but through fashion, music, arts and education. Our campus engulfs the idealism of the modern rennaisance.


The best thing about the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities is the fact that I know I'm going to a University that I can be proud of, and once I graduate, I will be successful because of my education.


The University of Minnesota has given me a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people. As a freshman I live in the dorms, which has helped me meet many of my close new friends. There are also many groups that have been offered to me and one I decided to join was the Premier Dance Team. Being able to be part of something at such a large University makes me feel important and that I belong here.


It has the classes I need for Pre-Veterinary Medicine that will give me hands on / animal science classes where as other schools don't have animal science departments.


I consider the campus to be one of the best things about my school. It is in the heart of Minneapolis, a city that has everything to offer students. Also, the campus is very large but not very spread out. Everything is very close together and the buildings are gorgeous.


I think the best part about my school is the diversity and opportunity. There are so many groups, clubs, and associations that you can join, and you can join multiple ones at that . I have made a lot of different friends through the University of Minnesota, and have come to emerse myself in different cultures. I hope that this next year will bring me new groups to join in which to broaden my experiences as a college student and as a individual.


The school spirit is great! Epecially during football season at the new TCF Bank Stadium. This university is a great place to meet lots of people in various classes and communities, and the academic opportunities allow each student to be pretty flexible in what classes are of interest.


The U has a a very well developed engineering program with plenty of opportunity for research.


Well it is not far from home and it has many major i can choose from and it is best for me. because i want to became a pharmacist and i don't like to go to different school other than here at the U of M.


Diversity, the u of m is great because it is so deiverse. There is so much going on all the time with so many different kinds of people. It is awesome to learn about people from different countires and different areas. I love going to class and learning about different nations and people. I also love how everyone is so excepting of others. It is great.


The variety of races/cultures and variety of majors/degree programs.


I love that there's always something to do. On weekends when some people go out to a party, others may be studying, and others who want to socialize in a dry environment can go to Gophers After Dark - many FREE events, performances and movies that students can attend every weekend.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. On campus, students can feel connected, safe, and supported. We have a wide array of academic and extra cirricular actvities to fulfill everyones interest.


that there are so many people to meet, and a bigger campus means more to explore


It is easy to adapt since it is a friendly environment. The teachers are very helpful and are willing to help you.


The best thing about the University of Minnesota is that if offers the best of both a large state school and a small private school. The campus is beautiful, close to the city but its own community. We have access to great professors, carreer opportunities, and beautifully preserved facilities. There are so many ways to get involved in campus and the big ten sporting events are always a great way to show school spirit and feel connected to the university. On the other hand, Minnesota offers smaller class sizes and professors who want to give individual attention to each student.


The best thing about the U is it's location and size. Located in Minneapolis and a short bus ride from downtown, uptown, and St. Paul, there is never a shortage of things to do in your free time. I love the fact that it's a big school because there are always new people to meet. The big size may seem scary but as you get into your major classes you start to see the same people over and over again; it's big but I think it's the perfect size.


The best parts about the University of MN are the environment and the people. The Big city can make one feel very small, but to me, it makes me feel more grown up and on my own. The people I have met here are also so friendly and cooporative. I have made some Life friends and am glad that I chose this University.


The location, because there is everything you possibly need close by. Also, having the 2 different campuses gives a perfect home for anyone.


I think the size of campus is the best thing about my school. Being located in a large city makes it very diverse, and also allows for my school to get involved with a large city. They have built a community within a large city, and helped to make a big impact in this way.


At the University of Minnesota, the number of opportunities on and off campus is extreme. By being based in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the surrounding community hosts the headquarters of many companies, making internships and job opportunities numerous. In addition, on campus there are multiple student groups and volunteer opportunities that allow one to get involved in any way he or she pleases to make his or her college experience the best possible.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community that is present on the campus grounds. While attending this university students feel that they really are a part of something worthwhile. As soon as spring rolls around, the majority of the students can be found lounging about on the school lawns, studying under a tree, or socializing outside. It is a wonderful feeling to walk through campus and see hundreds of smiling and content faces.


Diversity and the ability to develop your own path.