University of Mississippi Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Ole Miss is best known for the Grove. Most football fans have probably heard of the Grove at Ole Miss. The Grove is where tailgating takes place at home football games. It is surrounded by old oak trees and embodies what southern tradition and charm entails. There is truly nothing like arriving at the Grove on game days and seeing all of the red and blue tents surrounding the trees.


The University of Mississippi is best known for its impressive law school. There are many compelling features about Ole Miss, and the education available here is definitely a factor. Whether you're majoring in business, or nursing, or computer science, we always have what you need. The friendliness is also great. Not only do we have amazing Southern hospitality, but we treat each other like family because that is what we are. A family.


Our school is best known for our tailgating in the grove. People set up tents with elaborate decorations, food, and activities. People also dress to impress for football in suits and cocktail dresses.


The University of Mississippi is best known for the entertainment and sports. There is always something going on, whether it is a fraternity/sorority party, a play at the Ford Center, or a pre-game gathering. People come out to enjoy the festivities; it makes for a great study break, especially during midterm and final seasons.


The most fun I have ever had at school is when I am in the Grove on a Saturday afternoon before the football game. It is the most amazing, unique experience I have ever had at Ole Miss.


Currently we're best known for the controversy over our on-field school mascot. We are also known for many events that occured during the Civil War. For example, the Lyceum on campus was a hospital during the Civil War but now houses the office of the Chancelor as well as other administrative offices. There is a lot of history on this campus from the Civil War as well as the Civil Rights Movement.


My school is best known for its successful culture and southern hospitality. Many of the most successful people in Mississippi have attended Ole Miss, and I truly believe that it is the most family orientented University anyone will ever find. The atmosphere is wonderful and the people are all friendly and helpful. At Ole Miss, it is evident that each person on campus truly cares about each others well being and will do anything to help another person out.


The University of Mississippi is best known for several things. One for having old fashioned traditional styles and the chant Hotty Toddy. Also it is known for the "attractive" women who attend. The final thing it is known for is partying, heavy alcohol drinking, and greek life being the sole means of social life.


From what I have heard they are mainly known for partying, tailgating, and unfortunately DRINKING!!!!


The football team, it's history with James Meredith, hosting the first president debate of 2008, cheapest tuition in state, it's beautiful campus, giving students a great education with a career afterwards. And many more, but mainly for A Great American University.


My school is know for its wonderful tradition. Ole Miss is known for its great academics, social life, and athletics.


Football, Tailgating, The Grove, Fraternities, Sororities


Well from what I was told and what I do know, my school is know for partying and academics.




It is best known for it's social network, followed by the great alumni help.


My school is best known for its pride of the south band and it is often referred to as the Harvard of the South academically.


Football and law school


Our school is best known for its rich southern tradition and its pride in its school. We are known for being the Harvard of The South and the Best of the partiers. We are the most rounded of schools culturally, intellectually, and socially of all the SEC. We're the absolute Best of the Best and known internationally for it.


Our controversial beginning, our football and tailgating. We're also knows for the racial problems we are plagued with even though I don't really think they are much of a problem.


Our school is best known for its rich, southern heritage and tradition in Rebel Football. We are known for our tailgating in the "Grove" and dressing up for football games. People from all over come just to experience a game day/weekend in Oxford, MS. A football weekend here is an event in itself. The restaurants and stores downtown all benefit from a game weekend. You meet so many people from all over and feel a strong sense of pride showing your family, friends, or "out-of-towners" what Oxford, MS is all about.


Football Saturdays tailgaiting in the Grove. The Grove is a large green field covered with trees in the center of campus where students and alumni hover to each home game to cheer on our SEC Rebels. It's a sea of tents and bourbon. The men are decked out in coat and tie and sporting a Fraternity pin and arguably the most beautiful co-eds in the country, or at least the southeast, are found in brand new cocktail dresses they bought just for this occasion. It's the most beautful sight I've ever witnessed.