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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


not everyone at Ole Miss are stuck up rich kids. There is a great diversity about our campus. I had originally thought the same stereotype when I came here, but I realized shortly after I came here that the stereotype was not true.


not everyone at Ole Miss are stuck up rich kids. There is a great diversity about our campus. I had originally thought the same stereotype when I came here, but I realized shortly after I came here that the stereotype was not true.


Yes, for the most part.


yes and no. greek life is a huge part of campus, but our campus is small. even if you don't join a sorority of fraternity, there are still a lot of things for you to get involved in. many students are rich and conservative, but there are just as many that are the exact opposite. there really is a place for everyone.


Some are accurate, but a lot of the students don't fit in that category at all. I most certainly don't. A lot of my friends are actually here on scholarship just like I am so not everyone is a spoiled rich kid.


For a minority these stereotypes are accurate, but I have met so many more great people who are down to earth and natural. The good people I have met far outweigh the fake people.


Not at all! Most Ole Miss students are dilligent students, great friends, and work hard in everything they do.




Yes, very much. But one should know this is coming from the eyes of someone involved in the Greek scene. Most everyone I know is in a fraternity or sorority, and I can't name people that come to Ole Miss and are not involved with Greek life in some way.








Ole Miss has a higher percentage of students who are in a sorority/fraternity than not but in regards to the other stereotypes, they are false. Although, Ole Miss has been named as one of the top ten party schools I believe that each student makes their experience (party wise) their own. Ole Miss as a whole is punished with that title only because of the few students who choose to party for everyone else.




no! we do like to party, but there are plenty of people who care about academics too. you'll find a mix of both at any school you go to in my opinion.


To some degree-yes. Percentage-wise, there is a very large amount of "preppy" kids on campus, as well as a big Greek population. However a lot of the "preppy" kids are very middle class and normal people, and not all of them are Greek. A lot of the Greeks are also very down to Earth and nice people- not the snobby douchebags you expect to see everywhere (though there are some).


While many students fit the rich, Greek, conservative role, not all do. I certainly don't, and most of my friends don't, either. Really, anyone can find their place at Ole Miss.


For the most part, no... however, I'm sure you'll find some students who fit them, as you would on any college campus. Ole Miss has tons of programs towards building a great educational experience, such as the nationally ranked Sally McDonnell-Barksdale Honors College, and Croft Institute of International Studies. Ole Miss doesn't get nearly as much credit as it deserves for these outstanding educational programs. People only seem to notice that we are one of the top "party schools" of the nation.


Sometimes it seems that way, but you can find people with all different beliefs and mannerisms if you look hard enough. Concerning race, there are racist people here just like there are racist people everywhere, but it doesn't affect our school in particular any more than it affects any other school. People here are generally pretty good about keeping Southern pride untangled from race. However, if such things bother you, this isn't the school for you.


There are definately people that fit into those classifications, but I believe those types are at every college. I had a pleasant experience. I met some of the most intelligent, dilligent and down to earth people that have more potential than one could fathom. On the other hand, I encountered some of the most disgusting, spoiled druggies that were going absolutely nowhere with their life. Although these are broad generalizations, the Ole Miss campus has some of the most ecclectic personalities and one can run with any crowd one pleases upon admission.


I do not think so. As a member of Greek life, i've come to discover that yes there are some who meet those sterotypical requirments but for those few there are also amazing, deep individuals. These people are still people- ALL DIFFERENT


Some. Yes we do have a large Greek community, yes most sorority girls drive BMWs or Range Rovers, but as a whole most students at Ole Miss are very warm and hospitable. As per the racism thing: we are a mostly caucasian school, and African American students don't seem to have as many social opportunities as we do, but it mostly stems from the African American students secluding themselves from much of the social scene in Oxford.