University of Mississippi Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you're an active person, then you should attend Ole Miss. I don't mean active as in exercising. I mean active as in participating in different activities and organizations. Ole Miss has plenty!


The University of Mississippi is a school for those who aspire to accomplish their dreams. It's for those who desire to succeed more than they desire to sleep. A person of ethics who value education and fully accepts the diversity that such a large environment has to offer is the ideal candidate. He or she should be studious as well as compassionate about his or her works and also should be willing to serve or lead those around campus.


Someone who wants to experience an exciting, new type of college life. The atmosphere is always welcoming and everyone feels like they are part of a big group.


Someone with a lot of energy and passion that like being around people.


Someone that is intelligent and has a plentiful amount of money to invest in his/her social life.


Students that are very social will love this school. Greek life is very important. Attending athletic events is very important as well. But grades are equally important. I am in accounting and they have a 100% job placement rate in accountancy.


Fun person who loves to learn and meet new people at the same time. Someone who isnt afaird to get out into the world.


A person looking for a relatively small school. Ole Miss is large enough to offer many activities, but small enough to not seem overwhelming. I often recognized many people in each of my classes.


Although football seems to unfortunately be a primary selling point for many students who enroll, Ole Miss would be very beneficial to students who would like to take advantage of its impressive liberal arts offerings. Those interested in linguistics and cultural studies, for instance, could obtain a very satisfying education here. More practical degree offerings, such as business, are also commonplace. Basically, anyone who doesn't find highly enthusiastic football culture too off-putting could benefit practically from the University of Mississippi.


A determined student should try their best to take part in things that will help them in life. If a person attended my university, then they should have that in mind. A determined student should attend. A strong minded student should take part. Someone who knows they want to do something with their future should attend the University of Mississippi.


Someone who wants the social life of a large school- football games, greek life, the square etc. Combined with the academics of a smaller school.


Definitely someone who is into the party scene. Ole Miss is a HUGE party school! So much is based upon the Greek system and tailgating (Ole Miss is famous for it). However, Ole Miss is also great if you like ethnic diversity. We have a lot of international students, so you have a good chance of getting to learn about other cultures.


The kind of person that should attend Ole Miss should be anybody. It is a university that is diverse and fun. It is known as a party school, but you dont have to party a lot just to go to this university.


Anyone who loves to have fun in the outdoors as well as in town. While having a strong commitment to your academics.




Honestly, this school is mainly full of rich, white, sorority and fraternity people. Once you get passed that aspect though you will find many who are serious about their studies. So either someone who is serious about school and plans to work hard to get a good job and excel, or someone who wants to come to school to socialize and party.