University of Mississippi Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not open-minded about southern culture and traditions.


Anybody can find their place at Ole Miss.


Party Person that thinks they can not study


Someone who is not going to work hard, study hard, and put their schoolwork first should not attend Ole Miss.


The University of Mississippi is a campus that welcomes everyone. The university offers many organizations to get involved in no matter your background. It is always some activity going on for students who like to keep busy and most of it is free, which is always a plus. I would recommend The University of Mississippi to anyone because we are growing in all aspects and a degree from our university is highly recognized.


people who are not willing to learn.


Someone who keeps to themselves and can't handle pressure situations. Teachers in college aren't always leanient and due dates are due dates that must be kept. Ole Miss is a very sociable school and there are too many clubs and people not to get involved with and become friends. College is a learning experience academically and socially.


The Universtiy of Mississippi is a wonderful place for a wide variety of students.


There is nobody that shouldn't attend the University Of Mississippi. It is a great university that accepts all people.


People that can't appreciate or adapt to southern culture should be wary of Ole Miss. Much of the social life has deep roots in the "old south"; girls wear dresses to football games, majority of the students are very conservative, and religion has a significant presence on campus. These things are very basic facts of life to some students Ole Miss, but understandably southern culture isn't for everyone.


I believe a person that has no intention of learning should not enroll at my school. If they don't want any goals, then the University of Mississippi may not be the place for them.


Anyone should attend Ole Miss if they feel like it is a right fit for them. The Ole Miss community has an open-mind and is welcoming to people from any different kind of background.


No one, everyone should attend Ole Miss


I do not believe that there is anyone who should'nt attend this school.


If a person wants to be completely surrounded by students who are only focused on they education, that person should not attend the Unversity of Mississippi. Ole Miss is a very active university so people enjoy their social lives; almost every day of the week.


every persons should attend the University of Mississippi. It thrives on a diverse student body and needs diversity to be what it is, the Univ ersity does not dictate the student body, the student body dictates the University.


I think anyone could attend this university.


Someone who is easily offended by the opinions of a predominately conservative white population


This is a serious school, and learning here will teach one to multitask. There is plenty going on socially, and if one does not have discipline could fall behind on grades easily. So maybe someone who has no discipline should not attend here, unless they want to learn it. Colleges everywhere are probably similar in this aspect.


Alcoholic jackasses need not apply, if you are gonna dive right in to the drugs and sex then you will fail and waste your or the governments money. Plenty of newly stamped alcholics leave at the start of every fall semester.


Anyone who has an appeal to a wide open, beautiful and historical campus. People who have an interest in interaction with fellow students.


Females who want to have a career or do something besides earn their MRS degree.


Everyone should attend this school they welcome people with open arms. The try to make everyone feel comfortable and at home! I love it there!


Anyone who likes to have a good time and isn't looking for an engineering degree.


I feel as if everyone is welcome, but for someome who doesn't like sports and large social gatherings, I would think twice.