University of Mississippi Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Ole Miss is a prestigious and versatile school with great academic program being offered.


The University of Mississippi is a school of learning and ethics that's dedicated to creating a welcoming, intellectually competitive atmosphere for all in attendance.


A university where they are very good at prolonging tenure due to not having enough classes available.


The University of Mississippi holds high standards of education and of interaction between members of the community, this combination only adds to the degree that one receives from graduating from this university.


Beautiful, southern, liberal, uniform.


The University of Mississippi is where I will prosper as a student, but Ole Miss is where I will grow into a well rounded, young adult, prepared to make the most of my education.


OleMiss is special becuase it makes equips you with self-discipline.


Ole Miss has the most gorgeous campus in the United Sates. There are trees and flowers everywhere year round. All of the buildings are red brick, most of them with white columns. There are multiple fountains and statues on campus to commemorate certain individuals of our historic past. The Grove, is essentially what is sounds like. It is a grove of trees, in the middle of campus, that seems to be the heart and soul of Ole Miss tradition. There are multiple events that take place in the Grove; one of the more important being tailgating for football games on Saturdays. On a given Saturday, you could see 100,000 people in the Grove getting ready to see their Ole Miss Rebels on the football field.


A public, 4-year university in the state of Mississippi, with an absolutely gorgeous campus, that is rather easy to get accepted to.


A southern school steeped in tradtion that gives a student a chance to shine academically and socially.


It is a charming school with extremely helpful academic staff and friednly students.


The directions say use one sentence, but I can simply use one word; the University of Mississippi is best described using the word family.


Friendly, happy, and hard working. A lot of people believe that my school is nothing but partiers and drunks, but we do much more than just drink, we know how to have fun and keep ourselves happy without the use of beer and other drinks.


The school is invokes feelings of being at home.


Ole Miss is a decent university with many pros and cons but overall you will ultimately learn some very valuable lessons that will prepare you for the future that awaits you.


Ole Miss does not live up to the Northern stereotype of Mississippi at all; drive through the town of Oxford or walk accross campus and you feel like you are at a very prestigious university.


Good institution; plenty of loud liberal jackasses and a majority silent conservatives. Most of the professors are liberal, going from raging kool-aid drinkers in the theater and modern languages departments to more moderates. Plenty of political BS going nonstop here, Gay groups always demanding more attention, the editor of the local paper preaching enviromentalism, and everything is about race somehow. Huge Alcohol and drug scene, with plenty of bars, etc. to cater to the local students. Several recorded epidemics of STDS among the student population. Very Strong Greek scene is pretty big here, but not all important to everyone.


Conservative but awesome party school where football is the religion and everyone is a follower!