University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being the first school to celebrate homecoming; to be one of the few schools in the country with professional schools in medicine, law, and veterinary sciences; having an emphasis in practical fields


Mizzou is best known for it's great football team and tailgates before the game. The school has a fantastic journalism program and brings in many diverse students from different states. The greek life is also a big part of campus.


Journalism!! And school spirit.


From my previous knowledge of the University, my school is best known for its prestigious Journalism program, ranking tops in the nation. The facilities at my school are also top notch.


Mizzou is known for being the underdogs in the SEC. In the SEC, we are among the top in the conference in academics, meaning our student athletes do well in the classroom as well as during sporting events. Aside from athletics, Mizzou is a certified botanical garden and our campus is known for the columns that were left behind after the Academic Hall burnt down long ago.


Mizzou, as most call it, is best known for our true school spirit. Everyone bleeds black and gold. Whether they show their MU pride by attending football games, hanging out on the historical quad, or learning in the classroom, MU students never forget about their alma mater. I can go almost anywhere in the country and people not only know where I go to school, but respect it for its academic integrity, forward thinking, and amazing athletics. I will forever be a tiger and I love that.


Best known for being a party school.


Mizzou is best known for the all enclusive college experience. They have great sports teams if you are into that. They have countless clubs and organizaions that bring like-minded students together to enjoy their time more. They have a great greek like that promotes community servic heavily. But most importantly they have a outstanding educational experience that challenges you and pushes you to get that degree and use it in the real world.


My school is best known for their football team and having the number 1 journalism department in the nation.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is best known for the Journalism School. Followed by other business and science degrees this university is very high spirited for their sports teams.


My school is best known for it's school spirit. Being that we are the creators of the homecoming tradition, our school prides itself on coming together to cheer on our sports teams! The homecoming parades and games have huge attendance. Our school spirit has risen ever higher since our football team won this years Cotton Bowl. Go Tigers!


My school is best known for our Journalism program. We were the first school to offer a Bachelor in Journalism, and are the #1 journalism school in the country. Along with that, we are best known for our accepting spirit. Both the student body and the staff are very accepting of everyone, no matter how they are. It is one of the many things that made me want to go here.


Mizzou is best known for its school spirit. Columbia, Missouri is a true college town and everything in this town is centered around Mizzou.


Riding the Tiger and climb on top of Jesse Hall


My school is known for so many aspects, but I would definitely say, in addition to the amount of undergraduate degrees, Mizzou is also know for the amount of school spirit is possess. Everywhere you walk, look, and whomever you speak with you will see the amount of school spirit our students possess. Through both the good and the bad times, the University of Missouri has always been able to maintain its school spirit and pride.


The University of Missouri is known to be a prestigious school with high standards in academics. We are also known as a party school which is also very true.


Homecoming because we invented it!


The Journalism program is the first and best of its kind.


Journalism and Engineering.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is best known for starting the tradition of homecoming. It was started in 1911 when MU took on the Kansas Jayhawks at their very own Rollins Field. There is a parade and spirit rally in preparation for the game. Homecoming is now a large part of the history here at Mizzou and it is a very honored one. The tradition of homecoming has spread across the nation and serves as a forum for many homecoming celebrations.


The University of Missouri is most widely known for it's school of journalism. However, there are several schools and colleges on this campus that are leaders and proactive in their respective fields. In addition, the University of Missouri is also known for inventing "Homecoming". The university of Missouri has a very large homecoming celebration where thousands of alumni come home to Columbia to re-live their years as college students and to engage in all the school traditions that have persisted through many years.


My school is best known for being a very prestigious school and having a great job placement turnout.


The school of journalism is one of the best in the country, and many students who want to major in Journalism choose University of Missouri - Columbia. It is known having a good college town around it, with a good reputation for sports, especially basketball and football. The greek life is one of the biggest in the country, with lots of fraternities and sororities. But there are also many places to live off campus in apartments and houses. The recreation center is very new and state of the art, is its' use is very encouraged for students to stay fit.


Our Journalism school and Mizzou football!


I feel that we are best known for our football team and the hospitle.


School of Journalism.


My school is best known for its school spirit. Everyone loves being a part of a school where the students are so supportive of the athletic teams and the wonderful clubs Mizzou has. The whole town is a fan of the University because everywhere you go, someone is sporting a Mizzou logo on their car, in their store and even on their clothes. I appreciate all the support my fellow students show because it makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing that we are all one big family.


The Journalism School.


My school is known for its programs that use state of the art technology and teaching practices. It offers opportunities to traditional students as well as those looking to further their education in other cities. It is open to all types of learners and has an excellent greek life. It offers many different sports teams and options and great school pride.


My school is best known for journalism. We have the best journalism school in the country. It is very competitve but I am not intimidated. Journalism is what I want to do with my life and the reason that I am in the middle of no where is because the University of Missouri can prepare me to be the best journalist I can be. Sacrifice, is necessary for my future. Even though Missouri is a little dull and very small town, I don't mind it, four years form now, I'm out!


Our school is best known for it's journalism school and the school spirit associated mainly with the football team.


They are known not only for their sports, but their academics as well. They are the biggest public university in Missouri and many students aspire to attend there some day.


We are best known for our awesome Journalism school. It was the first one in the country and continues to be ranked number one year after year. It's been great meeting all of the J-school students who come from all over the country. We also have a great business school, which I am a part of. It is competitive and they work hard on getting us ready for the professional world.


I would have to say our football and excellent academics.


Our school is best known for our chant. M-I-Z.... Z-O-U. It is known by everyone who lives close. To not know the cheer is unheard of.


Univeristy of Missouri-Columbia is possibly best known for its sports. Mizzou has a great football team, the Tigers, who bring in thousands of fans to thier games. Also Mizzou has a great Basketball Team as well.


We are best known for our sports and our journalism program. We continuously excel in all sports in the Big 10 Conference and our school spirit is amazing. Academically, we are known best for our journalism program which is considered one of the best in the United States. It pulls students from all states and from countries as far as China. It is a wonderful place overall; there is nothing I would change about my school.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is best known as the Tigers in Missouri and also known for their rivial between KU Jayhawks in Kansas.


The University of Missouri is best known for its diversity and acceptance of people for who they are. Since Mizzou is so big, there is a wide variety of ethnicities and all students are very open to new cultures and experiences. Each specific school, for example the nursing school, accept students based on knowledge and ability to succeed instead of ethnicity, which is not always the case in some schools. This is why I think Mizzou is so great!


The University of Missouri is best known for its Journalism School. It was the first one in the country, and remains one of the best in the nation. I am very proud to be on the track to be a student specifically for Journalism.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is best known for it's Journalism School, which is considered the best in the nation. It is also known for it's outstanding professors, who conduct world recognized research.


My school is probably best known for its football and basketball team. But, academic wise, it is a very popular journalism school and offers a wide variety of other majors that are of interest to people.


Mizzou is best known for the excellent athletics, as well as the outstanding education that is possible at the campus. All students and faculty live by the four words that can often be seen hanging from the columns: respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence. Everyone is encouraged to have respect for themselves and those around them, and to take responsibility in their actions. Trusting in the process of discovery will lead to excellence in your future. These four simple words build a foundation that many University of Missouri alumni still award their many successes to.


Sports. We love to support our sports, especially football. We are also known for our great Business, Nursing, & Journalism schools.


I believe that the University of Missouri is best known for the College of Journalism, as well as our school spirit and athletics.


When it comes to MU, most will agree that we have one of the best Journalism program in the midwest. A few year ago, our football team also shined as number one in our division.


Journalism and spirit.


Probably our sports teams.


Mizzou is best known for its journalism school (number one in the country), football team, and men's basketball team. State-wide, Mizzou is seen as a party school. I was apprehensive about attending it at first, but after the first week realized there were so many more activities to partake in that did not include drugs or alcohol.


Our school is best known for our journalism school and our football team. The past couple of years, our team has been incredible. Our journalism school is the first journalism school ever created. Our "j-school" (as we call it) is world-reknown and people come from all over just to attend it.