University of Missouri-Columbia Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When talking about Mizzou, I brag most about the friendly nature of everyone here. I still meet new people and make lasting friendships every week. Students at this university understand that we are all here for the same reason; to get an education. Everyone is so supportive and accepting of eachother. The phrase "One Mizzou" is not just a propaganda tactic used by the university; it's the true foundation this school is built on.


The exceptional faculty, the exceptional environment, and the great area


I brag about the equipment, supplies, and people that we get to work with.


The amazing student body definitely makes the campus atmosphere better for every student. Everyone is nice, helpful, and supportive. Even with the 30,000+ student count, I've yet to find anyone that disrupts this atmosphere.


I brag the most about how great my professors are. My professors really care about their students and help them achieve their goals. If you ever have any problem you can go to your advisor or any other professor. If you need help in a class they are always willing to find you help or help you themselves. If you just need someone to talk to they are always there to help when needed. The professors at the University of Missouri are truely great resources for many things and I love the connections and relationships that I have with them.


The welcoming environment that Mizzou offers to incoming students, and the resources that are available for students to thrive personally and academically. The school spirit present at Mizzou is unmatched because everyone at Mizzou truly believes in the idea that we are "One Mizzou." The University of Missouri is very racially and ethnically diverse, and it is very amazing to see individuals of all colors and backgrounds learning together in order to better the world. Another bragging point is that Mizzou is a research university with many oppurtunities for undergraduates to get involved with research.


The things I brag about most are the resources that the University of Missouri provides for its faculty, students and even visitors. One of the biggest resources on campus is the student access to over 750 clubs and organizations. 750. There is something for everyone at this university, which helps students discover the away-from-home family they seek in deciding where they want to go to school. And if there isn't a club or interest group that exists on campus, it only takes seven people to create it!


I brag about our Journalism school, which is one of the best in the nation. Also the fact that the university produces so many useable products, like the Skinue skin care line or the Beyond Meat vegetarian chicken strips.


The Rec


Very nice campus !


The University of Columbia provides the students with services from all fields and give each student a felling of belonging to the school.


I brag about the conveniences of the campus. Everything I need is here or within easy access.


Mizzou has a small town feel to it's campus, you don't feel like your just a number.


Majoring in music here, I feel like I am far ahead of my high school class. One of my best friends is pursuing music at a conservatory and he is covering material now that we covered in the first couple of months of school. I also like to talk about how well our sports teams are doing and how good our dining hall food is.


I can say that we have one of the best looking campus' in the country and are respected worldwide for our journalism schol and also our academics as a whole are something to brag about. Our Basketball team is one of the elite teams in the country as well.


University of Missouri has a lot to offer, but I brag most about our outstanding Journalism program and our amazing Mizzou Tigers football and basketbal teams. Since many of my friends are from New York City and chose to study there, many of them do not have the school spirit that Mizzou has. It is a great honor to go to a school that values tradition and spirit.


I mostly tell people about all the cool stuff we have. From the dining halls to the locations for studying, shopping, and working out, I think Mizzou has a lot to brag about.


Mizzou is a great place, where we party harder than you. We have more fun than you. Our people are more attractive then you. We are the best, simply put, and it shows in everything we do. Brad Pitt went here. We do not mess around.


Mizzou is the perfect university for the aspiring journalist; not only does it offer the best and oldest school of journalism in the nation, but it also provides a wide range of opportunities for hands-on experience in the field. At no other college can students choose between working at a local NPR outlet, anchoring for an NBC-affiliated television station, or writing for an award-winning city newspaper. By expertly combining the theoretical with the practical, Mizzou goes above and beyond the role of mere educational institute--it equips students for the trials of working in the real world.


The sports are amazing at the University of Missouri and that, in turn, leads to great school spirit! Everybody that attends M.U. or ever attended absolutely loves it and is a fan for life. That alone was a big selling point when I had to choose a college to go to.


The University of Missouri has a beautiful campus. The student recreation center, student commons center, dormatories, and classrooms make students feel as if they are on a vacation rather than at school. The city of Columbia, as well as the falculty, staff, and administration all exude school spirit. They make students here proud to be prospective, current, and alumnus. The University of Missouri has more to offer than just parties and the typical college life. When students are here, they actually have the opportunity to discover themselves, and feel that they can actually change the world.


I brag about the activities to do on and off campus here. The social life here is amazing, it's a huge school so there's thousands of people to make friends with by being involved in all the activities.


The rec center is amazing. People are always impressed with the opportunities the rec provides. I am sure to show everyone around when they come to visit and the rec center is a must.


I dont brag about my school but when I do talk about my school it would have to be how wonderful the professors are. This is what has really made this school a wonderful experience.


It is supposedly ranked within the top 50 universities in the U.S., so hopefully students who graduate have better career prospects than students from other colleges. It is also supposedly the "Harvard" of journalism schools.


My professors are tops in their fields. They're approachable, personable, and professional. Many are published authors and respected by peers in their disciplines. The dorm rooms, from what I experienced my freshman year, were clean and provided a nice living space. There's always plenty to do at MU.


When I tell my friends about Mizzou, the first thing I talk about is Marching Mizzou. I'm a member of the band, and it is so easy and fun to get involved in the athletic side of the University. My advice for incomeing freshman would be to get involved in all kinds of activites, may it be sports, academics, or organizations. Getting involved is easy at The University of Missouri and it is incredably beneficial. Being a part of a community organization looks good on you resume, and it allows you to make and use leadership skills.


When I am talking to friends about my school, I always mention our tremendous amount of school spirit and pride. Mizzou is a nationally recognized university and all of the students here are so proud of our athletes for bringing attention to our school. At the football and basketball games, the sea of yellow is amazing, almost breath-taking. Thousands of people come to the games to support our athletes and many schools do not have that kind of support. I love getting into my gold jersey on game day and getting decked out in gold and black.


I brag about how large my school is and how beautifully the campus is laid out. Mizzou is known for being a botanical garden, there is much landscaping done here and beautiful flowers are planted everywhere. I also brag about our authentic buildings found around campus!


There are many opportunities for experiences that you could not have otherwise; study abroad is available as a freshman, the "Mizzou Mafia" of alumnus are in almost every major city and will help you find a job, internships, classes, and meeting amazing people. Even football games are a completly new and amazing experience that I couldn't imagine being the same or better anywhere else.


Coming from Rolla, home of Missouri University of Science and Technology; many of my friends wonder why I chose Mizzou. When asked, ?Why Mizzou?? I simply reply, ?Mizzou means more!? With confused faces, they speculate why I replied using my school?s clich? poster saying. However, this saying one hundred percent true. The University of Missouri-Columbia has the largest campus in Missouri. With endless opportunities here, I could not ask for more. Higher education opens up opportunity in every students future, so why not go to the school with the most opportunity. That?s what I did after all.


What I love most about Mizzou is the people, and furthermore the friendships that I have made here. The diversity of everything here allows new students to make whatever they want out of there college experience, and I think Mizzou does a perfect job at fostering this by providing a vast array of oportunities to get involved-- something that many of my friends who attended smaller schools have complained about. Whether you're interested in Greek life, athletics, or any number of student organizations, there is a niche for you here. This is what I love about this school.


I lvoe the fact that Mizzou has their own Law School; it makes it the perfect school for me since I plan on going to law school. I plan on being an attorney, so Mizzou was my top choice.


I brag about Mizzoui's athletic teams, their intrammural sports programs, the many undergraduate degrees and advanced degrees you can obtain, and the various sororities and fraternities you can join. The University of Missouri is a beautiful campus with botanical gardens and large gorgeous historic buildings to admire as you browse the campus. The Student Center is one of the top in the nation with a terrific work-out center and the best exercise classes on any campus. There are so many areas for student dining and the food is really great in every place I've tried.


Good athletic teams, lots to do, highly accredited, great education, big/new campus


I am getting a great education, and the biochemistry degree program is really strong. Already, as a freshman, I have taken a course in biochemistry and learned a lot. The things they have already taught me in lab and lecture will make the transition into upper level courses and graduate school all the easier.


The opportunities available are the biggest things that I brag on. The networking of the school, the school spirit, the NUMEROUS organizations available to join, the great people, and countless other fields. I brag on opportunities because in every sense of the word you have the opportunity for greatness in that field (sciences, sports, arts, etc.) I frequently say, "If you are not successful at Mizzou then you are not using your resources. Period!"


The things that I brag about the most about my school are how great my teachers are, they are all very well educated and very helpful. I also brag about how beautiful our campus is, it might be a very huge campus but it is also very beautiful. The thing that everyone brags about the most is our Journalism school and how great it is, and how great the people involved in the Journalism school are.


The campus is larger than most schools. There are more resources available for students & post-graduates. Housing is great and the campus is growing with several construction projects underway. On campus food service is wonderful with a variety of food choices. Class sizes are within normal range, not intimidating at all. Our Recreation Center is enormous with ample space, equiptment and trainers available to meet almost anyone's schedule. Centrally located for easy access to shopping centers and major metropolitan areas. Student life is enhanced by the variety of activities and organizations on campus to promote leadership skills.


The University of Missouri-Columbia is a great institution for problem based research. When I speak of my school, I make sure to place high emphasis on the research community and how many investigators and professors are making a difference in the body of knowledge through their own endevors in research. I have been involved in research for the past three years and it has expanded my educational horizons to new levels. The research community at MU is highly funded and some of the top minds in the world are employed here. There are opportunites for everyone to get involved.


When talking about my school, I mostly brag about both our athetltc department and athetic facilities. My university has an amzing athetic program, especially with men's football and basketball. Not only do we have a well respected athletic program, it is actually what unites the students. Recently, a new recreational complex was built, which is aboslutley amazing and it the first place that should be looked at while visiting our campus.


I tell my friends about all of the organizations I'm involved in. I tell them about Greek Life, campus sports and concerts, and extracirricular activities. My friends are always impressed by the campus and living facilities.


I mostly brag about the sports. We had a great year. Both our football team and our men's basketball team did exceptionally well, so everyone at school was pretty excited about that.


The professors are really great. They are there when you need anything. Help with homework or help getting into a class that you need. You can go and talk to them whenever you need to. They also come to many social events on campus, so you see them around a lot and can help you socially network.


If I brag about my school at all I usually talk about how last year my dorm had the highest cumulative GPA out of all the dorms on campus or about how nice the recreational facilities are.


I usually discuss the football team's success, and how it has increased enrollment and endowment figures for our school, how the law library is an excellent resource, how expansive the athletic facilities on campus are, how journalism students get to work on a daily city newspaper, and how diverse a city Columbia is.


The quality of the education, the community, and (of course) the MISSOURI TIGERS football team.


I brag about the recreation center.


The football and night life


The quality of the biomedical courses that prepare a student for medical/dental school are top notch.