University of Mississippi Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


School spirit; Everyone at the school is a fan of the athletic departments. Everyone is an Ole Miss Rebel and that feeling makes us all family.


The best thing about my school is the feeling of family we have here! Anytime I step out of my residence hall I feel like everyone around me is my family and I can depend on them to support me!


I have not been there that long. I just love how friendly most people are on campus.


The University of Mississippi does it's best to broaden the students knowledge of the real world. Everyone is shown some part of the real world that they might not have seen before, this is done to expand the understanding of others. I believe that the University is helping to create better students and better citizens of the community by this.


The atmosphere is what really draws everybody in.


The campus is beautiful, and you will definitely feel like you traveled back in time to 19th century Mississippi.


There is nothing that can compare to the Grove at Ole Miss. It is the heart and spirit of us here. It is absolutely breath taking, and can only be experienced by seeing for yourself.


The University of Mississippi is an incredible place to be. The physical beauty of the campus is unmatched, but this is not the only reason I like to call Ole Miss. Ole Miss is like a giant family. The faculty truly care about your well-being and there is an overall atmosphere of warmth. I have really found my home away from home.


The location of the campus. You really get to live in a college town however, it's not too far away from big cities like Memphis (only an hour away). It's a switch if you come from a big city, like Houston, Texas, but you come to love the town of Oxford. It's very fun!


I think the best thing about the Ole Miss family is that everyone is so supportive of not only the athletics but the academics as well.


I enjoyed the fact that the professors came from a variety of backgrounds.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Whether it?s a Saturday during a football game in the grove or you're just studying in the library on a Thursday afternoon Ole Miss always feels like home. The campus is gorgeous, even in the rain, and every building is like a beautiful tribute to both the intellectual and social activities that you can find taking place all over the campus.


The price.


The greatest thing about my school is that the professors (at least in my major) really do care about how you do and you get out of class just as much as you put into it. The sizes of the classes are small enough for the professor to know everyone's name in almost every class I've taken. The campus is gorgeous and small enough to walk everywhere, while still being a great size. Everyone I know can't wait to get back to campus after every break.


The best thing about the University of Mississippi aka Ole Miss has to be the safety of the campus. Recently, my current institution was voted the safest campus in the Southeastern Conference. It gives me great peace of mind to know that I can leave my dorm at anytime for a walk or ride without having to worry about dangerous activity. Many institutions can be praised for their great educational opportunities; however, without campus safety- the focus devoted to higher learning can be greatly inhibited. It gives me great honor to be attending The University of Mississippi.


Ole Miss has many great aspects but the best is the feeling of community within the student population. Being a student here, you feel like you are a part of something great, something that has the power to change the future for the better.


My school is the perfect fit for me because: it's not too close but not too far from home, it's not too big and not too small to walk around and meet new people, everyone is cool with each other regardless of race or religion, and it seems like from the very first visit you meet friends that are exactly like you, and they will be your friends for life. It's the best school ever!!!


There's always something going on almost everyday on campus. From motor cycle ride for charity to franternies and sororities stepping in front of the student union, it's always exciting.


I love the overall stmosphere and personality my school obtains. Everyone is well-spirited with a great personality and manners. I am used to an urban environment and I have adjusted myself to fit into the rural environment I am now living in. With this culture shock I learned how well mannered and friendly my peers are. I have come to love this lifestyle and love the classes I have taken at this university.


The quality of learning and the discipline placed on the students.


The best thing that I consider about the University of Mississippi is its since of place. When on this campus, one can not help but feel as if they are in an environment for a higher level of learning. The old historic buildings and on-going improvements to the campus assist in such a feeling. I feel that this is the type of thing that anyone would want when making a decision as to which school is best that individual or group of people.


The campus location, involved professors, student life.


The school spirt and atmospere is like no other college i visited and contributed to my decision to attend the University of Mississippi.


has pharmacy... and as of today, that's what i want to do... Hot girls too :P


People at this school seem to be very welcoming and full of that "southern hospitality"