University of Mississippi Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The atmosphere on a game day weekend.


I love the school spirit and the amount of things to do, especially for how small the town is. My friends and I always have something to do on weekends when we want to go out. The football games and baseball games are so much fun, and sports are such a big deal here. For the football games, everyone dresses up and tailgates and it is really enjoyable.


The University of Mississippi has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Also the people that attend the school are very friendly all around.


I believe I brag the most about the Chinese program at the school. They have a wonderful Chinese program and great teachers.


I brag about the awesome amount of friends I have made and how great the campus is, along with the classes I take.


Probably my classes. Ole Miss may not be a top school but it is a good one. Classes tend to be smaller, especially after freshman year, and the teachers know what they're talking about. Now not all of them know how to teach, occaisonally you're stuck with a person who is technically sound but couldn't pass on that knowledge to save their life. But overall the teachers are good at teaching and know their field. I really do enjoy most of the classes I've taken at Ole Miss.


The beautiful campus, the parties


It is one of the friendliest places you will ever have a chance to encounter, with its diverse student body and caring professors everyone is welcomed and embraced. Also, if your interested in the small town feel the University of Mississippi is a great match. The city of Oxford is still considered a small town with majority of its original stores.


I brag about the vast variety of classes I take each semester. I also brag about the amount of extracurricular activities that we have on campus.


I tell them that I love my school and despite what people think about the racial events that took place here in the past this school is nothing like that anymore. This school is very open and all about embracing different cultures and their differences and helping them to succeed! I love my school and if I could do it all over again I would still choose the same school! :)


We are one of the top ten party schools.


how many people in my field of study went to this school


Best social atmosphere, great traditions, southern hospitality


The Grove, The SEC


I am most proud of the degree to which the University of Mississippi emphasizes the importance of community service. In almost every organization on campus, students are always seeking ways to reach out to the university and Oxford communities. I brag to my friends about how we work with elderly patients in nursing homes, children in the local school district, and other organizations on campus. We have a strong sense of school pride, and it shows best when we are out in the community working to make our campus a better place.